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The burning of the Crisis

People burning a broadside entitled the Crisis.

The tomb-stone

Print shows several men, George Grenville, Lord Bute, the Duke of Bedford, and, as a small dog wearing clerical robes, Dr. W. Scott, labeled "AntiSejanus", dancing on a sarcophagus with bas-reliefs of "Britanni... more

Common-wealth - the colossus

Print shows William Pitt walking on stilts; the right stilt, labeled "Sedition", points to New York, the left, labeled "Popularity", is firmly planted in London. He uses one crutch, labeled "Pension", for suppo... more

The new country dance, as danced at C****, July the 30th 1766

Print shows a number of prominent figures in a line dancing, above the dancers is John Wilkes riding behind a witch on a broom, he is defecating on Lord Bute; other dancers include the Prince of Wales, William ... more

The triumph of America

Print shows William Pitt, the first Earl of Chatham, driving a triumphal carriage in which rides a Native American representing America. The carriage is drawn by a team of six horses, "Royal Oak, Crafty, Weathe... more

The north star

Print shows Lord Bute seated on clouds from behind which project rays of the sun, he holds a cat-o'-nine-tails in one hand, a purse in the other, his feet rest on an open volume of "the Laws of England". To his... more

The ever-memorable peace-makers settling their accounts

Print shows the Duke of Bedford, the Earl of Bute, and Lord Holland portrayed as a fox, with the Devil behind him, seated at a table. Lord Holland writes in a ledger labeled "Unacd Millions".

The conference

Print shows William Beckford rebuking Thomas Harley beneath which is printed a petition containing 14 points, "Instructions given to Sir Robert Ladbrooke, Knt. William Beckford, Esq; the Right Hon. Thomas Harle... more

The times - taken from an original character which appear'd at the masquerade at Lincoln, Decr. the 21st 1769

Print shows the figure of a man draped with ribbons labeled with the issues of the times.

The machine to go without asses

Print shows George III and Liberty riding in a carriage labeled "Magna Charta" as it passes over the Duke of Grafton, the Earl of Bute, Lord Holland, and Lord Mansfield.

The Chevalier D'--n producing his evidence against certain persons

Print shows opposing groups of government officials; Chevalier D'Eon, portrayed as an ape, vomits on Lord Bute who stands before other members of the Duke of Grafton's ministry and astride the Earl of Hillsboro... more

The city carriers

Print shows Samuel Turner, Lord Mayor of London, at the head of a procession, alongside Liberty, to present the petition of the Livery of London to the king. Truth rides sidesaddle on a donkey followed by Willi... more

A council

"An engraving showing the Privy Council, or that portion of it which was known to include "the King's Friends", seated round a table, on which lie rolls of paper, being petitions presented to the King from "Mid... more

[Hibernia in distress]

Print shows Hibernia, a woman representing Ireland, lying on the floor holding a broken harp, Lord Townshend is holding her down with his left foot; on the left, Lord North reaches into a money bag labeled with... more

The Parlmt. dissolved, or, the Devil turn'd fortune teller / design'd & engrav'd by G. Terry, Paternoster Row.

Print shows Lord North and another minister with the Devil who has conjured a Native male figure, representing America, standing on a prostrate soldier and holding a building, representing Parliament, from whic... more

The Whitehall pump

Print shows Lord North pumping water from a water fountain topped with the head of George III onto the prostrate bodies of Britannia and a Native figure representing America. Several ministers and judges look o... more

The dissolution of P[arliamen]t

Print shows members of Parliament riding in a large carriage past a building commemorating "John Wilkes Esqr."

A political lesson / J. Dixon invenit et fecit.

Print shows a rearing black stallion (possibly representing America) which has thrown its rider (possibly representing England). The rider has struck his head on a mile marker "To Boston VI miles" behind which ... more

The congress or the necessary politicians

Print shows two men sitting in a privy, one uses pieces of the "Resolution[s] of the [C]ongress" to clean himself, while the other intently reads "P[amphlet En]titled Taxation [No] Tir[anny]", suggesting that w... more

An old fox tarr'd and feather'd

Print shows title page illustration of caricature of John Wesley as a fox in clerical robes.

