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[High school route boys. Adolescents. Some in back row have been newsboys for seven, eight and nine years.] Location: New Haven, Connecticut.

Gus Worke, a farmer who came from Germany 40 years ago, Southington, Conn.

The Capitall lawes of New-England, as they stand now in force in the Commonwealth. By the Court, in the years 1641. 1642 ... Printed first in New-England, and reprinted in London for Ben Allen in Popes-head Allen. 1643.

A survey of the northern neck of Virginia, being the lands belonging to the Rt. Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron Cameron, bounded by & within the Bay of Chesapoyocke and between the rivers Rappahannock and Potowmack: With the courses of the rivers Rappahannock and Potowmack, in Virginia, as surveyed according to order in the years 1736 & 1737.

An account of the remarkable recovery of Mrs. Mary Read, of Rehoboth, to the use of her limbs, of which she had been deprived three years. [Probably printed in Providence 1769].

A plan of part of the rivers Tombecbe, Alabama, Tensa, Perdido, & Scambia in the province of West Florida; with a sketch of the boundary between the nation of upper Creek Indians and that part of the province which is contigious thereto, as settled at the congresses at Pensacola in the years 1765 & 1771.

Letter to the inhabitants of the City and Colony of New-York; My friends and fellow-countrymen. I was formerly much engaged in mercantile concerns, but of late years, for the sake of retirement, I have been chiefly employed in cultivating a smal

To the freemen and freeholders of the EastWard of the City of New York. Gentlemen, Having had the honor or serving you for three years last past in the office of an assistant, [again offering himself for the office.] [Signed Henry Brevoort. New-

A plan of Boston in New England with its environs, including Milton, Dorchester, Roxbury, Brooklin, Cambridge, Medford, Charlestown, parts of Malden and Chelsea with the military works constructed in those places in the years 1775 and 1776.

Plan of the city of Philadelphia and its environs shewing its defences during the years 1777 & 1778, together with the siege of Mud Island on the River Delaware.

Taxation royal tyranny, or The errors of the American Congress demonstrated by a geometrical axiom. Suppose the congress emitted two years ago thirteen millions, but now the emissions amount to one hundred and eighty millions of congress paper d

Plan, Lake Champlain from Fort St. John's to Ticonderoga, with the soundings, rocks, shoals, and sands, surveyed in the years 1778, 1779.

Plan of New York and Staten Islands with part of Long Island, survey'd in the years 1781, & 82.

To the customers of Thomas's Massachusetts Spy. Kind patrons. The publisher of the Massachusetts Spy was early in life engaged, in the way of his profession, in the service of his country. Sixteen years have now elapsed ... Printing-Office, Worc

A map of the great river St. John & waters (the first ever published) from the Bay of Fundy, up to St. Anns or Frederick's Town; being little known by white people, until 1783; settled by the American Loyalists, then part of Nova Scotia, now called New Brunswick from an actual survey, made in the years 1784, 85, 86 and 87,

Eagle Tavern, corner of Broadway & Hamilton St., Albany. We have leased the Eagle Tavern for a term of years and have cleansed and regenerated it from top to bottom ... Alfred Houghton. late of the Steamboatt Knickerbocker. Peter Acker, late of

United States Army, 1806, Officers Years of Service Newspaper Clipping

... Murder will out !! Truth is mighty and shall prevail! Four years ago I charged General Andrew Jackson, in an address printed and published in Nashville, with various acts of cruelty and dishonesty when acting officially ... [Signed] Jesse Be

Murder will out!! Truth is mighty and shall prevail ! Four years ago I charged General Andrew Jackson, in an address printed and published in Nashville, with various acts of cruelty and dishonesty when acting officially ... Jesse Benton. City Ho

Jehial Bryan's patent Daily account of time for thirty years. Utica. Northway & Porter printers. [c. 1829].

Memory of Washington. People of America! Thirty-six years have rolled away since the body of your beloved Washington was consigned to the humble sepulchre in which it now reposes ... [Washington 1835].

Chart of the Red Sea : comprising the part above Jiddah, on Mercator's Projection, compiled from a stasimetric survey executed in the years 1830, 31, 32 and 33 in the Hon. Company's Ship Palinurus /

Lines, on the death of Asa L. Payne, aged 20 years, who lost his life in attempting to give the alarm of fire by ringing the bell at Waterville, Oneida County, N. Y. Dec. 22, 1838, written by a witness of the scene.

