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De joinville quadrilles
The cockney's travels

The cockney's travels

Lead sheet enclosed. Printed in USA in 1896.

Summer holidays rondo
Beautiful blue Danube waltz, op. 34
Farewell to the piano
La fille du regiment
Air Montagnard
La cerrito polka
Glittering spray
Pearls of dew, op. 77
Paul and Virginia
Three o'clock march
Chimes at twilight
Cuckoo nest, op. 36
Deux nocturnes
Valse pur le pianoforte
Arlequinade, op. 32
Condellied, op. 56
Rêverie, op. 64
Glover's ballad waltz
Swedish wedding march
En avant, op. 185
Lied aus Preciosa
L' amour

L' amour

For piano Incomplete

Enna waltz

Enna waltz

For piano

Valse, op. 34, no. 1
Dawn of love mazurka
La Florentine

La Florentine

For piano

Nancy Lee
La Gitana, op. 20, no. 6
Solid South

Solid South

For piano

Schubert's sérénade
Die Forella, op. 33