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De joinville quadrilles
The cockney's travels - Edgar Bateman

The cockney's travels - Edgar Bateman

Lead sheet enclosed. Printed in USA in 1896.

Summer holidays rondo
Jack, musical notation
Rebecca of Sunny- Brook farm
Air du Stabat Mater de Rossini
The two languages
La chasse au cerf, op. 61, no. 4
Arlequinade, op. 32
Condellied, op. 56
The angel at the window
The bird and the maiden
Pearls of dew, op. 77
Ernani opera de Verdi, op. 113
La Nubienne chanson negre, op. 91
Only waiting
Dandy Sandy

Dandy Sandy

For piano

Mèlodie tiree des chants du voyageur, op. 8, no. 3
Dearest, then I'll lvoe you more
Donizetti Troisième fantaisie en forme de potpourri sur des motifs
Valse pur le pianoforte
Beethoven - Farewell to the piano
Mack's serenade
Love never dies. Alfred Scott Gatty
Chimes at twilight
In the twilight grey
Farewell, musical notation
La cerrito polka
The yeoman's wedding song
Beautiful blue Danube waltz, op. 34
Sylphen Reigen, op. 19, no. 2
Bird that came in spring
Ladies cavalcade quickstep
Impromptu, op. 306, no. 2
Marche du sultan, op. 69, no. 1
The buccaneer
The woodland stream
Goodbye Charlie
Paul and Virginia
Hand in hand
Donizetti La fille du regiment. Ferdinand Beyer
And so will I
Cuckoo nest, op. 36
Deux nocturnes
Coming home
The bend of the river
Glittering spray
Three o'clock march
The contemplations: why, op. 54, no. 2
Air Montagnard, by Ja James Bellak
She may be happy with riches
Wohlauf Kameraden, op. 150
L' amour

L' amour

For piano Incomplete

Nancy Lee
Annie of Tharaw
Who treads the path of duty
Il desiderio

Il desiderio

For piano

C'est une fille charmante que j'aime, op. 5 - Brinley Richards
Valse, op. 34, no. 1
Die Forella, op. 33
Jessie Mowbray
Donizetti La Favorite de Donizetti, Angel of Heaven, no. 2
Best of all
Moonlight nights, op. 82, no. 12
Train Eclair, op. 40
Fille de madame Angot quadrille, op. 110
Czerny's new introductory exercises written to pre
My pretty gazelle
Glover's ballad waltz, by Ja James Bellak
Enna waltz

Enna waltz

For piano

Donizetti Belisario, op. 463, no. 1
Castles in the air
Rondeau sur un motif de l'opera Guillaume Tell, op
Mia Piccirella
The cork leg
My almond-eyed boy
Loved eyes look on thee too
Johann Strauss - Freuden-Grüsse, op. 105, no. 73
The slave chase
In the land of long ago. Louis Diehl
Rêverie, op. 64
I'm a merry Zingara
Watch & wait
Jerusalem, musical notation
The old sexton
Schubert's sérénade
Maid of Ganges
By rippling brook!
Dawn of love mazurka
That's the sort of man I am
The child's dream
La Florentine

La Florentine

For piano

Trios chansons polonaises, op. 173, no. 1,2,3
Waldröslein von Weiss, op 102, no. 4
En avant, op. 185
Swedish wedding march
Souvenir de Martha, op. 34
La Gitana, op. 20, no. 6
She sang among the flowers
The light of other days

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