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Topic: mountain

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[Offering to the mountain spirits]

Drawing shows a person, cleric, shaman, or citizen, standing beneath a pine tree on the edge of a cliff, making an offering and burning incense for the mountain gods; an attendant stands behind holding a fan on... more

Miss Nelson as the Mountain Sylph

Miss Nelson in dancing costume, standing on tiptoe, on one foot, on ball and holding wand.

A mountain ramble

Men and women walking along trail through wooded hills with waterfall to the right.

The mountain in labor

The artist employs Aesop's fable about the mountain which was said to be in labor, its dreadful groans attracting expectant crowds only to be disappointed when it issued forth a small mouse. Here the mountain i... more

Map of the railroads & canals connecting the coal estate of the Broad Mountain Improvement Co., with the Atlantic &c.

Outline map indicating the railroad network in central Pennsylvania, parts of Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

Mr. La Mountain's aerial voyage - the descent of the balloon

John La Moutnain's balloon voyage with John Wise and Gager from St. Louis to Rochester, 1859.

American Fall and ice mountain

People and horse on ice, Niagara Falls, New York.

Twin Sister Rock on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Photograph shows three soldiers atop rocks.

"The home guard" White Mountain rangers

Stereograph shows a group of women kneeling and standing in formation, holding long pointed sticks or spears, forming a unit of "home guards".

Battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee November 24th, 1863.

Oriented with the Tennessee River to the top and the East Tennessee Railroad to the east, image gives details of the difficult terrain surrounding the Confederate position on Lookout Mountain. Dotted lines sho... more

View of Table Rock on Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

Photograph shows two men in uniform standing in front of Table Rock, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.

General McCallum on Lookout Mountain

Genl. Daniel C. McCallum and Capt. Hurlbut, seated on top of Lookout Mountain, full-length

The Rebel General Joseph E. Johnston The ascent of Gauley Mountain, in western Virginia, by the Twelfth Ohio Regiment / / M. Nevin.

Two illustrations: head-and-shoulders portrait of Rebel Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, facing slightly left; and Twelfth Ohio Regiment climbing mountain.

Plan of the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia, August 9th, 1862.

The newly-organized Union Army of Virginia under Gen. John Pope had as its mission to draw Lee's focus and forces away from the defense of Richmond. To that end, the army began moving toward Gordonsville in Jul... more

The Battle of South Mountain Md. showing positions at Fox's and Turner's Gaps, Sept. 14th 1862.

This very detailed map shows South Mountain, Turner's and Fox's gaps, and their relationships to Boonsboro and Frost town, Md. The locations of roads and buildings, many identified by owner, are included.

The Battle of Crampton's Gap 5 miles south of Turner's Gap, South Mountain, Md. September 14th 1862.

A regional view of South Mountain in Frederick County, Md., showing the location of Crampton's Gap in relation to Sharpsburg, Middletown, Burkittsville, and Brownsville, Md. Illustrates the position of Confeder... more

Map of Cedar Mountain and vicinity - and battle.

Shows the area of Cedar Mountain, Culpeper County, Va., to the north and Gordonsville to the south. Fredericksburg and Stannardsville are also indicated.

Map of the position at Turner's Gap. South Mountain.

Shows the area between Turner's Gap and Boonsboro, Md., on September 14, 1862, as the Confederate forces advanced on Harper's Ferry and the Union Army moved to head them off at South Mountain.

[Union troops on rocks climbing to the summit of Lookout Mountain] / J.B. Linn & Co., photographers, Point Lookout, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

Photograph shows soldiers climbing cliff to plant 8th Kentucky Infantry Regiment battle flag on the summit of Lookout Mountain during the battle on November 24, 1863.

Plan of the Battle of Lookout Mountain. Fought November 24th-25th, 1863.

The northern end of Lookout Mountain is the center point of this image, with the town of Wauhatchie and Lookout Creek to the left and Chattanooga Creek to the right. The Union forces are shown in the vicinity o... more

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