There's nothing like truth. Printed by George Warren, (aged 12 years) with Josiah Warren's Amateur Printing Apparatus. 1839

A sketching party taking their repast, drawn on the spot byJ.R. Smith 1817, and attempted to colour in 1846, 29 years after'd

List of Senators of the General Assembly, of the State of Tennessee, convened at Nashville on the furst Monday in October, 1849 - whose election extends for two years from the second day of August, 1849. Prepared by Ramond B. Sloan, for the memb

[Unidentified man, about 40 years of age and a boy about 14 years of age, full-length portraits, nearly facing front, the man, seated, looking slightly to the left, his arm around the waist of the boy standing to the left, looking slightly to the right]

Slavery! Wanted immediately, 300 able-bodied laborers! Above the age of 25 years to assist the present fire department in working their several machines, for which a liberal compensation will be allowed for their services. Those from the County

Map of Calcutta from actual survey in the years 1847-1849 /

The construction of the Washington national monument, after a suspension of several years, is about to be resumed ... [Washington, D. C. 1859].

Washington Monument as it stood for 25 years.

The Fourth of July. Eighty years ago

Washington Monument as it stood for 25 years.

The Famous jackass "New York City" preparing for another two years' journey

The four years contract and its progress

500,000 men wanted. Every able-bodied male citizen of the Town of Reading, of the age of twenty years and under the age of forty-five years, is requested to meet at Lyceum Hall, in said Reading, on Saturday next, the 23d of July, 1864 at 8 o'clo

Senator William Wallace Eaton, Senator and Representative Conn. B. Conn. 1816- D. Conn. 1898- Admitted to bar - 1837- Member of State H. of R. a no. of years. Speaker of House 1853 & 1873. Member of State Senate 1859. Member of U.S. Senate 1875-81.

Seward. Eight years of service, such as greatest Kings ... A. D. F. R. March 4,1869

Died, near the south-side rail road, on Sunday April 9th, 1865, The Southern Confederacy, aged four years.

Military map showing the marches of the United States forces under command of Maj. Genl. W. T. Sherman, U.S.A., during the years 1863, 1864, 1865.

Died, near the South-side railroad, on Sunday, April 9th, 1865, The Southern Confederacy, aged four years. Conceived in sin, born in iniquity, nurtured by tyranny, died of a chronic attack of punch .... Philadelphia: Jas. B. Rodgers, Pr. 52 & 54

Military map showing the marches of the United States forces under command of Maj. Genl. W. T. Sherman, U.S.A., during the years 1863, 1864, 1865.

The heroes' memorial. A memorial to perpetuate the remembrance of the heroes of the Empire State, who fell fighting for the Union, or died in rebel prisons, in military hospitals or at their homes in the years 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65 / Clay, Cosack & Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

Webster's note and draft calendar for the years 1866, 1867 & 1868. [n. p. c1866].

[Black soldier, Indian war period, Infantry, Co. D with shoulder knots, holding noncom sword, wearing aiguelette, crossed rifles with "D" on kepi, white gloves plus 3 service stripes (i.e. 15 years service)]

Copy of a letter said to have been written by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and found 18 miles from Iconium, 25 years after our blessed Saviour's Crucifixion, Transmitted from the Holy City by a converted Jew, and faithfully translated fro

... Captain L. M. Hamilton, Died, on the field of battle, November 28, 1868. Captain Louis McLane Hamilton, aged 24 years. [Obituary] [Signed] R. M. W. Camp on the North Canadian River, I. T., December 3, 1868.

Circular. Boston Highlands, May 12th, 1869. The undersigned having leased for a term of years, the store recently occupied by Charles D. Leckie ... beg leave to call your attention to the large stock of new goods now offered by them for sale ...

...The undersigned has been for the last ten years extensively engaged in the land and claim agency business ... J. H. H. Woodward. Late Lieut. 1st Reg. Cavalry. Louisville, Ky. Hart & Mapother, prs. [187-].

Riddle, Hon. Haywood Yancey of Tenn. Private in Confederate Army in 1861. The last years on the staff of General Wright and Mackall

[Joseph E. Holmes, Washington, D.C., at 87 years, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right] / C.M. Bell.

The eight years of the war of the American revolution. Chronological table of the American revolution, showing the time and place of each event: with a list of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, arranged in the limits of the thirtee

The Death of St. Patrick, the apostle of Ireland. At the Monastery of Saul in Ulidia, March 17th A.D. 465, aged 78 years

One hundred years!

Philadelphia 100 years ago.

