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[Full-length profile portrait of a woman, possibly Turkman or Kirgiz, standing on a carpet at the entrance to a yurt, dressed in traditional clothing and jewelry]

Bathing beach beauty contest, [1920], Eliz. Roache (most beautiful suit)

Mrs. Phil Riley, St.Clair car

Miss Anita Phipps, 11/24/23

Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

[Knight in armor slaying dragon; woman kneeling]

Pilgrim dreaming he is discarding armor under ax held by woman

Woman with hunting horn and dog on leash; symbolic representation of "the Soul hunting the child Jesus"

[Viticultural scenes - man and woman picking grapes]

[Page form the vellum copy of the Antoine Verard edition of Roman de la Rose (1493) in the Rosenwald Collection, illustrated with 3 hand-colored woodcuts of woman in domestic situations]

[2 men standing beside woman scribe(?) seated at reading stand]

[Figure of a woman with raised hand, possibly Sybil in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican]

[Incunabula illus. of woman (St. Bridget) in prayer]

[Illustration of activities of Lapps and Finns: woman milking reindeer]

[Symbolic picture in alchemical text showing crowned man standing on sun and crowned woman standing on moon joining flowers with descending dove, which represents marriage and the union of two substances]

[Title page of Le operazioni del compasso geometrico, et militaire; with device showing walking woman with banner "Bondantie"]

[4 illus. of Indians: warrior in armor; woman grinding maize; woman wearing ornamental chains and necklaces; woman holding baby and ear of corn]

[Nude woman]

[Full figure of woman wearing ruffled collar and wide-brimmed hat]

Cupid delivering a letter [to seated woman; above page of poetry in Dutch]

[Alchemical scene showing two putti holding philosopher's stone containing image of Hermes, below which are a man and a woman kneeling before furnace where transmutation is to take place]

[Engraved frontispiece with two illustrations: 1. A woman kneeling and praying; 2. A woman preparing food; and title page of The Whole Duty of a Woman, or a guide to the female sex. 1735]

[Head of a woman] / Boucher in del.; Demarteau sc.

[Caricature of a woman dancing]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 3]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 1]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 6]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 5]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 2]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 4]

A Man of Mangea and a woman of Eaoo / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

A poem occasioned by the late sudden and awful death, of a young woman, who was found drowned, in Medford-River, July 14, 1771. Medford: Printed and sold 1771.

[The Verse Beginning with "Wa"]

[Old woman scouring a cooking pot in front of large kitchen fire. Lady handing menu(?) to cook]

[Allegorical cartouche showing West Indians harvesting cane, a Native woman breast feeding an infant, and cherubs]

[Cartouche showing a Native woman, representing America, nursing infants in a tropical setting with scenes of commerce in the background]

[Woman stands in the basket of a balloon holding flags]

The fruit woman

The Pancake woman

The Pancake woman

[Title page and dedication page of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft (Boston, 1792); Dedication page is handwritten: "Presented to the Library of Congress by a great admirer of this earliest work for woman's right to equality...ever penned by a woman...(signed) Susan B. Anthony, Rochester, N.Y., Jan 1, 1904"]

[Above, an eagle preys on the body of a woman cast up on the seashore. Below, under the waves is a drowned man on whom fishes feed. Between text: "What time the 13 governors..."]

[Allegorical family scene: man and woman huddled by fire; dead(?) child lying on floor]

[Portrait of a woman]

[Woman, with chickens and ducks in baskets, facing another woman at wall of building, two dogs, and man walking with a pig]

[Kyōgen play with four characters, two wear hats, one possibly portraying a woman; there is a fish with carving knife on tray in the background]

[Man with a broom, wearing geta; woman with spinning wheel; man with a mallet]

[Nude youth with lyre unveiling statue of woman decorated with animal figures; slab at her feet reads: "Metamor. de Pflanzen"]

[Title page of The Echo, illustrated with porcupine and woman seated on bank of stream

[View of river with woman working on bank]

[Title p. of a Christmas book for little boys, a collection of conversations; the 3rd Virginia children's book; illus. with boy and woman seated and evidently conversing]

Let every man have his own wife and every woman her own husband. [NewHampshire 181-?].

