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Topic: galleries and museums

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The encampment in the museum garden MDCCLXXX / N' P. Sandby f.

Print showing men, women, and children on the lawn in the museum garden, building on the left, and the tents of a military encampment, on the right.

The matrons in hanging-sleeves: or, The enquirer into nature - a satyr

Print shows women and children of all ages viewing exhibits at the "Wax-works" and "see a Womb, to hear fine Lectures, read on Generation, and all the Arts explain'd of Procreation ..."; in a large display case... more

The Smithsonian Institution

Engraving showing people standing in groups on the lawn and sidewalks at the front entrance to the Smithsonian Institute.

Main entrance, north front, Smithsonian Institution / W. Wade del.

Photographic reproduction of a lithograph showing people standing at the front entrance to the Smithsonian Institution castle.

Second street museum of living animals now exhibiting at 281 North 2d St., between Callowhill and Willow streets / Scott, Printer, 12 Hudson's Alley, Philadelphia.

Print shows an advertisement for the Second Street Museum of Living Animals depicting "Romulus, the fighting California grizzly bear" in a fight against "Napoleon 4th", a large bull, on April 8, 1853. The adver... more

Vienna, the Arsenal

Front left view of Arsenal Museum and grounds.

Vienna. Arsenal museum

View of Museum showing arches and statues.

Munich. National Museum

Facade of the Bavarian National Museum.

Madrid. Fachada meridional del Museo con la estatua de Murillo / J. Laurent. Madrid.

South facade of Prado Museum with statue of Murillo on right.

Smithsonian Institution, Wash., D.C.

Photograph shows the Smithsonian Institution building from the northeast with spectators in the driveway and seated on the grass. Photograph taken before Jan. 1865 when a major fire destroyed parts of the building.

The National Gallery / By Valentine Blanchard.

Stereograph shows horse-drawn carriages and people walking in front of the National Gallery, London, England.

Burning of the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, January 24, 1865 / sketched by Philip Wharton.

Wood engraving showing the Smithsonian Institution engulfed in flames.

Musée arabe - Salle des vases et ornements en pieces / Bonfils.

Museum room with urns on floor and fragments of tablets on shelves, large lamp? hanging from ceiling.

Le Caire. Entré du [....] / Bonfils.

Hallway with chandeliers and two pieces of furniture, probably inside the Museum of Arab Art, Cairo.

Canada--Yukon Territory--Dawson / Wolfe photo, Dawson, Y.T.

Two men standing next to "primeval ox head" and "mastodon tusk" in museum setting with other bones and artifacts.

The universal church of the future - from the present religious outlook / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows an interior view of a hall in a museum with four men sitting quietly beneath a shelf of "Books of Religious Reference"; there is a small crowd gathered before them. Further along the hall is ... more

The national dime-museum - will be run during the presidential campaign / Gillam.

Illustration shows a gallery of presidential candidates, clockwise, from bottom left: John Kelly as a card-playing pig, Chester A. Arthur as "The Snake Charmer" charming a snake labeled "Stalwart Vote" with a h... more

The popular tendency to rail at wealth is not entirely justified / Ehrhart.

Print shows a vignette cartoon with a group of working class individuals complaining about the selfish accumulation of wealth by a small percentage of society; the surrounding vignettes illustrate the philanthr... more

Detroit Museum of Art

Historic Sites

U.S. Smithsonian Institute - interior view

Dinosaur skeleton and stuffed animals.

Library, portrait gallery and museum room in west wing

Photograph shows room with book shelves, desk, display case, and framed pictures on the wall at the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, Kansas.

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