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Topic: kansas

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Liberty, the fair maid of Kansas--in the hands of the "border ruffians"

A bitter indictment of the Democratic administration's responsibility for violence and bloodshed in Kansas in the wake of the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act. (See also "Forcing Slavery Down the Throat of a Freesoiler... more

Ho! For the Kansas Plains

Music cover showing Indian and settler with inset scene of battle between pro- and anti-slavery forces. Composer: Jas. G. Clark.

The "mustang" team

The abolitionist Republican presidential ticket and its supporters in the press are the targets of the cartoon. Candidate Fremont, wearing an emigrant's smock and carrying a cross (an allusion to his rumored Ca... more

The buck chase of 1856

Democratic candidate James Buchanan, as a buck deer, crosses the finish line of a racecourse ahead of competitors Millard Fillmore and John C. Fremont. Spectators cheer in the stands behind. Fillmore appears a... more

Great Kansas meeting at St. Louis, Missouri / [from a photograph by Fitzgibbons].

Crowd at public meeting on question of slavery in Kansas in front of the courthouse, St. Louis, Missouri.

Forcing slavery down the throat of a freesoiler

The artist lays on the Democrats the major blame for violence perpetrated against antislavery settlers in Kansas in the wake of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Here a bearded "freesoiler" has been bound to the "Democr... more

Ho! For the Kansas plains

An illustrated sheet music cover for an antislavery song, dedicated to abolitionist spokesman Henry Ward Beecher. The illustration features a roundel illustration of the burning of the Free State Hotel in Lawre... more

Sketches of Lecomptonism [no. 2]

Four designs for magic lantern slides, images 2, 3, and two unnumbered showing men standing on a platform before a crowd, the flag of the United States and a devil behind them, as a man below approaches them wi... more

Sketches of Lecomptonism [no. 1]

Four designs for magic lantern slides, images 1, 5, 4 and 7 showing the clearing of the first settlement, the devil introducing slavery into the colony, the devil flying away as slaves are freed and whites sett... more

The governor's mansion, Lecompton, Kansas Territory

Men on horseback outside a log building.

Colton's Kansas and Nebraska.

Detailed map showing cities and towns, county boundaries, roads, and the railroad network.

Stephen finding his mother

Northern Democratic presidential candidate Stephen A. Douglas was widely criticized for his campaign tours of the country--an unusual practice for a presidential nominee. In an attempt to evade such opprobrium ... more

Map of the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad and its connections published by the American Railway Review, New York.

Township map of northern Missouri and parts of Kansas and Illinois showing rivers, place names, railroads, and the land grant to the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad. Profile of the railroad is shown across botto... more

W.W. Wright, Chf. Eng. & [...] Mil. RRds.

Photograph showing William Wierman Wright (1824-1882), engineer, seated outdoors at a desk with map and drafting equipment. Wright was engineer and superintendent of Aquia Creek Railroad (1862-1863), head of th... more

Strong's dime caricatures. No. 2, Little Bo-Peep and her foolish sheep

The second in a series of caricatures criticizing the secession of several Southern states from the Union during the last months of the Buchanan administration. Here the young nursery-rhyme shepherdess Bo-Peep ... more

The ruins of Lawrence, Kansas / sketched by a correspondent.

Print shows ruins of buildings in Lawrence, Kansas, following attack by William Quantrill and his Confederate raiders.

Map of Kansas and Nebraska.

Township map showing drainage, cities and towns, location of the land grant railroads and indicating the 10-, 20-, & 25-mile limits of grants. Shows land offices and the Surveyor General's office.

Scenes and incidents of the Great Indian Council, at Medicine Lodge Creek, Kansas / from sketches by our special artist, Jas. E. Taylor.

Seven illustrations depicting events during peace negotiations between Native Americans and representatives of the U.S. government.

[The Kansas row]

Cartoon shows a Puritan rolling up his sleeves to fight a Cavalier (with features strongly resembling Senator Stephen Douglas), who is kicking African Americans in Kansas back across a fence into Missouri and s... more

A new sectional map of the state of Kansas showing the route of the Union Pacific Railway--E. D. to Denver City. Col. and complete system of projected rail roads. Information compiled & collected from departments of the government at Washington, D.C. and other authentic sources by W. J. Keeler, C. E. 1867.

Detailed township and county map showing drainage. Relief by hachures, salt marshes, and minerals in inset only. Includes Indian reservations, roads and railroads, and the land grants of the Union Pacific in Ka... more

Comanche Indians on the way to the Great Council on Medicine Lodge Creek, Monday, Oct. 16

Indians on horseback with Comanche supply wagon in rear of the train, followed by Colonel Smoot's outfit.

Scalped on the plains incidents in Mormon history.

Photograph shows two men, one wearing military uniform and holding reins of horse, kneeling next to a dead man's body.

Engagement of Colonel Forsyth's command with the Indians at Small Island, September 17, 1868

Battle between Indians and Colonel Forsyth and his men at Small Island, Kansas.

Map of South Pacific Rail Road Co. of Missouri.

Outline map of Arkansas and parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas showing drainage, counties, cities and towns, finished and projected railroads with names along the lines.

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