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Topic: domestic life

23,650 media by topicpage 1 of 237

[Preparing for the first battle]

Print shows a young woman arranging a warrior's hair prior to entering a battle.

Kaya no uchisoto

Print shows a man, woman, and a child resting outside mosquito netting.

Haha to ko

Print shows a mother and her son with an open book; the boy is resting on top of the book, preventing his mother from reading it.

Ito zukuri

Print shows two women preparing silk thread.


Print shows two women with short benches and small baskets, and a young boy; one of the women is picking tea leaves, the other has finished her task and is departing with the young boy.

Ane otōto no isakai

Print shows a young woman and a young boy playing with toys.


Print shows a woman and a child catching crickets.

Kaya no hahako

Print shows a woman breast feeding an infant behind mosquito netting, with a female servant standing next to a large lantern outside the netting.


Print shows two women with a large washtub and a hammock, washing cloth and laying it on the hammock to dry.

Momiji daki

Print shows two women and a man warming tea and making fans during an autumn rain storm.

Taira no Kanemori

Print shows a mother reclining next to her child and an elderly woman sitting nearby.

The pleasures of the married state / W. Proud del. et sculp.

Print shows a family gathering around a table, the husband, seated, is instructing a son who stands next to him with an open book, and the wife, seated opposite, holds an infant daughter, the children mimic the... more


Print shows a man and woman at a low table in a room with open window and view of the landscape; the woman is resting her head on her arms on the table.


Print shows a domestic scene with a man sitting on the floor holding writing implements and Kesa Gozen standing nearby, her hair down, having just washed it, hanging a piece of cloth to dry, also a washbasin near them.


Print shows two women carrying buckets of salt suspended from shoulder poles.

Michiyuki tamagawa no dan

Print shows a man squatting next to a stream with a long piece of cloth in his hands, which he may be washing, and a woman standing next to him, also holding a long piece of cloth. They may be servants of the m... more

Daifukuya no dan

Print shows a man sitting behind a screen watching two women, one holding a long pipe.

Nakasu no geisha

Print shows a woman holding a fan, standing next to a young woman kneeling at a railing.

The sweet delights of love / F.G. Byron, Esqr. delt.

Print shows a depressed-looking husband seated between a baby in a cradle and a complaining wife, as smoke billows from the fire on the right and a bill collector(?) enters a door on the left.

Chōfu no tamagawa

Print shows two women pounding grain outside a building, a child feeding chickens, and a woman sitting at a loom while looking out a window at the two women.


Print shows a woman, a "devoted housewife" sitting next to a brazier.


Print shows two women hanging laundry.

Billy's poll-tax; or, King's place all in an uproar!

Print shows two bare-breasted women in a boudoir, one appears to have been fixing or powdering the hair of the other who sits before a mirror; a box of hair powder has fallen to the floor spilling its contents;... more


Print shows a woman combing the hair of another woman.


Print shows four women spreading mulberry leaves over silkworm cocoons.


Print shows a woman watching as two women brush silkworms off a sheet of paper or cloth into a box.

The Brasilians & their houses / Maguire sculp.

Brazilian family in foreground with dwellings in background.

Kinuta no tamagawa

Print shows a woman daydreaming while leaning on a device for beating cloth; a young boy holding a cage is standing nearby.

Zōshigaya miyage

Print shows a man holding an infant and a woman holding a toy to distract or entertain the child.

Daimyō no okuzashiki

Print shows three women sitting in a room with elaborate wall painting of peacocks.


Print shows a woman working a peepshow box for two children.


Print shows a woman and children at a tea party.


Print shows a domestic scene with a woman carrying a young child on her back, whom she may have been breast feeding, another woman holding a long pipe in her right hand and her left hand covering her mouth, als... more


Print shows a woman sitting with a man who is sewing an umbrella.

Sakana sukui

Print shows two women working a net and two children gathering clams as a third child looks on.


Print shows a man and a woman in domestic setting with bowl of fabric or clay.

Wakana tsumi

Print shows two women gathering spring greens.


Print shows two women(?) carrying baskets and dragging clam(?) rakes as they walk along the shore.


Print shows three women sorting clams by size, with view of Mount Fuji in the background.

Mutamagawa senmen harimaze

Print shows several fans with landscape scenes, a man traveling on horseback, and two women doing laundry or ironing.


Print shows, in the background, Konami sitting inside a building, probably meeting with her lover Rikiya, who is not visible, though the hilt of a sword can be seen through the opening, at center is Wakasanosuk... more


Print shows a woman making silk thread in a room with the sliding panels open to the outdoors, and with a small child on a long leash, crawling toward the opening; portion of a folding screen shows view of Mount Fuji.


Print shows a man and a woman dyeing cloth.


Print shows two woman and a child with baskets of eggs or colored stones.


Print shows two women at wash tubs and a horse feeding in the background.


Print shows two women rolling up carpets.


Print shows a woman working with fabric as a child tries to look over her shoulder.


