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New river water

Man carrying 2 buckets of water on yoke.

A New humorous song, on the Cherokee chiefs Inscribed to the ladies of Great Britain : To the tune of, Caesar and Pompey were both of the horned / / by H. Howard.

A broadside comprising seven verses in letterpress below an engraving, representing three Red Indian Chiefs in their national costumes; these men are named, "The Stalking Turkey", "The Pouting Pidgeon", "The Ma... more

Wilkes, and Liberty--A New Song

A broadside comprising an engraving printed above two columns of verse in letterpress. The former represents two groups; in one the Earl of Bute, armed with a dagger, tears away the robe of the fainting Britann... more

A perspective view of the salt works in Salisbury, New England

Print shows view of a salt works on the Merrimack River, near Newburyport, Massachusetts, with large meadow in the foreground.

The Treaty of Commerce or New coalition / G.R., delint. ; Lewis 16, fecit.

"Louis XVI (left) and George III (right) sit together, amicably clinking glasses; the latter's right hand is on the shoulder of Louis, who says, with a sly smile, Mon cher Ami I will teach a you de Politess Fra... more

A view of the town of Boston the capital of New England

Print shows view of Boston, Massachusetts, from Cambridge looking across the Charles River.

New morality; or The promis'd installment of the high-priest of the Theophilanthropes, with the homage of Leviathan and his suite / Js. Gillray, inv. & fect.

Print shows French politician and Theophilanthropist Louis Marie la Révellière-Lépaux standing on a three-legged stool perched upon a stone dais reading Religion de la N[ature] to surrounding caricatures of peo... more

Dance of the Indians of the Mission of St. Joseph in New California / engraved by Letitia & Elizh. Byrne.

Six Native Americans with elaborate body markings and hairstyles, dancing.

The New Union Club

A design based on Gillray's The Union Club, No. 9699 (1801), the roistering fraternizers being English and Negroes, in place of English and Irish.

A New method of Macarony making as practised at Boston / copied on stone by D. C. Johnston from a print published in London 1774.

Print shows two American revolutionaries tarring and feathering the tax collector. In the background, a gallows.

New method of assorting the mail, as practised by Southern slave-holders, or attack on the Post Office, Charleston, S.C.

A portrayal of the nocturnal raid on the Charleston post office by a mob of citizens and the burning of abolitionist mails found there in July 1835. Mail sacks are handed through a forced window of the ransack... more

New England Convention, Sepr. 10th, 1840 / W.J. Rund, s[culpsi]t.

A campaign badge produced for the New England Whig Convention, held at Boston on September 10-11, 1840. From top to bottom: an eagle in flight with a banderole reading "Harrison, Tyler" and the words "One fire ... more

New England Convention Bunker Hill. September 10TH. 1840

Campaign badge produced for the New England Whig Convention in Boston, September 10-11, 1840. An aureole of light surrounds an oval bust portrait of Harrison, ringed by medallions of the arms of the states of... more

My New England home Words & music by L. Wade / / T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

Two Native Americans watch as Pilgrims come ashore.

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