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The congress / P.E.D. inv. & delin. ; R. Aitkin sculp.

Print shows title page illustration of a female figure, representing America, sitting amidst implements of war.

The congress or the necessary politicians

Print shows two men sitting in a privy, one uses pieces of the "Resolution[s] of the [C]ongress" to clean himself, while the other intently reads "P[amphlet En]titled Taxation [No] Tir[anny]", suggesting that w... more

The hon. John Hancock, Esq. - president of the honourable the Continental Congress

Print shows left profile bust portrait of John Hancock between text on "The Character of a Patriot."

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. - envoy from the American Congress to the French Court

Print shows Benjamin Franklin, three-quarter length portrait, seated at desk, facing right with left arm resting on arm of chair.

B. Franklin, L.L.D. F.R.S. - ambassador from the Congress of America to the Court of France / J. Norman sc.

Print shows Benjamin Franklin, head-and-shoulders portrait, left profile, in oval.

His excy. John Hancock, Esqr., late president of the American congress / J. Norman sculp.

Print shows John Hancock, full-length portrait, seated facing right, with pen appears to be signing a document labeled "To the People of Ireland"; other papers on table and floor are "Resolutions of the Contine... more

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