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[Congress voting the Declaration of Independence]

Print shows men gathered in the Assembly Room in the Pennsylvania State House (now called Independence Hall), Philadelphia. Completed figures include John Adams, Roger Sherman, James Wilson and Thomas Jefferson... more

America guided by wisdom An allegorical representation of the United States depicting their independence and prosperity / / Drawn by John J. Barralett ; engraved by B. Tanner.

Allegorical print shows America as a woman in Grecian dress and feathered helmut with Roman deities Minerva, Ceres, and Mercury to symbolize wisdom, commerce, and agriculture. To their right is a triumphal arch... more

Henry Clay, late Speaker of the United States House of Representatives; the advocate of South American independence / painted by Charles King ; engraved by Peter Maverick, New York.

Print shows Henry Clay, three-quarter length portrait, sitting at a table, facing right, holding a document dated "February 10th, 1821" presented to "Congress" as a resolution of support for the "Independence" ... more

Funeral thoughts, excited by the death of John Adams and Thos. Jefferson on the Fourth of July, 1826, the jubilee of independence

Broadside publ. in Boston following the deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, July 4, 1826.

God save American. A grand national ode in honor of the glorious anniversary of American independence . . .

A patriotic device adorning the cover of a song arranged and adapted from "God Save the King." The device is based on the official seal of the United States. An eagle with outstretched wings holds arrows and ol... more

Declaration of Independence - in Congress July 4th 1776 / engraved by Geo. G. Smith.

Print shows the text with signatures of the Declaration of Independence within a wreath at the top of which are portraits in medallions of the first twelve presidents, from George Washington through Zachary Tay... more

First reading of the Declaration of Independence in New York / A.R. Waud.

Crowd around George Washington on horseback in foreground.

Portraits and autograph signatures of the framers and signers of the Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia, July 4th. 1776 / Thos. Hunter, lith. Philada.

Print showing bust portraits of most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, includes facsimile signatures, vignettes showing the Liberty Bell and military weapons, as well as views of the "State Hou... more

The Tocsin of liberty: rung by the state house bell, (Independence Hall;) Philadelphia, July 4th. 1776

Print shows a man ringing the Liberty Bell while crowds in the background cheer.

In remembrance of the one hundredth anniversary of the independence of the United States

Print showing Columbia sitting on a throne on a pedestal above the words, "And the star spangled banner in triumph still waves o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave." Cameo portraits of all presid... more

The Irish declaration of independence that we are all familiar with / F. Opper.

Illustration shows a scene in a kitchen with a petite woman imploring her muscular Irish cook to continue in her duties; the cook shakes her fist in defiance.

A new declaration of independence in the year 1885 / Gillam.

Illustration shows President Cleveland standing at a table, his right hand on a long document labeled "Declaration of Independence July 4th 1885" that trails off the table, stating "When, in the course of human... more

[Washington, DC - Bartholdi Fountain at 1st and Independence Ave., SW]

Icicles on the fountain; Capitol in the background.

Rear of Independence Hall

Stereograph of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, with children riding tricycles.

"Independence Day" of the future / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows a future 4th of July celebration where women have gained suffrage and equality; it shows young and old women ringing a bell labeled "Equal Rights", as women emerge from underground and participate i... more

The restoration of Independence Hall, Philadelphia

5 images of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, including colonial arch and vestibule on second floor, banquet hall after restoration, view from 5th Street, the old belfry, and the front elevation after restoration.

[Five-person drafting committee of the Declaration of Independence presenting the document to Congress on June 28, 1776] / Marsh sc.

Print after painting by John Trumbull shows John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert R. Livingston, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin standing before John Hancock as members of Congress observe, Philadelphia, Pe... more

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