Virtual representation, 1775

Print shows Lord Bute aiming a blunderbuss at a man representing colonial America; a member of Parliament, pointing at the American, tells Bute "I give you that man's money for my use", to which the American re... more

The thistle reel

Print shows Lords Bute, North, and Mansfield dancing around a large thistle entwined with a garter ribbon bearing the motto "Honi soit qui mal y pense"; Mansfield is holding the "Quebec Bill" in his left hand. ... more

Take your choice

Print shows two designs topped with crowns, on the left, a pyramid, labeled "Natural and civil liberty", and on the right, the scaffolding which supports the pyramidal structure; from a pedestal labeled "Army",... more

The state blacksmiths forging fetters for the Americans

Print shows the interior of a blacksmith's shop with Lord Mansfield forging the links to a chain, Lord North standing to the left holding lorgnette and, in his right hand, a paper "An act for prohibiting all tr... more

The wise men of Gotham and their goose

Print shows Lord Bute, with sword raised, about to cut the head off the goose "who laid each day an egg of gold" representing British policies toward the American colonies. A corpulant bishop is sitting in the ... more

The blessed effects of venality

Print shows a man, possibly George III, chopping a leg "Commons" of a three-legged stool, "Lords" and "Privy Council" being the other two legs, which may represent the Parliament and its openness to corruption,... more

Poor old England endeavoring to reclaim his wicked American children

Print shows England as an old man with wooden leg and crutch tugging on strings hooked onto the noses of five American men across a divide labeled "The Atlantic Ocean"; the men resist, shoot pellets at, and tau... more

The closet / Bute invt. ; Germaine ext. ; Mansfield sculpt.

Print shows in vignette, top right, George III in his secret chamber, "the closet", with Lord Bute, to whom the Devil whispers, Lord Germain, and Lord Mansfield; on the bottom right, a man holds a pistol to his... more

Accurata delineatio celeberrimæ regionis Ludovicianæ vel Gallice Louisiane oł. Canadæ et Floridæ adpellatione in Septemtrionali America ... / Gottfri Rogg del. ; M. Rhein sc.

Print shows in a cartouche a semi-nude female figure standing on a winged orb which rests on a pedestal bearing the title inscription. She holds to her right a cornucopia from which spills coins; on the left si... more

La folie des deux partis, où vue politique de l'etat et de la nation Anglaise, avec les senateurs en personnes

Print shows a wagon, driven by Lord Bute, mired in the mud, and several men, including an Anglican bishop, pushing the cart which is drawn by five mules labeled Weymouth, Richmond, Senechal, Germain, and North,... more

Mr. Trade & family or the state of ye nation / St--t, B--rn--d, & Co. origt. ; G--rm--e, N--h & Co. excr.

Print shows a ragged family driven to poverty probably through the policies and actions of the Earl of Bute, George Germain, and Lord North, with some able assistence by former Massachusetts governor Francis Be... more

The political raree-show: or a picture of parties and politics, during and at the close of the last session of Parliament, June 1779

Print shows a man directing a boy to view a peepshow of events and actions of the British government, as well as international affairs involving England. The peepshow presents 12 views in three columns; number ... more

Prattle / MD.

Print shows a full-length portrait of a man, right profile, holding hat in right hand. Includes inscription below which expresses the opinion of the character depicted regarding the progress of the war in America.

The botching taylor cutting his cloth to cover a button / John Simpson aqua forti.

Print shows George III sitting on a table with the Earl of Bute preparing to cut a piece of cloth labeled "Ireland Great Britain Hanover." Lord North is standing to the left holding a piece of cloth already cut... more

The birth-day ode* - as it was preformed before his M--, on the 4th of June, by the Royal Band

Print shows three musicians, Lord Sandwich on kettle drums, Lord North on violin, and Lord Germain on flute, accompanied by four singers as they present "The distresses of the nation: an ode performed in honor ... more

[Association meeting at York]

Print shows an allegorical representation of a meeting of the Association of York during which all disputes were amicably settled.


Print shows George III seated in a chair asleep, on the left stands a judge (possibly the Earl of Mansfield) with his left hand on the crown, behind the throne stands the Earl of Bute, speaking to Mansfield, he... more

By his majestys royal letters patent - the new invented method of punishing state criminals

Print shows Britannia drawn and quartered at a crossroad by ropes attached to three horses, one labeled "Tyranny" racing down the road "to America", another labeled "Venality" racing down the road "to Spain", a... more

Englisch printet

Print shows eight men wearing legal or clerical bands sitting at a long table, in front of which is a procession of animals; on the right is a donkey throwing its rider, followed by a unicorn ridden by a cock, ... more

The state nurses

Print shows the Earl of Mansfield, seated, and the Earl of Sandwich keeping watch over the British lion asleep in a cradle around which are four barking dogs labeled "Holland", "America" who is urinating on a p... more

The bull over-drove, or, The drivers in danger

Print shows a bull trampling the prostrate body of Lord Sandwich, lead driver, and kicking toward Lord North and George Germain, the "drivers in danger." The bull is charging toward three men, representing Fran... more

War of posts / T. Colley, fect.

