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Debarkation station aboard a transport bound for Salerno. "H" hour approaches, this time at Salerno. Assault craft are swung to deck level for loading and lowering into the sea. As flares are dropped from enemy planes and Allied naval and air bombardment shatters the coast, troops take their assigned debarkation stations
Freight operations on the Indiana Harbor Belt railroad between Chicago, Illinois and Hammond, Indiana. Fuses (flares) are used for signaling at twilight and when visibility is otherwise poor
Bar Harbour, Maine. Civil Air Patrol base headquarters of coastal patrol no. 20. Officer checking the safety gear, which includes a rubber boat, a "Mae West" life preserver, flares, see andho, patching equipment for mending machine gun holes in the boat, a Very pistol, a flash light with red lens, and a dye bag which is broken when in the water to facilitate detection by rescue planes