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St. Jerome interrupting his work of translating the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible to remove a thorn from a lion's paw

An elegiack tribute to the sacred dust of the Reverend and worthy Mr. Seaborn Cotton pastour of the Church of Christ at Hampton in New England: who was disharged from his work and office, to be admitted into Heaven, April 20th 1686. [Boston: Pri

Boston, April 10, 1729. Reverend Sir, The New-England chronology staying for the remarkables of your place, and the composer being unwilling to send it to the press without them, that so the work may be as compleat as possible --- You are theref

The several methods of blowing and casting plate glass with the men at work

To the freeholders of New-York. To-day, Fellow-citizens, most of you have an important work to do, under the immediate eye of the representatives of confederated America.- you are to discover by your conduct, whether you are in earnest or not, i

[Title page and dedication page of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft (Boston, 1792); Dedication page is handwritten: "Presented to the Library of Congress by a great admirer of this earliest work for woman's right to equality...ever penned by a woman...(signed) Susan B. Anthony, Rochester, N.Y., Jan 1, 1904"]

Plan for raising by loan a sum of money for the purpose of carrying on the work of The Schuylkill and Susquehanna Canal till the end of the present year 1794.

The closet companion: an help to serious persons, in the important duty of self-examination. Intended to be fixed up on the Christian's usual place of retirement, in order to remind him of, as well as to assist him in, the work ... [Signed] G. B

Norwich, (Conn) July 30, 1802. Sir, Presuming you to be a gentleman who is willing to aid and encourage the publication of an invaluable work, I have taken the liberty to present you with a proposal for publishing one of that nature, entitled, a

Thomas Jefferson, 1803, Calendar of Farm Work

Thomas Munroe, Superintendent of the City to Thomas Jefferson, July 3, 1804, Statement on Behavior of Work Crews

Proposals, the following splendid work entitled The Presidency of the United States by A. B. Woodward is now in hand, and will shortly be offered to the public in pamphlet form ... Washington City, May 19, 1825.

Piratical barbarity [Woodcut] Representation of the horrid massacre of the unfortunate crew of the Sloop Eliza-Ann, by the pirates, March 1825. Just published a new and interesting work, entitled Piratical barbarity or the female captire ... and

To the voters of Washington City. John P. Van Ness, the present mayor, having overcome the "reluctance" which he officially declared had influenced his first acceptance of the office, is now actively engaged in the hopeless work of removing that

Slaughtering Sam'l Work; on his own hook. Alton, Ill's. The subscriber has erected a large and convenient house and pens, in the city of Alton, near Shields' Branch, for the purpose of carrying on the slaughtering and dressing of beef, hogs and

New publication.. The true republican: containing the inaugural addresses, together with the first annual address and messages of all the presidents of the United States ... This work is well printed on good paper, and new type, 12 mo size; hand

A fact. About this time last year, whilst I was working in the employ of Mr. J. T. Towers, a conversation occurred between Mr. Lenox and myself to this effect ... I replied that my day's work was done, that we worked on the ten hour system ... R

Boston investigator. ... Extra. Boston, April 1855. Dear Sir- We wish to make an effort to increase the circulation of the Boston investigator, and believing you to be willing to assist in the work, we take the liberty to forward you our prospec

City of Boston. Boston water work ... You are hereby notified that the water will be stopped upon your premises for about three hours, for the purpose of making repairs on the works A. Stanwood. S pt. of Repairs of E. Division. [Nov. 13, 1860].

No. 2 plan of fort for Sta. Rosa Id., Pensacola Harbour, shewing the general dimensions and the relations of the several parts of the work.

Work, McCouch & Co. to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, January 30, 1861 (Recommends Cameron)

Cooper, Parham & Work to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, January 31, 1861 (Recommend Cameron for cabinet)

The Army telegraph - setting up the wire during an action The Army telegraph - the operator at work / / sketched by Mr. A.R. Waud. A signal station at night / sketched Mr. Theodore R. Davis.

Charles Jones and Isaac Fuller to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, November 13, 1863 (Praise General Busteed for his work in the recent political campaign)

... The ladies in charge are happy to announce that they have completed the arrangements for the inauguration of this great work in behalf of the Sanitary and Christian commissions ... [Washington, D. C. Jan. 12, 1864].

The "Rail splitter" at work repairing the Union.

Casemated Field Work in the Union Siege lines at Petersburg

An historical work.

Order of exercises at the Boston music hall, on Saturday evening, February 4th, 1865 to celebrate the progress of freedom's great work in the United States of America. Boston. Wright & Potter, printers, 4 Spring Lane.

[Fort Fisher, defensive work protecting the entrance to the port of Wilmington, North Carolina, captured by the Federals, Jan. 15, 1865].

Fraternite Universelle, [Schultz work of Lincoln and other famous men].

