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Mr. Grahame-White Pilots Racer to Victory

Is This All She’s Good For [cartoon]

[Cover, Automobilia, Paris]

Countess in Auto Mishap

10,000 Soldiers Will March to ‘Seize’ New York [New York Herald]

The Wright Brothers’ Aeroplane at Le Mans

The Conquest of the Air

Das Militar- Wochenblatt uber Orville Wright

Boston’s Mayor Denounces Women as Unfit for Aviation

Die vom "Berliner Lotal-Unzeiger" veran ftalteten Flugvorfuhrungen Orville Wrights

France Won’t Buy Wright Airship [Ohio State Journal]

Wright's Story of Great Flight [New York Evening Sun]

Smashed Machines and an Ocean Rescue Thrill Brighton Aviation Spectators [New York Herald]

Aviators Now Clamor For Expense Money

Avant L'Envol Vers Paris [La Vie Au Grand Air]

Will Endow Aviation [New York Sun, 8 July 1912]

General Correspondence: Dosher, J. J., 1900

Die Gleitflugueverludie der Brüder [Raimund Rimführ, Die Zeit Vienne, September 1903]

Aeroplane Wright Achete Par Les Etats-Unis [L’ Auto, 10 December 1906]

Wright Brothers Fear No Rival Aeronauts [Dayton Herald, 29 November 1906]

Wright Aeroplane May Be Purchased by the United States [Dayton Herald, 30 November 1906]

Secret of Aerial Flight Wrested From the Birds [The St. Louis Republic, 11 March 1906]

The Successful Aeroplane [The Republican, 14 December 1906]

The Wright Flyer [Dayton Herald, 19 November 1906]

General Correspondence: Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), 1906

Everybody Talks But Nobody Knows [News, 3 December 1906]

Wrights Would Try for Large Prizes [Paris Herald, 18 November 1906]

Mr. Wilbur Wright Makes Aerial Trip of 80 Miles [Paris Herald, 19 July 1907]

Wright Brothers Pay Secret Visit, Dayton Aeronauts Come to NY Without Notice to Even Aero Club Acquaintances [New York Herald, 25 January 1907]

General Correspondence: Barnum & Bailey, 1907

Das...der Bruder Wright [29 April 1907]

Wright’s Airship Falls! U.S. Army Officer Killed, Aviator Maimed [New York Journal, 18 September 1908]

Progress of the Wright Aeroplane Experiments [Scientific American, 1908]

Men Fly 46 Miles an Hour- Extraordinary Exploit of the Wright Brothers [1 May 1908]

Graphic Story Told to a Correspondent [Dayton News, 16 May 1908]

[Prescription, August 1908]

Subject File: Pau, France, 1908

Wright Aeroplane Efficient in Wind [24 September 1908]

Early Incidents In Lives of Wilbur and Orville Wright [The Daily Tribune, 5 November 1908]

Wright Again in Air [Washington Post, 8 September 1908]

Want Military Aeroplanes [New York Times, 6 September 1908]

Mr. Orville Wright Makes Another Flight [8 September 1908]

General Correspondence: Blériot, Louis, 1908

General Correspondence: Dreiser, Theodore, 1908

Family Papers: Exchange of Coded Cables between Wilbur and Orville Wright, 1908

Orville Wright Makes His First Flight at Ft. Myers [Dayton Herald, 4 September 1908]

Wilbur Wright off for Europe [Dayton News, 22 May 1908]

Wilbur Wright a repris hier ses experiences [Echo de Paris, 22 August 1908]

[Pages 1 and 2 of the Dayton Herald, 13 May 1909]

Do Something! When Dayton Received the Wright’s [28 May 1909]

Wind Prevents A Long Flight At Fort Myer [Dayton Journal, 27 July 1909]

Wright Workshop Keeps Grinding & Hawthorne Street Is In Gala Attire [The Dayton Herald, 13 May 1909]

A Week With Wilbur Wright [News Tribune Illustrated Edition, 17 October 1909]

Learned How At Last [Journal, 17 June 1909]