[Illus. opp. p.1, showing Jesus telling woman in garden "if you have a healthy body and are in good spirits, then search for the redemption of your soul and praise the goodness of God"]

[Title page of 1817 cookery book showing woman milking cow, implements and containers, food, woman working in kitchen]

[Woman holding jug atop her head]

[Title page of The Poetical Works of John Trumbull, Hartford, 1820, illustrated with man with bow and arrows, woman, with Liberty cap on pole, boy with sword, and sea serpent.]

Woman selling flowers

We the subscribers, being desirous to circulate the sermon, of the eloquent Saurin, on the repentance of the unchaste woman, in connexion with the report of Ministerial labours of Rev. Wm. Collier, communicated to the Boston Society, for religio

[Self portrait painting with a woman looking on]

[Illustration showing two Brazilian slaves in Bahia carrying cloth covered sedan chair on shoulders with woman inside, with surrounding text]

[Silhouette of a woman wearing an Empire dress facing left]

[Silhouette of a woman wearing an Empire dress facing right]

[Nine humorous vignettes of a woman looking at her reflection in two mirrors, crowded stagecoach being loaded, insolvent man refusing to get out of bed, man walking on ceiling, John Bull and the Yankee barber, woman having portrait painted, town man mocking clothes of a country man, men greeting each other in storm, and fainting bride at Afro-American marriage ceremony]

[A woman seated, facing front, reading a scroll spread out in front of her]

[Woman, possibly a courtesan, sitting next to a flowerpot, facing left with head turned to the right, wearing kimono with starburst design that mimics the plants in the pot]

[Woman milking] / J.F.M.

[Woman and man digging money out of a giant's navel]

[A woman, possibly a courtesan, seated, facing right, with her head turned to look back over her right shoulder, wearing several hairpins]

[A man and a woman, seen from behind, are looking to where the man is pointing with his left arm, he holds a closed parasol in his right hand; the woman has her hands on her face, it is unclear whether she is peering into the distance or crying]

[A woman walking to the right, full-length portrait, facing left, wearing kimono and geta]

[Woman, full-length portrait, standing, facing left, holding fan in right hand, wearing kimono with check design]


[A woman, possibly a courtesan, full-length, standing, facing left]

Execution. The life, trial, and behaviour of that unfortunate young woman, Mary Johnson, 22 years of age, who was executed at Gloucester on Saturday last, 1831 for the murder of her master and mistress, John and Anna Robinson ... Leeds, Printed

[Diptych showing Roman decadence compared to American: Roman in reclining with lyre, drinking wine served by young woman; American is drunk from whiskey, with feet on table - copy neg. includes title page]

[Probate notice for Mary Pitman, single woman]

[Woman and beggar]

A woman rescued from the jaws of a catamount

[Unidentified woman, possibly Jane Fiske, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

[Copy of a painting of an unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

[Copy of a painting of an unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait]

Unidentified woman, possibly Lucy Stone, half-length portrait of a woman, seated, facing slightly left

[Two women standing over seated reading woman]

[Mrs. Miller, head-and-shoulders portrait of a woman, facing front]

[Joannette Clark Benjamin, three-quarter length portrait of a woman, facing front, seated]

[Madame De Lara, head-and-shoulders portrait of a woman, three-quarters view, facing left]

[Unidentified woman holding book, with books on table to her right]

[Unidentified man and woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

[Unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

[Unidentified woman, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, with bonnet, arm resting on table with tablecloth; books on table]

[Unidentified woman, half-length portrait, seated, facing front]

[Lucy Stone, half-length portrait of a woman, seated, facing front]

[Unidentified woman, half-length portrait, facing front, seated in chair]

[Unidentified woman, half-length portrait, wearing gloves]

[Unidentified woman and girl]

[Unidentified woman, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, seated before a painted backdrop with column]

[Unidentified woman, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, seated in chair beside table with tablecloth; book on table]

[Eunice Fiske Durfee, three-quarter length portrait of a woman, facing front, seated next to table with tablecloth; large book on table]

[Copy of a painting of an unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

[Unidentified woman, about 25 years of age, half-length portrait, three-quarters to the left, the head nearly in profile]

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