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Topic: national

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Nom de MM les deputes de la ville de Paris, a l'Assemblée National

Print shows the deputies from Paris to the National Assembly aboard a large, ornate carriage being drawn by a bull, lion, sheep, and a snake; ahead of them, leading the procession, are three female figures, one... more

National Characteristics

Caricatures of "An Italian Singer", "An American Republican", "A Philadelphia Friend", and "A Welsh Cheesemonger".

Premiere séance de l'institut National ; le 15 Germinal, An 4eme de la République / Girardet inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Print shows a large group of men seated in two u-shaped rows along the sides and back of a large hall with a barrel ceiling and with statuary in alcoves set off by columns, a crowded third row of standing-room-... more

National contrasts or Bulky and Boney / etch'd by Roberts.

Print shows, on the left, a plump, "bulky" Englishman smoking a pipe while seated at a table laden with food and drink, on his left a cornucopia overflows with coins, and under the table is a dog with collar la... more

National contrasts / Woodward delt. ; W.S. scpt.

Print shows a ragged member of Napoleon's army boasting about the success of "de grand Empereur" to a robust Englishman labeled "Rule Britannia" who blows a puff of smoke in the soldiers face.

Old Nick's new patent plan to make Nova Scotia Tories, Federals coodies, Hartford conventioners, Nullifiers, National Republican bankites & c

An attack on Nicholas Biddle and the New York newspaper editors friendly to the United States Bank. The print was evidently prompted by Biddle's 1834 attempt to create a financial crisis through an artificial t... more

The National barber

Print shows a sailor, identitied elsewhere as Samuel W. Dewey, having sawn the head of Andrew Jackson off the figurehead of the U.S.S. Constitution, passes it to another sailor awaiting in a rowboat alongside t... more

[Blank certificate for donors to the Washington National Monument Society, Washington, D.C.] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co., Baltimore.

Certificate includes vignettes of the proposed Washington Monument with a pantheon and as an obelisk; medallion portrait of George Washington; and Washington's grave at Mount Vernon. The signatures are for Z. T... more

New Hampshire delegation. Young Men's National Convention

A campaign badge produced for the New Hampshire delegation to the Baltimore "Young Men's National Convention" of May 4, 1840. It is quite similar to the "Poor Man's Friend" badge (no. 1840-9), having the rounde... more

The National Whig Song, by William Hayden

Music cover illustrated with head and shoulders portrait of William Henry Harrison.

Baltimore National Convention of Ratification. Clay and the tariff

A crude campaign badge produced for Whig National Convention held at Baltimore in May of 1844. There are two illustrations: above, a sailor with a hammer nails an American flag with the words "HENRY CLAY" to a ... more

[Certificate of membership for the Washington National Monument Society] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co.

Certificate to raise funds to erect the Washington Monument shows two designs for the monument and two vignettes.

The Washington National Monument / [drawn by] H. Warren ; [engraved by] J. C. Armytage.

Engraving showing the Washington Monument as designed by Robert Mills.

Maj. Gen. G.A. Custer / From photographic negative in Brady's National Portrait Gallery.

Photograph shows portrait of George Armstrong Custer in uniform.

Washington National Monument proposed height in dotted lines, 485 ft. Completed, shown by dark lines, 174 ft. Stone terrace, 25 ft. high, diameter 200 ft.

Print showing a drawing of Washington Monument half completed with dotted lines representing the proposed height.

Washington National Monument / drawn by Fred D. Stuart.

Print showing a "revised plan of the monument" with specifications and height comparisons to other buildings, as well as the Washington Monument in Baltimore and the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston.

[View of Washington looking down Pennsylvania Ave. toward unfinished Capitol. National Hotel on left, no. 1]

Drawing shows a woman and child exiting the telegraph office, and the National Hotel, at Pennsylvania and 6th Street, NW, as carriages and people move up and down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. The view ... more

Geneva. National monument

Statues of two women, representing Truth and Justice, by Luc Jaggi.

Munich. National Museum

Facade of the Bavarian National Museum.

Stoneman / Brady, New York ; Brady's National Photographic Portrait Galleries, Broadway & Tenth Street, New York & No. 352 Pennsylvania Av., Washington, D.C.

Photograph shows Major General George Stoneman of 3rd Regular Army Cavalry Regiment, 4th Regular Army Cavalry Regiment, and General Staff U.S. Volunteers Infantry Regiment in uniform.

Barbara Frietchie / photographed by Brady & Co., 352 Penna. Ave., Washington, for the Great National Fair.

Photograph shows Barbara Frietchie, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front. Mounted on card with poem titled in her name by John Greenleaf Whittier.

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