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[An old man in his winter clothes] / T.B.


Januarius Petrus Stephani inventor

[Four Native American Indians of New France (Canada): two men at top in war attire, with shield, bow, and arrows; mother holding paddle and nursing infant; and men clothed for winter, wearing snowshoes]

[Winter landscape with figures by a river]

[Wolves and winter reeds]

Winter / Schmolze.

Plan of a rout undertaken in winter, Jany. 26th, from Quebec, the capital of Canada, to the frontier settlements of the Township of Topsham near Brunswick Fort on the River Ammerascaegun in the Province of New Hampshire, Feby. 20th 1760 /

Summer and winter habitations in Kamtschatka / Webber del. ; J. Goldar sc.

Jūgo ōshō

Ukie yukimi shuen no zu

A plan of the city of New-York & its environs to Greenwich, on the North or Hudsons River, and to Crown Point, on the East or Sound River, shewing the several streets, publick buildings, docks, fort & battery, with the true form & course of the commanding grounds, with and without the town. Survey'd in the winter, 1775 [i.e. 1766]

G. Washington, generaal der Noord-Americaanen / Reinr Vinkeles, sculp. naar een origineel schildery, by den Wel Ed. Heer P. van Winter, Nic:z.

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - discover Kira's hiding place]

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - breaking down the entrance]

Matsu ni yukidaruma

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - searching the grounds]

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - searching the grounds]

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - assualt on Kira Yoshinaka's home - pursuing the guards]

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - assualt on Kira Yoshinaka's home - pursuing the guards and searching for Kira]

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - searching the grounds]


Ci-devant occupations-or-Madame Taliah and the Empress Josephine dancing naked before Barrass in the winter of 1797.-A fact! / Js Gillray dest & fect.

Winter / A. ; Abm. Paul printer.

Washington passing the Delaware, evening previous to the Battle of Trenton, Dec. 25th, 1776 / / painted by T. Sully ; etched by W. Humphrys ; engraved by G.S. Lang.

Fujigawa jōryū secchū



Kanbara [2nd edition]

Minamoto no muneyuki ason

Nihonbashi yukibare

Fall and winter fashions for 1837 & 8 by Scott & Perkins, 164 Broadway, N.Y.

Nihonbashi yukibare

Inokashira no ike benzaiten no yashiro

Farmer's! keep out of debt! The undersigned has made arrangements to purchase his entire stock of fall and winter goods in the eastern cities - and his groceries in New Orleans - and will sell for a less profit than has ever been done in this ma

[Winter scene]

Notice. A meeting of the Alton Lyceum, will be held this evening, Friday, November 29th, at the Old Court room - over Bowman Neef & Co's store; at which place the meetings of the Society will be held this winter ... By order of the Society. [Alt

New York, Paris and London fashions for fall and winter of 1841

Valley Forge, 1777. Gen. Washington and Lafayette visiting the suffering part of the army / painted and drawn by A. Gibert ; lith and publ. by P. Haas, Wash. City.

American fashions, fall and winter 1847 & 8

Scott's fashions, for the winter 1847 & 8


It seems to be conceded on all sides that the bill for the relief of the sufferers by French spoliations prior to July 31, 1801, will be voted by Congress next winter ... James H. Causten. Washington City, October 10, 1849.

London, Paris & Philadelphia fashions for fall & winter 1849-50

American fashions, fall & winter 1849-50, by John R. Shankland, no. 100, Chesnut St. Philadelphia / designed & lithographed by Hoffy, No. 20 Sth. 3rd. Street, Philadelphia ; P.S. Duval's Steam lith. Press, Philadelphia.

Map of the northwestern states. Shewing [sic] what proportion lies north of the parallel of South Bend of Lake Michigan. It will be seen at a glance, that the unbroken line of communication with the Atlantic seaboard, and the only winter route for northern Indiana, northern Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, will be by the Michigan Southern Railway, and south shore of Lake Erie.

My New England home Words & music by L. Wade / / T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

Shankland's American fashions for the fall & winter of 1851 & 2

Shankland's American fashions for the fall and winter of 1852 & 3

Shankland's American fashions for the fall and winter of 1854 & 5

Hon. Henry Winter [?] Davis of Md.

