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Topic: fort

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The figure of the Indians' fort or palizado in New England and the manner of the destroying it by Captayne Underhill and Captayne Mason / RH.

The village of the Pequot Indians which was attacked and destroyed by Captain Underhill and Captain Mason in 1637.

An explanation on the prospect draft of the Fort William and Mary on Piseatagua [sic] River in yr. province of New Hampshire on the continent of America

Drawing shows Fort William and Mary on the Piscataqua River with surrounding landscape and buildings in "the town of New Castle on the Great Island"; many features are identified by letter with corresponding ke... more

An east view of Fort Royal in the Island of Guadaloupe Vue du Fort Royal, dans l'Isle de Guadaloupe, du Cote de l'Est / / drawn on the spot by Lieut. Arch. Campbell Engineer ; engraved by Peter Mazell.

Print showing a view of Fort Royal on the coast of the Island of Guadeloupe with soldiers relaxing in the foreground, ships at sea, and sun rising in the background.

View of Fort William

Topographical drawing shows Fort William on an island near Boston Neck in Massachusetts in 1770. The fort, Neck, lighthouse and a ship sailing out of the harbor are all identified.

A view of the harbour of Boston taken from Fort Hill

Print shows tents and wooden fence in foreground and Boston Harbor in the background.

The attack on the fort on Sulivan's Island the 28 June 1776 / painted by Henry Gray.

Drawing shows British ships firing on Fort Sullivan on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina.

Lady Betty Besom, Bath / Matt[?] Darly fect. ag fort.

Caricature showing Juliana Popjoy, aka Lady Betty Besom, riding sidesaddle as she leaps over a wall, "The sacred Boundary of Discretion." We see only her enormous wig from behind.

Siege du Fort S. Philippe / dessiné par le Paon peintre de S.A.S. Mgr. le Prince de Conde ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Académie Impèriale et Royale de Vienne &c.

Print shows the bombardment of Fort St. Philip on the island of Minorca during the siege of the fort by French and Spanish forces, French Lt. General Duc de Crillon watches in the foreground. Includes descripti... more

A view of Fort Robertdeau, in Sinking-Spring Valley, state of Pennsylvania

Print shows Fort Robertdeau at the lead mines in Sinking Spring Valley in Pennsylvania.

Reveil du Tiers Etat, ma feinte, il doit tems que je me revillise, car l'opression de mes fers me donnions le cochemar un peu trop fort

Clergyman and aristocrat recoiling from figure representing Third Estate, who is picking up chains and guns; storming of the Bastille in background.

A view of the saw-mill & block house upon Fort Anne Creek, the property of Genl. Skeene, which on Genl. Burgoyne's army advancing, was set fire to, by the Americans

Print shows a sawmill belonging to loyalist Philip Skene and the blockhouse at Fort Anne which were burned by American forces, reteating in advance of the British army under the command of General Burgoyne.

Carte des Environs du Fort Pitt et de la Nouvelle Province Indiana

Topographic map showng Western Maryland, northwestern Virginia, northern West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, and southeastern Ohio, 1791.

Fort Washington

Fort Washington, with Native Americans and settlers in foreground.

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