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Britons! Your country needs you / Printed by Saunders & Cullingham, 2 & 3 Burgon Street, Carter Lane, London, E.C.

First call I need you in the Navy this minute! Our country will always be proudest of those who answered the first call.

Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / Alfred Offner.

Carefully trained women inspectors check and inspect cargo transport innerwings before they are assembled on the fuselage, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif.

Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front, Long Beach, Calif. Most important of the many types of aircraft made at this plant are the B-17F ("Flying Fortress") heavy bomber, the A-20 ("Havoc") assault bomber and the C-47 heavy transport plane for the carrying of troops and cargo

C. & N.W. R.R., Mrs. Dorothy Lucke, employed as a wiper at the roundhouse, Clinton, Iowa

Santa Fe R.R. locomotive shops, Topeka, Kansas

Gus Worke, a farmer who came from Germany 40 years ago, Southington, Conn.

Marine Sgt. at New Orleans, La.

C & NW RR; locomotives in the roundhouse at Proviso yard, Chicago, Ill.

Truck trailers line up at a freight house to load and unload goods from the Chicago and Northwestern railroad, Chicago, Ill.

School children, half of Polish and half of Italian descent, at a festival in May 1942, Southington, Conn.

The late Senator Sumner. Ceremonies in the Capitol -- colored people of Washington, headed by Frederick Douglass, viewing the remains / Sketched by Joseph Becker.

Right dress -- shoulder to shoulder, ye devils -- close up

[Horses charging over battlefield]

Home from the war

Woodrow Wilson Papers: Series 11: Woodrow, Axson, and Wilson Family Material, 1835-1894; Wilson, Axson, and Woodrow Families, 1856-1894

Miss Dora Rodrigues recruiting, World War I

Miss Dora Rodrigues recruiting, World War I

1st Div. boys, World War I

Market, Wash. D.C., World War I period

A Sauterelle

Red Cross Canteen, Union Station, Wash., D.C., World War I

Autry in hands of Germans

Germans guarding a high-water dam on the Memel

Dr. Mary Crawford

Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton on a destroyer

Temporary bridge at Neu Sandeck

American Volunteers

Misses McAdoo, Britton, et. al. on "Lusitania"

Kaiser and his Generals

Recruits, Aldershot

Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton on a destroyer

German field telephone

Gouda -- Children's Hospital

Mrs. Wynne in Western Trenches

Germans passing thro' Paracin, on Belgrad - Nisch Line

Aviators decorated with iron cross: Saenger -- Baas -- Hahn -- Ingold -- Hug -- Bremer -- Reichert

Food Adm., World War I: Mrs. James Lee Laidlow

German Army field Hdqrs. near Ostend

Battery A - Field artillery leaving for war game

Les revendications des débbés. Bureau des enfants. Croix-Rouge américaine

Wounded "French" prisoner of Germans

German Red Cross in Skiernewice

German & Austrian prisoners in Russia

German Protection against gas bombs

Wounded Austrian Officer on Patrol on Isonzo

Market, Wash. D.C., World War I period

Italian troops leaving barracks

German Hospital R.R. car

French Cartoon of Reims Cathedral

Corp. J. Mant in Canadian Hosp. i.e., Hospital, Le Touquet

Free coffee wagon, Lotzen

Russian guns captured in Masurian Lake Campaign

Volunteer of 15, from Brandenburg

Crown Prince -- Germ. i.e., Germany

Market, Wash. D.C., World War I period

Germans in Rus. i.e. Russian Poland

Mail delivery, Berlin, Mail Carrier


Woodrow Wilson Papers: Series 4: Executive Office File, 1912-1921; 1105A568

Belgian Artillery

#18 Nat. Women's Defense League, World War I

#2 Nat. Women's Defense League, World War I

U.S. Marines - first to hoist Old Glory on foreign soil Join them for overseas duty / / Sidney H. Riesenberg 1913.

Tiger -- British

Camp, Fourth & Seventh Infantry, Ft. Crockett, Galveston, Tex.

French Officers dining

Gen. De Castelnau

Djemal Pach [i.e., Pasha] with Trommer Pacha & staff

French succoring wounded German

Sally [Hanilin?]

Emblemas de la libertad y de la humanidad La Cruz Roja, Madre de todas las naciones.

[Women making Browning machine guns - general view of polishing shop, Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn.]

At Chanconin [i.e., Chauconin-Neufmontiers]

Brussels -- Germans crossing Place Charles Rogier, 8/20/14

Austrian big gun

Czar, Grand Duke Nicholas and Count Dobrinsky at front

Donkerque [i.e., Dunkerque] -- shipping carrier pigeons

Broken down field piece, France

Ludendorff-Spende für Kriegsbeschädigte / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

Belgian woman in field

Boillot & Rigal

Battery A - Field artillery leaving for war game

Barricade on Liege Rd.

African chasseur & his wounded horse

American Volunteers

Fugitives, Gare du Nord, Paris

British Going on Picket -- Mesopotamia

French Officer breakfasts with English

Italian prisoners, Schloss Laibach, Austria

[Women operating drill presses for reaming out holes in hand grenade bodies, Gorham Mfg. Co., Providence, R.I.]

British armored autos in France

Bread for a French soldier in Belgium

French Dragoons entrenched

Unser Kaiser an sein Volk / E. Kaempster.

English fleet off Ostend

Gen. von Pluskow who took Lodz

British battleship towing destroyer