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Topic: newspaper

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[Newspaper articles and notices printed in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Phila.]

May 28 passenger list of ship Charelston from Charleston, including Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Pierce Butler.

[Newspaper articles and notices printed in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Phila.]

Meeting of Sconstayeh, A Cherokee emissary, with George Washington, to protest encroachment of whites on Indian lands.

[Newspaper articles and notices printed in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Phila.]

"A correspondent observes..." Concerns about the success of the convention.

Prof. Morse reading a newspaper / A.J.S.

Drawing shows Samuel F.B. Morse, head-and-shoulders portrait, with a newspaper in one hand.

[Front page of Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper with picture of John Brown]

Three-quarter length portrait of Brown accompanies text describing the insurrection at Harper's Ferry.

[Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President. Seated portrait, holding glasses and newspaper, Aug. 9, 1863]

"Lincoln poses in Gardner's new gallery on Sunday, August 9, 1863. ... Lincoln had promised to be Gardner's first sitter and chose Sunday for his visit to avoid 'curiosty-seekers and other seekers' while on his... more

[Black man reading newspaper by candlelight]

Man reading a newspaper with headline, "Presidential Proclamation, Slavery," which refers to the Jan. 1863 Emancipation Proclamation.

Another bombardment - the newspaper fleet firing on the Bedouins in Washington / Gillam.

Print shows newspaper editors Charles A. Dana, James G. Bennett, Carl Schurz, Henry Watterson, George W. Curtis, and Whitelaw Reid, as well as Puck, with a fleet of paper gunboats labeled "N.Y. Times, N.Y. Sun,... more

The fin de siècle newspaper proprietor / F. Opper.

Print shows a newspaper owner, possibly meant to be Joseph Pulitzer, sitting in a chair in his office next to an open safe where "Profits" are spilling out onto the floor; outside this scene are many newspaper ... more

What a newspaper puff can do / F. Opper and Ehrhart.

Print shows a vignette cartoon chronicling the social and financial fortunes of the "Smallclip" family following Mrs. Smallclip's interview with reporters and artists for the society pages of the newspaper, whi... more

Newspaper War Bulletins, Park Row, N.Y.C.

Crowd in front of New York Journal building.

[African American man holding newspaper]

Photograph shows man sitting in corner holding a newspaper with glasses resting on forehead.

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