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Topic: mississippi river

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[View of the battle near Chalmettes plantation, Jan. 8, 1815]

Print shows a bird's-eye view of the battlefield printed above a key identifying the essential features, with the Mississippi River in the foreground.

All the West going for Matty

A Whig cartoon spoofing Democratic claims of Western support for Van Buren during the election of 1840. Pursued by animals from the "Alleghany Mountains" and the Mississippi River, including among others a buf... more

Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic], with proposed extension to Cleveland, Wooster, Sandusky, Toledo, Cincinnati; Michigan City, Chicago, Galena, Rock Island, St. Louis, &a; in connection with the public works of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Covers area between Massachusetts and Virginia and west to the Mississippi River. Shows "finished" and "proposed" railroads. A mileage chart entitled "Rail Road Routes from Seaboard to the Interior" appears at ... more

Bloomington, Iowa / painted and litho. by J.C. Wild.

Print shows five men with two horses in a flatboat, a man in a rowboat, small sailboats, and steamboats, one named "Iowa Falcon", on the Mississippi River passing Muscatine, Iowa, with a view of the city showin... more

A new map for travelers through the United States of America showing the railroads, canals & stage roads with the distances,

A detailed general map of the eastern half of the United States, framed in decorative borders, with most of the details east of the Mississippi River. Indicates drainage, state boundaries and shows many cities... more

A new map of the United States. Upon which are delineated its vast works of internal communication, routes across the continent &c. showing also Canada and the Island of Cuba,

Detailed general map of the eastern half of the United States indicating drainage, state boundaries, state and county capitals, cities and towns, common roads, the "Oregon Route," canals, and railroads. One of... more

Map of the proposed Northern Route for a railroad to the Pacific.

Outline map of the United States showing drainage, state boundaries, major cities, and names of states, with state population figures. Western states show topography by hachures. Some major rail lines are shown... more

H. V. Poor's rail road map showing particularly the location and connections of the North East & South West Alabama Rail Road, by E. D. Sanford, Civil Engineer.

Covers the United States from the Mississippi River east, and from Maine to northern Florida. Includes drainage, relief by hachures, place names, state boundaries, canals, and the railroad network.

Map of routes for a Pacific railroad, compiled to accompany the report of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, sec. of war.

Outline sketch map of the United States west of the Mississippi River designed to show the relationship of the proposed railroad routes. First edition of the map appears in U.S. War Department, Report of the Se... more

View fo the lake & north west-connections with Philadelphia.

Indicates railroads in the Great Lakes region, south to the Ohio River, and from New York State to the Mississippi River. Shows proposed railroads as far west as the Missouri River.

Map showing route of Norfolk & Petersburg Rail Road and its connections with Ohio & Mississippi Rivers, William Mahone, Chief Engineer, F. Bourquin & Co., Philada.

Map of the eastern United States between the Chesapeake Bay and the Mississippi River. Shows drainage, place names and the railroad network. Chartered March 17, 1851. Line completed in 1858. consolidated in Apr... more

Transatlantic sketches--the Mississippi River

Wood engravings showing three views of the Mississippi River, captioned: 1. Down the lower Mississippi--from the Baton Rouge; 2. Voyageurs ascending the lower Mississippi; 3. Woodchopper's hut, lower Mississippi.

Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean; ordered by Jeff' Davis, Secretary of War to accompany the reports of the explorations for a railroad route.

Very detailed map of the United States west of the Mississippi River indicating drainage, relief by hachures, cities and towns, forts, trails, wagon roads, and routes of exploration. An important map of western... more

Scene on the upper Mississippi (Am Ober-Mississippi)

Two steamboats and raft in foreground.

U.S. gunboat Lexington [i.e. Tyler] - Mississippi River Fleet

Photograph shows a Union timberclad, the U.S.S. Tyler.

U.S. gunboat Tyler - Mississippi River Fleet

Photograph shows a Union timberclad, the U.S.S. Tyler.

Lloyd's American railroad map.

Covers area east of the Mississippi River. Omits most of Florida and northern Maine. Indicates "railroads in running order." [From published bibliography]

Jefferson Davis' house, Hurricane [i.e. Davis] Island, Miss.

Photograph shows Brierfield, the plantation home of Jefferson Davis on what was known as Davis Bend, now Davis Island, about 20 miles down the Mississippi River from Vicksburg, Mississippi (source website Missi... more

The war on the Mississippi River - night expedition to island no. 10 ... / from a sketch by our special artist, Mr. H. Lovie.

Print shows Union troops spiking Confederate guns on Island No. 10 at night during a violent storm.

Commodore Farragut's squadron and Captain Porter's mortar fleet entering the Mississippi River / sketched by an Officer of the "Mississippi".

Print shows a large squadron of battleships and ironclads entering the Mississippi River near the "Light-house of Southwest Pass"; some are identified as the "Colorado, 40 Guns", "Pensacola on the Bar", "Westfi... more

Map showing the defenses of the Mississippi below New Orleans and Farragut's attack 24 April 1862.

Map shows the Confederate fortifications at Fort Jackson under Gen. Duncan, Fort St. Philip and the Union fleet along the Mississippi River. This map, also shows the positions of Union ships under Farragut, who... more

The CARONDELET running the gauntlet at Island No. 10

Ironclad under artillery bombardment from Island No. 10 in Mississippi River, Missouri, April 6, 1862.

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