Grant to Hayes - I guess that reform bait wont work this side. Better try and anti-Catholic worm

Work for your master

I'll work for Jesus [target and 1 pg. only]

Work for me

She used to read to me when I was at work

Work for the master

Work for the master

The dummy at work

Firemen at work, 1733 (From an old Fire Certificate)

Potomac River at Washington, D.C., map showing progress of work : June 30, 1890 /

Should a married woman work for money? The effect on herself. Boston. Cambridge literary bureau and press [c. 1892].

Special notice. This plan, supported by twelve hundred (counting yourself as one) of our energetic minds, must from the very foundation principles of the work soon girdle the earth with a band of true brotherhood. We ask ... that each and every

The millennial of Alfred the Great ... Directors of the Old south work, Old South meeting house, Boston, Mass [1901].

Tribute to Mrs. Stanton's Work

Mrs. Maud Ballington Booth and her work in State prisons

New York State Woman Suffrage Association Convention Work

New York State Woman Suffrage Association Convention Work; page 3

New York State Woman Suffrage Association Convention Work; page 2

Women In Many States At Work

Rinnce na h-Éireann : a simplified work on the performance of the dances of Ireland.

Men Help New York State Woman Suffrage Association Raise Fund for Legislative Work in Albany

Work of Suffragists Played Part in Senatorial Campaign

Samuel Untermyer to Help in legislative work for suffragists

[Printed page of text: "What Some Children Have Done to Help the Children Who Work."]

[Flag] Two things the country needs Less waste. More production. What the people save and what the people make are the means of winning the war. Keep work moving stopping or delaying work helps the enemy. Department of Commerce. Office of the Se

Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. attends Women in War Work Congress in Paris [1918] /

Treasury department. United States Public health service. Influenza spread by droplets sprayed from nose and throat. Cover each cough and sneeze with handkerchief. Spread by contact. Avoid crowds. If possible, walk to work. Do not spit on floor

[Flag] Don't think that because you work at a desk or in a laboratory that therefore you are not serving your country. You are if you do the work which is given you well. The Commander-in-chief of the army and navy wears no uniform. He is our gr

... How to win. The way to win the war is for every one of us to work a little harder at our present jobs. This applied to all of us, whether rich or poor, men or women ... U. S. Department of labor. Washington, D. C. [1918].

Get what you really want! Don't buy what you don't need. Think first how many hours of work each purchase will cost you. Steady saving will bring a home, a business, or something else worth while within your reach. Saving money is easy with War

Variety of talent in Strauss work

Folger Library copy work. Page from manuscript III

Folger Library copy work. Fragments from manuscript

Folger Library copy work. Pages from manuscript

Folger Library copy work. Manuscript pages from Folger Library I

Folger Library copy work. Document from Folger Library IV

Folger Library copy work. Document from Folger Library II

Folger Library copy work. Document from Folger Library I

Folger Library copy work. Document from Folger Library III

Folger Library copy work. Fragment of manuscript

Folger Library copy work. Page from manuscript I

Folger Library copy work. Page from manuscript IV

Folger Library copy work. Manuscript page from Folger Library

Folger Library copy work. Manuscript pages from Folger Library II

Folger Library copy work. Page from manuscript II

Folger Library copy work. Two pages stamped 1650

Book announcement, A Musician's Pilgrimage: The Story of my Life, Work and Philosophy, by Ernest Newlandsmith

[Program June 22, 1935 in honor of the life and work of Joel Barlow]. [Redding? Conn.].

Slow Drag Work Song

Children looking at picture books at the WPA (Work Projects Administration) nursery school at the Casa Grande Valley Farms. Pinal County, Arizona

October 25, 1941, letter from John Work to Alan Lomax

Code of Federal Regulations: Regulations Applicable To Contractors And Subcontractors On Public Building And Public Work And On Building And Work Financed In Whole Or In Part By Loans Or Grants From The United States, 29 C.F.R. (1941)

July 17, 1941, letter from Alan Lomax to John Work

July 1, 1941, letter from Alan Lomax to John Work

July 24, 1941, letter from John Work to Alan Lomax

July 1, 1941, draft of memo by Alan Lomax regarding the duplication of acetate disks recorded by John Work

The Dance: A Major Work

July 24, 1941, memo by Alan Lomax regarding the duplication of acetate disks recorded by John Work

February 27, 1942, letter from Alan Lomax to John Work

New Graham Work

May 8, 1942, letter from Alan Lomax to John Work

New Work by Martha Graham

Miss Graham Gives a New Dance Work

Martha Graham Presents New Work "Night Journey," with Score by Willian Schuman, at Harvard University Festival

Graham Work Needs Graham

The U.S. Work Projects Administration Federal Music Project

Novum Amsterdamum. Print and text are from Ogilby's exceedingly rare work on "America"

Brave boys. By Henry C. Work. J. H. Johnson, Publisher, 7 N. Tenth Street, Philadelphia

The work and contention of heaven. Printed and sold in New-London