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There is faraway, faraway across the sea

Hymn to democracy

Here's to the sons of the blue and the gray

Keep the Kaiser running

Khaki boy

March on, Americans! (the American Marseillaise) : male quartette

All together song

When the bugle calls

The absent ones

America, we will pray for thee national hymn

Then America we'll come back again

Come along mothers, join our band song and chorus

Make the Kaiser lay his big gun down

I'm knitting a rosary

We'll follow great old glory

The Americans come!

America must win this war

Well, lafayette, we're here!

There's going to be another independence day

Joan of Arc's answer song

We're here, Lafayette, we're here! Patriotic march song

Our soldier boys

My soldier of the sea a sentimental song

Remember the nurse

We'll fight for our freedom and old glory we'll uphold

Hold the foe at bay

We're after you Heinie

Good bye, my soldier boy

O sammie! get your gun right away

U.S. spells us

We'll knock the "is-er" out of Kaiser

Where oh where has papa gone

An appeal to loyalty

Hymn for America

My soldier of 1918

The boys and flag patriotic song

Peace hymn of the republic

Our boys in France

Our boys departure

The liberty wagon

Just a page from the book of love



Don't forget the boys in blue are going over too

Take care of yourself my boy

The name of France

Angels guard thee I pray a beautiful revived cradle song

When our boys come home again

The pride of our nation


Navy waltz

A real live American man

In Flanders fields

When God turns the trenches to gardens again

You can't tread on Uncle Samuel's toes

Emblems of Uncle Sam

If you're going to join the army play the game marching song

We're off to-day for the mighty fray

I'll tip my hat to the clothes you wear

The lanky Yankee boy I sent away

There are thousands of boys from Indiana

The call of America

Brother mine march song

Dear old glory part song for mixed voices

Going to can the Kaiser

That grand old gentleman (Uncle Sam)

When the war is over I'm coming back to you

America, our land shall be

The shine of liberty

Make cupid darts my dearie instead of shells and guns song

Secular part-songs (double-number)

Oh, you rookie

America for me

The service flag

Some one will have to answer

Take out a bond to help the brave lads return to their home sweet home march ballad

Marching on to victory for us a song

To the blue and the gray on the fields of France

My heart is true to thee

Our flag song

When Tony goes over the top

America's final stand

Hark! I hear your country calling

The urge of the liberty loan

My soldier boy

Brooklyn beats it

When shall we return from France boys march song

God send our laddies home song

Ze 'Mericaine

There is no place like home dear in the good old U.S.A

Back to the U.S.A

We'll carry old glory to Berlin

In an airplane I'll fly away with you

The battle hymn of freedom

America the emblem of liberty

When they listed colored soldiers in the U.S.A

All for liberty Dedicated to the American Espeditionary Forces

God save our men

And it shall come to pass

My soldier boy a stirring march song (with male chorus)