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Topic: navigation

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Navigation aérienne, système de M. Henri Giffard

Broadside announcing Henri Giffard's first steam powered airship design in 1852. Includes a technical drawing of his design.

Navigation aérienne. Solution dʹun grand problème par lʹemploi des voiles mobiles ... Systéme Augte. Lanteigne, menuisier mʹecen., ... / dessiné par lʹauteur.

Scaled design drawings for a patent show Aug. Lanteigne's system of aerial navigation, which used a continuous belt of sails to achieve propulsion. (Source: A.G. Renstrom, LC staff, 1981-82.)

Dinsmore's complete map of the railroads & canals in the United States & Canada carefully compiled from authentic sources by Richard S. Fisher, editor of the American Rail Road & Steam Navigation Guide.

Map of the eastern half of the United States and part of Canada showing drainage, relief by hachures, state boundaries, and proposed, projected, and operating railroads.

Le trans-ether, aéro-moteur de la navigation atmosphérique / F. Ducroz, breveté S.G. du Gt., 25, rue du Buloi ; Harent, lith.

Scaled design drawing for a patent of a steam paddle-wheel driven motor for dirigible navigation, designed by F. Ducroz of Boulogne, 1859. (Source: A.G. Renstrom, LC staff, 1981-82).

[Illustrated cover and back page advertisement from Appleton's railway and steam navigation guide]

Illustration showing train coming out of mountain tunnel and advertisement for sale of farming and wood lands showing men threshing.

Salle de conférences ... Conférences experimentales sur la navigation aérienne par l'ingénieur Camille Vert, de la Drôme le plus léger que l'air par le poisson volant : le plus lourd que l'air par l'homme ailé ...

Broadside announcing a conference on flight designs by Camille Vert. Includes pictures of a lighter-than-air 'flying fish' airship and a heavier-than-air 'winged man' ornithopter.

Difficulties of a working general among the bayous Bayou navigation in Dixie / / from a sketch by Mr. Theodore R. Davis.

Four illustrations: men poling a flatboat; man seated on shore; soldiers along bayou; and a steamboat.

A trestle on California Western Railroad and Navigation Co.

Photograph shows train, with smoke blowing, moving across the tracks; passengers standing outside on last railroad car.

Colton's township map of Oregon & Washington Territory, issued by the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co.

Shows relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, township and county boundaries, Indian reservations, ocean routes, and railroads with emphasis on the main lines.

New and correct map of the lines of the Northern Pacific Railroad and Oregon Railway & Navigation Co.

Map of northern United States and part of Canada showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, and railroads. Shaded area shows land grant. Main lines indicated by heavy black and red.

Arènes du sport aéronautique sous la direction de Eugène Godard, aîné, lundi de Paques, 6 avril 1885, à 2 heures. Experience publique de navigation aérienne, système A. Brisson (Breveté S.G.D.G.) ...

Broadside announcing an aeronautics exhibition organized under the direction of balloonist Eugene Godard and held in Paris in 1885. Includes picture of the balloon "L'Avenir" equipped with two separate passenge... more

A case for careful navigation / Keppler.

Illustration shows a ship labeled "Republic" flying a banner labeled "U.S.A." navigating storm-tossed seas with a whirlpool labeled "Socialism" and cliffs labeled "Plutocracy" nearby.

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