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Turk negotiations with Arabs

German - Russian Battlefield Near Makow

Joffre at Grant's tomb

Joffre in Tokyo

Joffre sailing

Bread to German prisoners, Champagne

German-American Rifle Team parade, New York

Amer. & German admirals with Count Bernstorff

U-III [German U-Boat]

German-American Rifle Team, in parade, New York

German prisoners

German officers in trench

German Baghdad Railway, 190_. Railroad construction camp

German prisoners with machine guns & wounded

German Baghdad Railway, 190_. Landing place at Tripoli built especially for Germans

Amer. & German admirals with Count Bernstorff

Eating German ice cream

Gen. Foch

W.W. Atterbury


Thomas, Haig, Joffre, Lloyd George

German hydroaeroplane

German Baghdad Railway, 190_. Taking food to workmen by handcar E. of Aleppo (railyard)

French burn German papers

German children from Sweden

German trenches & screen

U.S. soldiers & German wounded

Wounded German prisoners

German prisoners


German destroyers at N.Y.

Dead German Artilleryman

Crn. Prince of German And wife at Oels

German dirigible

Funeral of German victims, Essen

Maimed German at work

German sentry, Spa

German automobile, with gun for fighting, Photogr. Anstalt der Rhein-Metallw., Mashinenfabrik, Dusseldorf / Ansalt der

German plane, Flanders

German submarine surrenders to U.S. Navy

German women do men's work

U.S. soldiers & German pistol

German Sanitary Corps & wounded man in Belg. [i.e., Belgium]

German Team at Belmont Park V. Abercron, Gericke, Beauclertz, Vogt

Joffre at Grant's tomb

Gen. Joffre

Gen. Michel

Gen. Dubail

German gas mask

Church of the Holy Sepulchre and surroundings. [German Redeemer Church]

German Baghdad Railway, 190_. Construction camp

Inside of German Submarine

German troops led by Crown Prince

German fire engine, Germany

Interned German, Fort Douglas, knitting scarf

German Baghdad Railway, 190_. Building temporary bridge over the Euphrates

German U-boat in N.Y.

French Peasants & German Guard

German observers

German Baghdad Railway, 190_. Tents of the Arabs

Pershing & Joffre

Gen. Joffre

American, British, French, & German masks [gas]

German trenches churned by British shells

Gen. Niox

Viviani arrives

World War I Vet. Parade

German prisoners -- France

Brick from German On WESTPHALIA

German Imperial Family

German U-Boat in N.Y.

German U-Boat

German field bakery on march

U.S. soldiers & German prisoners

German children from Sweden


Joffre in Tokyo


German Crown Prince

Funeral of German victims, Essen

German Baghdad Railway, 190_. Digging into hillside and hauling soil by camels and handcar

German Mitrailleuses in Invalides, Paris

German prisoners resting

German Marines Carrying Wounded

German prisoners

German prisoners, Verdun

German U-Boat in N.Y.

German machine gun in action

Joffre at City Hall

Pershing & Joffre

Gen. Maunoury

Hopkins Place from West German, Baltimore, Md.

View from German and Hanover streets, wholesale business district, all buildings and contents totally destroyed for several blocks

Szene [sic] in Lodz, Poland, showing City Hall, after occupation of the town by the German Army

[Eddie Grant, Philadelphia NL (baseball)]

1st Div. boys, World War I

Miss Dora Rodrigues recruiting, World War I

Miss Dora Rodrigues recruiting, World War I

[Hertha, German cruiser]

World War I tank, Wash. D.C.