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The new America

Through Germany we will go

Call of the U. S. A

Liberty shall never die

They are yankee doodles true

No beer, no work

It's a long, long way to tipperary

Columbia's call

The soldier

The border boys

Good-bye, mollie may

America's slogan

The star spangled banner

When Pershing says "Let's go!"

The boys in brown From our old home town

Torpedo Jim

When we're marching down the main street of Berlin the war song of the squadrons

I raised my boy a soldier to be

It's along, long way to Germany

For the land and flag you love patriotic song

Cheer up Uncle Sam

The song of Uncle Sam's boys

Somewhere in France

Rally to the colors song

America we'll fight for you!

America's battle cry (to the tune of "Dixie")

Songs. Selections

Stars and stripes we love you

Beautiful liberty flag

Hail to America

The old flag's calling you Old Glory over all : the nation's greatest patriotic song

Here we come! ye sons of France

Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam, I'll fight and die for you

Three cheers for the Army and Navy

Sons of poland-go free poland-give her liberty

Dear little Mary soldiers' nurse

Freedom's battle song

Old Glory for unison chorus

Bound for Berlin

Old glory a patriotic marching song

To arms

Our God, our country and our flag patriotic four part song for mixed voices

One gladsome day

When you're away

For the red, white and blue, dears, and you

If you do your bit they'll never put America down

Our sammee boys

The Scandinavian U. S. Soldier

The boy that went

Good bye autocracy

' Neath the flag of the U.S.A

When Uncle Sam gets ready

Honneur aux braves qui passent


Mother Americans

Were truly on our way to can the Kaiser Sammy march song

I'm going to leave you sweetheart for the sake of Uncle Sam

Our star-spangled banner now is floating in France

When Uncle Sam makes the german band play yankee doodle

The flag that set us free

We are bound to get the Kaiser

We'll fight for yankee doodle one-step

Bonnie land of freedom

Since Uncle Sam has joined the allies

Make the world safe for democracy

Will you stand behind the man behind the gun

There is only one flag for me

Sky fighting boys

For France and liberty

Your sammy or mine

Right makes might

Under the banner of the Red Cross nurse

Hats off!, the flag goes by (patriotic song)

You 21 and you 53 you both stand for liberty

The light of the world is Uncle Sam

We'll never let our old flag fall the song of the moment and for all the time

Men! Men! And more men! the hymn universal!

The call

The liberty fight

We'll be back to Dixie or give our lives for you

She is just a girl that's serving Uncle Sam

To the flag we love

Rouse ye, America! a song of national appeal

There waves the flag

We'll get there!

Star-spangled banner (Song)

America it's up to you!

My country needs me, mother

We are going to take the "germ" from Germany

Woodrow at the wheel

Come back my soldier boy

The ocean must be free

Don't lose your heart for the lily of France


All hail to our flag so grand

The freedom of the sea

Our home guard

Here they come, left, right, left, right! America's greatest marching song

America goes forth to war

Here's to the solider