The ballot. dedicated to the Centennial celebration of the United States, in honor of the achievements of the people in the pursuits of the arts of peace and human progression for the period of one hundred years, from 1776 to 1876 by S. A. Holme

A New England kitchen. A hundred years ago / H. W. P.

Virginia one hunderd years ago

Jewelry shops three hundred years ago / AHC [monogram]

To the Army of Northern Virginia after four years of arduous service, ...

Foxhall: Mr. Jas. R. Keene's Bay colt - 3 years, by Alphonso, dam Jamaica, by Lexington ridden by the celebrated english jockey, Geo. Fordham winner of the grand prize of Paris, June 12th, 1881

The saving properties of the solar system! The law of necessity the law of all laws. One thousand billion dollars sun for 25 cents. Six thousand years war with the natural laws. Editor, author and orator, Daniel Pratt, the great American travell

Monopoly in Hades--How the place will be run, two years after Jay Gould's arrival / F. Opper.

Devouring flames. Michigan's old state capitol succumbs to them after thirty-five years of service [1883?].

Soap! Soap! Blaine's only hope! Blaine's funeral died November 4th, 1884. Hon. Jas. G. Blaine, and with him the Republican party, aged 24 years ... Pall bearers, John A. Logan, Jay Gould, Ex. Gov. Cornell, and John I. Davenport. Undertakers, Hon

The four Rips; or, twenty years behind the age / Gillam.

A dancing lesson, one hundred years ago

[Rice terraces carved out of the hillsides hundreds of years ago by Ifuago farmers, Philippine Islands]

[Capt. Isaac Bassett, employee of U.S. Senate for over 60 years, turning back the hands of the Senate clock at close of a session of Congress] / Harry O. Hall.

Twenty years in a bar-room / C.J. Taylor.

Seventy-one years, or, My life with photography. Ocean at Coney Island, Dec. 13, 1896; Grazing sheep, Prospect Park, Oct. 3, 1987

Her choice. The young man's slave (five years later)

After many years / Dalrymple.

Seventy-one years, or, My life with photography. Sheepfold, Prospect Park, Apr. 10, 1898; Cashmere Vale, June 5, 1898

4 years an international success, A guilty mother a play that reaches the heart.

A hundred years ago - the surrender of the French frigate "L'Insurgente" to the U.S.S. "Constellation," Commodore Truxtun, February 9, 1799 / drawn by Clyde O. DeLand.

4 years an international success, A guilty mother a play that reaches the heart.

Czar at 11 years, with unidentified boy

[Elizabeth Tuckerman Salisbury, at 18 years, three-quarter length portrait]

[Elizabeth Tuckerman Salisbury (at 18 years), three-quarter length portrait]

First Hanging in Adana in Many Years

Walter Schumann - Heink, 15 years, photo: Hahn Nachf., Dresden, Ferdinand Str. 11 / Hahn Nachf.

Heinrich Schumann - Heink, 12 years, standing three-quarters, Photographer: A. Mocsigay, Hamburg, Neuerwall 46 / A.

Ralph Adams Starkweather, age 8 years, and father

Czar at 13 years, with his brother (now dead)

Gen. Washington Schumann - Heink, standing with ball, 5 1/4 years, photo: Hahn Nachf., Dresden, Ferdinand Str.

Walter Damrosch, arms folded, 43 years ago

Juanita at 108 years

Map of the Trans-Mississippi of the United States during the period of the American fur trade as conducted from St. Louis between the years 1807 and 1843.

Twenty years after / J.S. Pughe.

Dove Cottage, for years the home of Wordsworth, in poetic Grasmere, England

Round Tower (110 ft. high) and Cross of Monasterboice--Relics of Irish piety 1000 years ago

The Mary Washington Monument, the cornerstone was laid in 1837. It was dedicated 60 years later

Seventy-one years, or, My life with photography. Luna Park at night

Seventy-one years, or, My life with photography. Early morning, Prospect Park

Seventy-one years, or, My life with photography. Dreamland, Coney Island at night, Sept. 6, 1904

"If, after twenty-five years of daily use, all excating people still prefer Ivory soap, why should not I?"

Cabin in which President Roosevelt lived for three years, exhibited in Agricultural Building, World's Fair, St. Louis, Mo.

The cabin in which Theodore Roosevelt lived three years as a ranchman, N. Dakota products in foreground, World's Fair, St. Louis

Geronimo, the famous Apache chieftain, for many years a terror to the early settlers, Worlds Fair, St. Louis, 1904