Quartermaster Hill, 4[th] Light Dragoons, the horse taken immediately after the winter season

Colonel Lowe, [i.e., Low] 4th Light Dragoons & servant in winter dress

The 68th Regiment, winter dress

Sebastobol from the 26 gun battery on the extreme right of French attack / W. Simpson del.

Men of the 77th Regiment in winter costume

Sentinel of the Zouaves, before Sevastopol / W. Simpson del.


Captain Brown, 4th Light Dragoons & servant, winter dress

The camp of the 1st Division, looking north towards the camp of the 2nd Division - the heights of Inkermann in the distance / W. Simpson del. ; M. Morin lith.

Graves at the head of the harbour of Balaklava / W. Simpson del. ; C. Haghe lith.

The camp of the second division, looking east January 1855 / W. Simpson delt.

Officers of the 89th Regiment at Cathcart's Hill, in winter dress, Captain Skynner, Lieutenant Knatchbull, Captain Conyers, Lieutenant Longfield, Captain Hawley

Scene on the Delaware River at Philada. during the severe winter of 1856 / from nature and on stone by J. Queen.

[Scene on the Delaware River at Philada. during the severe winter of 1856]

Winter quarters of HM ships Resolute and Intrepid 53 & 54 in the pack, there -56 Faht.

Norwegian church

Post office, Boston. Winter mail arrangements ... Nahum Capen, Postmaster. Boston, November 16, 1857. J. P. Plumer, printer.

Hira no bosetsu

The ladies managers of the Twenty-third National Anti-slavery Bazaar have the satisfaction of announcing its opening at Hall, No. 15 Winter Street, December 23d, at 10 o'clock A. M. ... [Boston, 1856].

Tōto sukiyabashi

[Umpqua Indians of Oregon Territory: "winter lodge of the Umpqua Indians"]

No. 2, log huts, winter quarters of the Br. N. Am. Boundary Commission on the banks of the Columbia two miles above the Hudson Bay Cos. post at Colville

Street scene in London--winter evening / Ts. Nast.

[H. Winter Davis, Representative from Maryland, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

Ice view, Niagara

Chōhi (azana yokutoku)

The great ice bridge & American Fall Niagara

Niagara ice bridge

[Winter picket duty]

[Unidentified woman in shawl, possibly Mrs. Rebecca Pomroy] / Allen, 13 Winter St.

Ice scenery, near the tower, Niagara N.Y

The great ice bridge, Niagara

Afternoon dancing school Joseph B. Brown. respectfully gives notice to the citizens of Boston and vicinity, that his afternoon winter term for young ladies, misses, and masters will commence on Wednesday, December 11th at 3 o'clock ... [Boston 1

[Captain Andreas Winter, Union officer in the 32nd Indiana Regiment, full-length portrait, standing, facing front] / T.M. Schleier's Cartes de Visite Photograph Gallery, Nashville, Tenn.

Building winter quarters at Fort Brady, James River, Va. near Dutch Gap Canal

[Unidentified soldier in Union cavalry uniform, on horse, with cavalry saber, in front of encampment with winter chimneys]

Winter camp near Manassas, Virginia

Building winter quarters

[Soldiers outside a log cabin winter quarters, identified as "Pine Cottage"]

Virginia. Winter quarters of Capt. Bissel, Army of the Potomac

City Point, Virginia. Soldiers winter quarters. Inside first line of fortifications

Post office, Boston. Winter mail arrangements (corrected monthly) ... John G. Palfrey, postmaster. Boston, Dec. 1, 1861.

Post office, Boston. Winter mail arrangements ... John G. Palfrey, postmaster. Boston, Nov. 1, 1861.

Blockade of the Potomac - by Rebels, winter of 1861

[Group of soldiers outside winter quarters]

Henry S. Lane to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, February 25, 1861 (Recommends Henry Winter Davis for cabinet)

Winter quarters at Fort Brady, James River, Va. near Dutch Gap Canal

Post office, Boston. Winter mail arrangements ... John G. Palfrey, postmaster. Boston, Jan. 1, 1862.

Centreville, Virginia. Winter quarters of Confederate army