Print shows a man and a woman in domestic setting with bowl of fabric or clay.

Shisui shinshō

Print shows interior view with three persons waking and stretching at sunrise.


Print shows two women, one nursing an infant behind mosquito netting.

Hatsu ishō o kiru kodomo

Print shows two women dressing a young boy.

Mr. Bryan's washerwomen, Dry River

Drawing shows women washing clothes in tubs.

Water hole, Dry River

Drawing shows women with wash tubs, probably doing laundry.


Print shows three women with buckets suspended from shoulder poles gathering salt from the sea with the sun setting behind them.

A peasant smoaking Le paysan fumeur / / painting by R. Westall R.A. ; engraved by H.R. Cook.

Print shows an elderly man leaning through a dutch door, looking into the courtyard, smoking a pipe; ceramic containers are on a bench against the side of the building.

Kawa de no sentaku

Print shows four women at river's edge washing clothes; one woman has pulled out a piece of cloth which a crab has caught hold of, attracting the attention of a young child who dashes toward the water.


Print shows a woman sitting by a trunk and a large lantern, putting hairpins in her hair.

Takuhatsusō to araihari wo suru onna

Print shows a woman with long strips of cloth in a large wooden tray, from a kimono that has been taken apart for cleaning, she is preparing them to be either washed or dried and stretched; another woman standing nearby.

Yuki no ashita

Print shows an upper class woman standing near a well and two women, possibly servants, getting water at the well.


Print shows three women with buckets and shoulder poles gathering salt at dawn.


Print shows a woman weaving at a loom.

Hagatame yoshi

Print shows a woman cutting food on a low table.

Notice: I hereby forewarn all persons against crediting my wife, Delilah McConnell ...

Bilingual notice in English and Cherokee stating that William McConnell will no longer pay the debts of his wife Delilah McConnell as she has left him.


Print shows an oharame from Ohara carrying bundles of reeds on her head and leading an ox laden with bundles of reeds.

Old Mother Hubbard [nursery rhyme]

Print shows Old Mother Hubbard and her dog in a series of vignettes corresponding to the text of the nursery rhyme.

Kameido umeyashiki

Print shows a family within the bamboo walls of a riverside villa.

Onden no suisha

Print shows women doing laundry at a waterwheel; Mount Fuji in the background.


Print shows a woman hanging gourd shavings to dry and another appears to be cutting large gourds as a traveler passes the Minakuchi station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Une dame brésilienne dans son intérieur / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Ch. Wolfe.

Illustration showing interior with woman sewing, girl reading, and black servants and infants sitting on floor, one servant carrying drink on tray.

Pauvre famille dans sa maison ; Menuisier allant s'installer, transport de feuilles d'aloès / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succrs. de Engelmann & Cie.

Illustrations showing poor family at home; black carpenter carrying tools to his shop and man carrying bundle of aloe leaves on his head.

Tori no machi no kaimono

Print shows a woman with her head covered by cloth followed by a man carrying a sack on his back, possibly returning from the harvest festival on the day of the rooster.

To married women - Madame Restell, female physician

Advertisment in the New York herald newspaper for "preventative powders for married ladies, whose health forbids too rapid increase of family."

Mrs. Bird, female physician To the Ladies--Madame Costello.

Two advertisments from the New York sun newspaper. Mrs. Bird offers pills for treatment of menstrual irregularity and Madame Costello offers help to women who want to be treated for "obstruction of their month... more

The happy family / mezzotint by Sartain expressly for Miss Leslie's Magazine.

Print shows a family gathered in a parlor for tea; seated at a table are the father, holding a book and with a young daughter leaning on his knee, and the mother, pouring tea, also present are another daughter ... more

Kaga no Chiyojo

Print shows a woman, Chiyojo, full-length portrait, facing right, carrying a wooden bucket.


Print shows a woman with a child playing with a marionette.

French periodical pills - Warranted to have the desired effect in all cases

Advertisment by Dr. L. Monroe in the Boston daily times newspaper for "French periodical pills" for regulation of "the monthly turns of females." Advertisement advises that "ladies married should not take them ... more


Print shows two women(?), one carrying a tray of rice or grain on her head and the other is holding a parasol from which wooden cooking utensils are hanging. Mishima is the 12th station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Een waterplaats in Neder Californie

Mexican mestizo women washing clothes and carrying water jars on their heads, by a watering hole, as man stands next to them, California.

Momiji to onna

Print shows a woman holding three rolls of cloth or paper standing beneath a maple tree next to a stream.

Dr. Wieland's celebrated sugar worm lozenges / A. Kollner's Lithy. Phila.

Patent medicine label illustrated with people working in factory(?) and family in living room.

Kemp's vegetable pastilles for expelling worms from the system / lith. of Snyder, Black & Sturn 92 William St. New York.

Print shows an interior scene in a parlor, with a man offering pills to a woman who is sitting in a chair with an infant on her lap.

Ijin yashiki ryōri no zu

Japanese print shows men working in the kitchen of a foreign settlement house in Japan.

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