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My soldier boy a stirring march song (with male chorus)

Let us sing of the sweet bye and bye

We cut it out because we had to

We are going to win this war

You can't stop the yanks "till they go right thru"

You'd better get a girl before the boys come home, or, you'll never get a girl at all

On to Berlin

We're coming fellows

Vanguard of freedom floating ever the red, white and blue

America, we're proud to fight for you

Follow me to Germany (and victory) song

Homeward bound blues

A message to France

My angel of the flaming cross

Fight on, America

We know you will care for the graves of our soldiers

Sing sunshine to the soldiers

A rightly raised boy

Uncle Sam's junior army

Stand by the flag America first! last and all the time

My pledge I shall stand by our land to eternity

Over here a snappy war song about this side of the water


When we lick the Kaiser and his huns

A rainbow from the U.S.A

We'll stand by the flag

Somewhere in France with old glory

Carry on patriotic song

Peer Gynt Åses död; arranged

The road to France

Right on to France

Sammy boy

You krazy Kaiser our boys' marching song

When the boys come home from Europe

Look at the ears on him (how do you get that way?)

Old glory unfurled

Come across

Take a chance for Uncle Sammy

The star of liberty

I cannot bear to say good-bye

Keep the old town gay

The flag they love so well

Rise up America

Hurray for the flag of America!

The call to liberty

Old glory the nation's hymn

She gave one star to glory


Onward to victory

The sign of mercy song for solo voice or solo and mixed chorus

Come boys come

The khaki, the blue and the gray

Welcome home

Hurrah for Uncle Sam

There' a broken heart for every grave in France

Are you a socialist?

March on ye brave sons of Washington

Do your duty, boy

Red Cross girl

Private Jerry Jones

Our Uncle Sammy needs you

The yankee boys in Italy march song

We are coming mister Kaiser

Old glory the pride of the sea


Sammy's got a little French doll

American soldiers in France

The flag that protects is the red white & blue

On to Berlin

I hear Uncle Sammie calling me

Good-bye dear folks, my country calls me a farewell song

Off to France patriotic song

Pershing's brave boys

They'll make the Kaiser go

Going back to home folks

Hello, there! Uncle Sammy!

The sammies

Brave Yankee middies of the USA

I met you in the springtime

Do your bit over here

You can always call me Honey (but never call me Hun)

The Red Cross song

A cheery smile is a good as a mile on the road to victory


To any Sammy over there

The boys of the U.S.A

When the war is over a new and beautiful song for all who have dear ones in the war

I want to be a soldier boy

When they're fighting for their country's call

Let us all shout Wilson and hurrah!

Let's go!

Everybody Hooverize

A war-time lullaby

We're American pariotic march song

When liberty is king

Sammie of the U.S.A

Wilson against Wilhelm

Potato patriotism

Little air imaginer

Let's all swat the Kaiser