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When duty calls we must respect the red, the white, the blue

Our flag should float forever

The new America

The call to arms our country calls

American battle cry a liberty slogan for 1917

Call of the U. S. A

Through Germany we will go

Give them hell boys get the Kaiser

We would rather be "over there" fighting than in cantonments "over here"

You'll have to put him to sleep with the marseillaise and wake him up with oo-la-la

We're going to get the Kaiser

Songs of the soldiers and sailors : in exhibit on 2nd floor, Dec. 5, 1918

Liberty song

Liberty shall never die

Freedom and liberty

Our service flag is no red rag will Bill get his? Bill will

Salute to the flag

Victory's flag

Think of the boys from home sweet home

The old musket

The last wish

Little Belgium, Uncle Sammie's with you too

No beer, no work

Why are our boys going to France?

Dear little girl good-bye

The girls of the U.S.A

Freedom's banner

Over the top we go

The call

Freedom's call

The Kaiser Bill's doom

American soldier song

We must win the game

The sphere of our flag

Lafayette, we have come!

Down with autocracy

America the glorious

The goose step is the thing in Germany

It's a long, long way to tipperary

Neutrality rag

Peace on earth

Oh Mr. Kaiser you will be wiser when you meet old glory's sons

Canadian Jack's flag

The flag of our skies patriotic song for mixed voices

The white flag folk song of peace

Where are the heroes of today

The call to peace

Between the old world and the new

We'll follow Pershing into old Berlin

Three flags red, white and blue

The sisters of Columbia and the sons of Uncle Sam

A soldier of the legion

We love our flag

I belong to Uncle Sam patriotic song

Cleveland plain dealer

The hour of triumph march

Stand by the President

With Pershing in France

She'll be waiting when you come back home march song

From the battlefields of France a war mother's song

Buy a liberty bond for the baby

Uncle Sammy needs you all

Freedom's war song

Freedom's land

Im for America first

The battle-call of the alliance a hymn for music

Throw me a kiss from over the sea song

We want the Kaiser's helmet

The glory of war for chorus of men's voices with piano accompaniment

Stand nation of peace

The girls of America

A song of freedom patriotic march-song

America my home-land

We'll never let our old flag fall the song of the moment and for all the time

I'm in the Army now

U. S. marching song

I've got a Red Cross rosie

Our god we trust

Good-bye, mollie may

For the freedom of the world

The boys in brown From our old home town

Torpedo Jim

Camp songs of the United States Army and Navy

Somewhere in France

For the land and flag you love patriotic song

When Pershing says "Let's go!"

America's battle cry (to the tune of "Dixie")

The song of the hoe

The star spangled banner

Songs. Selections

Here we come! ye sons of France

When we're marching down the main street of Berlin the war song of the squadrons

America my country the new national anthem

Liberty bell it's time to ring again

Berlin or bust!

Hail America

The lonely war bride

After the war is over

Marching song of freedom

They're going to fight for old glory the banner that shields you and me