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Jacobus Philippus, Bergomensis, 1434

[Susanna and the elders]

[Six women who meet daily to spin and discuss family life and current events]

[Interior of Canadian Indian dwelling; women are weeping over dying warrior in hammock; parrot is perched on rafter]

[Illustration of activities of Lapps and Finns: Men and women hunting with bows and arrows on snowshoes; "women nimbly...or more than men"]

[A noblewoman of Pomeiock] / T.B.

Four women of the tribe take four pieces of the dead body and carry these around a hut while they scream with pleasure

The women and children [nude Indians] eat the intestines of the killed prisoner

Johannes Staden as prisoner in a circle of Indian women who dance around him

Johannes Lerii's account of women washing the dead body to prepare it for frying

Mandioka root [being] prepared by Indian women to produced a liquid brew. This makes the tribesmen drunk

Johannes Staden is being exhibited as a prisoner by the Indian women

Two semi-nude Indian women with babies on their backs. In the background are boats on water

[Melancholy] / G. Bened. Castilionus Genovensis.

[Galileo offering his telescope to three women (possibly Urania and attendants) seated on a throne; he is pointing toward the sky where some of his astronomical discoveries are depicted]

[Allegorical scene during Second Punic war, showing Roman galleys in background; with old man and women in foreground]

A contented cuckold in the new fashion

A touch of the times

[Landscape, with six women bathing]

The harlots nurse, or modern procuress / Boitard sculpt.

The merry accident, or a print in the morning a chair, a chair, for the lady.

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 1]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 3]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 5]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 6]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 2]

[Silhouette of woman facing left, no. 4]

High life at noon

Mrs. Newell

[The Duchess of Queensberry and Soubise]

The enraged macaroni / Phil. Dawe invt. et fecit.

The Accomplish'd maid

Lady Harriet Ackland / drawn & engraved by Robt. Pollard ; aquatinta by F. Jukes.

[Child birth]

America! With peace and freedom blest

Front page, with masthead illus. of 4 women (one holding Liberty cap on pole) standing before seated woman (Liberty) holding scroll reading "we are governed by our laws only," of District of Columbia - Georgetown

I'll tell you what! That "such things are" we must allow, but such things never were till now / / H. Wigstead, delt.

[Two women standing on platform next to shield marked "America," "Europe," "Africa," and "Asia," with chains, keys and book opened to page titled "The Rights of Men" at base of platform] / C. Gullager, del. ; engrav'd by S. Hill.

Magisterial vigilance, or the picket guard civilly clearing Cornhill of a few old apple women

The Genius of the Ladies Magazine, accompanied by the Genius of Emulation, who carries in her hand a laurel crown, approaches Liberty, and kneeeling, presents her with a copy of the Rights of Women

Pariser poisarden / C. Katz, [s. or f.]c.

Billy's poll-tax; or, King's place all in an uproar!

[Allegorical scene of female figures in clouds atop columns]

[Du pain et la constitution de LXXXXIII] / dessiné par C. Monnet ; gravé par Helman, l'an 5e, de la R.F.

War and Pestilence! Horrible and unparalelled [i.e. unparalleled] massacre! women and children falling victims to the Indian's tomahawk

The matrons in hanging-sleeves: or, The enquirer into nature - a satyr

Tales of wonder! / Js. Gillray, inv. & ft.

Les dames de la Halle partant pour aller chercher le Roi a Versailles, le 5 Octobre 1789 / Prieur inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Mr. Bryan's washerwomen, Dry River

[View of river with woman working on bank]

Jemmie(?) ; Mr. Brant for Hythe

La Duchesse / W5(?).

Water hole, Dry River

A Lady going to visit

Tanzaku o motsu yūjo

[2 Welsh peasant women washing clothes by a stream]

[Woman holding jug atop her head]



(Circular.) Washington, Pa. Jan. 1st,1822 Madam. You are now addressed as a member of a republic, blest by nature with all the necessaries and many of the luxuries of life [Requesting the women of America to confine their purchases for apparel t

Washington's reception on the bridge at Trenton in 1789 on his way to be inaugurated 1st pres[iden]t of the U.S. / Engraved by T. Kelley.

Notice: I hereby forewarn all persons against crediting my wife, Delilah McConnell ...

[Silhouette of a woman wearing an Empire dress facing left]

[Silhouette of a woman wearing an Empire dress facing right]

[Guardian's notice by Abby Maxson for two children]

[Executrix notice for Rev. Michael Eddy, deceased, Phebe Eddy, Exect'rx]

Cash! All persons that have slaves to dispose of, will do well by giving me a call, as I will give the highest price for men, women, & children. Any person that wishes to sell, will call at Hill's tavern, or at Shannon Hill for me, and any infor

[Administratrix notice for estate of James Taylor and Ann Taylor, Adm'x]

[Guardian's notice for determined to be Elizabeth Almy "incapable of managing her estate"]

To the Legislature of the State of Massachusetts. The undersigned, women of Dorchester, in the County of Norfolk, respectfully pray you, immediately, to repeal all laws in this State, which make any distinction among its inhabitants on account o

[Two women standing over seated reading woman]

Ein Neues Trauer-lied ...

To married women - Madame Restell, female physician

Medicine / engraved by G. Stodart from the statue by Ernst Hähnel.

Mrs. Bird, female physician To the Ladies--Madame Costello.

[Fantasy transformation of a bird into a flowerpot, into a woman, into a snake]

Colored individuals along the road side

French periodical pills - Warranted to have the desired effect in all cases

[The chief's daughter] / J. G. Chapman, del. ; Rawdon, Wright & Hatch, sculp.

Een waterplaats in Neder Californie

Emigrant party on the road to California

Een serenade in Uppen Californie

[Government Hospital for the Insane (Saint Elizabeths Hospital), Washington, D.C. Women's building. Second floor plan]

The keepsake / Stephanoff ; Sartain.

Wheeling girls of Hamburg

[Illustrations of 2 women on board the brig MARINE, after the sinking of the CENTRAL AMERICA: 1. Mrs. H-t, unintentionally on her part, turned into a pretty Mexican, wearing serape; 2. Mrs. M-n as she appeared when disguised as a boy, that she might help to bail out the ship]

[Studies of child, woman, gentleman, African American man & soldier]

Mrs. Grundy [...]

[Unidentified woman resting her arm on a book entitled History of Slavery]


[Women and girls, outside a building, washing clothes in a stream by pounding and rinsing, and hanging on a rope strung between two trees]

[Interior scene showing a birthday party with women preparing tea at left, a group of women on raised platform at center, and children with elders under the Chinese character representing longevity on the right]

The Rail candidate.

[The soldier returns to the hearth]

The Great exhibition of 1860.

Front of the White House, Washington

The sheomakers' strike in Lynn, Mass. - procession, in the midst of a snow storm, of eight hundred women operatives joining the strike..., preceded by the Lynn City Guards with music, and followed by four thousand workmen

A soldier's wife at Fort Niagara / engd. by T. Walker.

The first attack ; Pussy in the well

[Chinese women's hairstyles and faces; also shows sketch of a bound foot]