Wilbur Wright declare… [Les Sports, 13 January 1909]

Young American Star Spangled Banner [Journal, 19 June 1909]

[Page 2 of The Evening Sun, 4 October 1909]

They Sail the Ozone Ocean Blue [Philadelphia Inquirer, 10 June 1909]

Wright Machine Fails to Fly [14 July 1909]

[Articles from Dayton Herald, 16 June 1909]

Wright Ignores All Hero-Worshipers [Dayton Journal, 3 July 1909]

[The Wright Brothers Edition, The Dayton Herald, 16 June 1909]

Subject File: Legal Cases--Wright Co. v. Herring-Curtiss Co.--Affidavits: Wright, Orville, 1909

Porquoi les aeroplanes so sont developpes si vite Le Matin, 27 September 1909

General Correspondence: Merrill, Albert A., 1909

Recent Successful French Monoplanes [Scientific American, 8 May 1909]

Wilbur Wright Success Not Easily Won [New York Evening Sun, 4 October 1909]

Hated to Disappoint [News [?], 27 July 1909]

[Second page of The Nation, State and City Welcome the World’s Greatest Aviators (Wilbur and Orville Wright), promotional material, 17-18 June 1909]

Steps of Progress- What Next? [1 October 1909]

GASP From The Throngs; As Wilbur Wright Flew Above Manhattan [Enquirer [?], 5 October 1909]

Off to Educate Folk in Aviation [New York Times, 21 November 1910]

Moisant's Own Story of His Twenty-Mile Flight in a Fog [23 October 1910]

World Famous Aviators will Compete at Belmont Park Meet [New York Herald, 16 October 1910]

Wonderful Aviators- End Of The Great Tournaments [New York Herald, 1 November 1910]

Young Drexel's Flying School in Old England; Aviator Latham May Quit the Flying Game; and British Army Finds Airships Helpful [The World, 9 October 1910]

Johnstone Killed by Aeroplane Fall [New York Times, 18 November 1910]

Airship Carburetor Froze [New York Times, 26 December 1910]

[Page 2 of the New York Herald, 1 November 1910]

Octave Chanute Dead [New York Tribune, 24 November 1910]

Famous Aviators to Compete in International Meeting [The Evening Telegram, 30 October 1910]

[Page 2 of The Evening World, 22 October 1910] (includes Wind and Rain Open Great Air Meeting)

See A Wright Move in Air Meet Plans [New York Times, 5 November 1910]

Mons. Garros Up for 7,125 Feet [New York Herald, 26 December 1910]

Johnstone Bucks Wind 55 Miles In Return Flight [New York Globe & Commercial Aviation, 28 October 1910]

The Silent Spectator [C.R. Macauley, New York World, 19 November 1910]

Hearst Offer Starts Boom in Aviation [Arnold Kruckman, New York American, 18 December 1910]

Wrights Honored by Presentation of Langley Medal [Washington Times, 10 February 1910]

Ten Aeroplanes Up at Same Time in Great Carnival of Flight at Belmont [New York American, 25 October 1910]

Star Flyers of France, England and America Enter Cup Race [New York Herald, 16 October 1910]

Roosevelt in an Airplane [New York Times, 23 October 1910]

[Page 2 of the New York Herald, 23 October 1910]

Mons. Barrier Rises 6,133 Feet as New Orleans Meeting Opens; and Navy May Take Up Study of Aviation [New York Herald, 25 December 1910]

Aeronauts of the... [Herald, 22 March]

Johnstone, Blown 55 Miles in a Gale, Lands His Flyer Safely [The Globe, 27 October 1910]

Up In the Air With Orville [Colliers, 2 July 1910]

World’s Altitude Record Beaten By Ralph Johnstone [The World, 1 November 1910]

Mr. Moisant, American Aviator Wins Statue of Liberty Race [New York Herald, 31 October 1910]

Taft Greets Atwood After Rainy Flight [New York Times, 15 July 1911]

Hydro-Aeroplane Goes to Russia [New York Herald, 16 November 1911]

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