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Topic: farms

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The province of New Jersey, divided into east and west, commonly called the Jerseys / engraved & published by Wm. Faden.

Print shows a cartouche of a New Jersey scene of trees, a fox, and a farm in the background.

[A farm at Egmont harbor, Prince Edward Island]

Print shows a farm on Prince Edward Island at Egmont Harbor; detail of insert from chart of Egmont Harbor.

Perspective view of the country between Wilmington and the Delaware - taken from the hill S.W. of the academy

Print shows panoramic view of farms and farmland with the Delaware River in the background.

View upon the road from New-Windsor, towards, Morris Town, Jersey

Print shows a tree stump in the foreground, a man tending a cow on the roadway, and a farm in the background, along the road from New Windsor, New York, to Morristown, New Jersey.

The seat of Henry Livingston Esqr. at Poughkeepsie / Tiebout s.

Print shows the estate of Henry Livingston on the banks of the either the Delaware or Schuylkill rivers.

Eden vale, in Waltham / J. Edes del. ; S. Hill sculp.

Print shows a bucolic farm setting in Waltham, Massachusetts.

A view of the falls of Schuylkill, 5 miles from Philadelphia / J. Hoffman del. ; C. Tiebout.

Print shows the Schuylkill River with houses and farms along the banks.

A view at Pahaquarric, Sussex County, New Jersey / drawn on the spot by I. Hoffman ; Scoles sc.

Print shows view of countryside with log buildings in Sussex County, New Jersey.

A view, at Minisink, New-Jersey / drawn on the spot by I. Hoffman ; Scoles sculp.

Print shows view of countryside with farm buildings along roadway in New Jersey.

View on the Delaware / by Rubens Peale.

Print shows a view of the Delaware River from an elevated vantage point with pine trees in the foreground, the Delaware River, and in the distance, pasture land and farm buildings.

Andrew resolute Uncle Sam's faithful teamster, taking the produce of the farms, to another storehouse; and giving Uncle Sam his, reasons for so doing

The artist supports Andrew Jackson's decision to withdraw federal funds from the Bank of the United States and distribute them among various state banks. Henry Clay and Bank president Nicholas Biddle's efforts... more

N.W. view of the mansion of George Washington. Mount Vernon / lith. by P. Haas, Washington City.

Print shows an exterior view of the house and outbuildings at Mount Vernon, with two men talking in the foreground.

[Hunting dogs at the Imperial Farms at Kağıthane]

Two men hold the leashes of hunting dogs.

Uncle Sam's neglected farm / J. Keppler.

Print shows Puck's "Independent Party" figure, holding a hoe labeled "Civil Service Reform" and talking to Uncle Sam who is sitting on a fence while two figures argue on the right, one is labeled "Democrat, Bou... more

Lakeside Ranch Lassoing a cow.

Photograph showing cowboys roping cow in pasture with cattle grazing.

Equitable mortgage company

Print of advertisement for the Equitable Mortgage Company showing a bird's-eye view of farm house, barn, pasture lands, and men haying.

Lakeside Ranch A natural pasture.

Photograph showing cattle grazing in pastures with cowboys nearby; irrigation canal divides pastures.

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