Print shows the new ministers, Pitt, Keppel, Conway, Burke, Fox, and Richmond riding on wooden posts and cannon drive, with the aid of a devil, the old ministers, Nick, Sandwich, Amherst, North, and Mansfield i... more

The surrender of government castle, in March 1782, to the late besieging minority

Print shows members of the old ministry walking out of the "Government Castle" closely followed by a devil, and members of the new ministry marching in.

Premiere assemblée du congrès / dessiné par le Barbier Peintre du Roi ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Academie Imple. et Royale de Vienne &c.

Print shows session of the First Continental Congress, September 1774, in Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Britania's assassination, or -- the republican amusement

Print shows members of the new ministry, among them, Fox, Wilkes, Dunning, Richmond, Burke, and Keppel, dismantle a statue of Britannia; they are prevented from doing further damage by Thurow and Mansfield who ... more

Wonders wonders wonders & wonders - dedicated to the wonderfull wonderfull wonderer

Print shows Britannia and America, several British ministers, and King George III, they appear as couples shaking hands, except for the central figure of three. Standing on the left is Britannia with the Britis... more

Anticipation; or, the contrast to the royal hunt / Britons fact.

Print shows the restoration of England under the new ministry; the pillars that supported the Temple of Fame are being righted and put back in place; a soldier with sword in hand protects a Native, representing... more

The royal hunt, or a prospect of the year 1782 / South Briton fecit ; North Briton invt.

Print shows Lord Sandwich playing a fiddle, sitting between two courtesans, to the left, Lord North yawns while sitting on a sack, behind them are Rigby, Amherst, and Germain. To the right of this party is stan... more

The late bombardment of government castle / C. Goodnight sculp.

Print shows members of the new ministry besieging a fortress where members of the old ministry, including George III, have taken refuge; the ministries are bombarding each other.

The political mirror or an exhibition of ministers for April 1782 / Razo Rezio inv ; Crunk Fogo sculp.

Print shows Lords Sandwich, Rigby, North, Mansfield, an unidentified man, and Germain in the clutches of a devil, fall into an abyss, driven there by the opposition, or new ministers, Thurlow, Conway, Camden, B... more

The only booth in the fair - Portland & Co., late Shelburne / I. Boyne invt & exct, London.

Print shows a country fair amusement with Charles James Fox, on a raised platform, wearing a dunce or liberty cap labeled "Vox Populi" receiving bribes from Lord North, to the right, on the platform, Lord Shelb... more

An analysis of modern patriotism performed by public opinion & displayed by public indignation / PH [crossed out] ; AW sct.

Print shows two views of Charles James Fox, on the left, as a member of parliament supporting the policies of Lord North, and on the right, when out of office, on a platform before a crowd arguing against the p... more

Amusement for John Bull & his cousin Paddy, or, the gambols of the American buffalo, in St. James's Street

Print shows several ministers helping themselves to fishes and loaves that have spilled from a fishwife's basket which was upset by a rampaging "American Buffalo"; among those depicted are the Duke of Portland,... more

Coalition arms / JN: 1784.

Print shows Lord North and Charles James Fox standing with a large escutcheon between them which rests on the back of George III. North is holding a flag in his right hand inscribed "Coalition" with two demons ... more

Pro bono publico - the public cluster in terrorem / WD.

Print shows a grapevine twisted about a gibbet from which hangs a pendulous bunch of grapes with the faces of various British ministers, the most prominent being that of Charles James Fox, with Lord North sligh... more

Tarring and feathering - the reward of the enemies of Ireland / America invent. ; Hibernia fecit.

Print shows three Irish(?) men and a woman (possibly representing Ireland) are about to tar and feather a man for refusing "to enter into a non-importation and non-consumption agreement." In the background are ... more

The vision

Print shows a young man, possibly William Pitt, the younger, being visited by a ghost from the grave, possibly the elder William Pitt, who has come "to warn thee against thy impending fate - Beware of Prerogati... more

The Hibernian attempt

Print shows George III sitting on a throne with Edward Thurlow and William Pitt standing next to him; he is wearing half a crown on his head, on the left, an African wearing a feathered headdress and holding a ... more

Reform and no reform, or the lovely pair's gentle fracas

Print shows "with the Head of Boreas", Lord North, standing to the left of a platform labeled "Reform Janus", and "with the Head of Reynard", Charles Fox, standing on the right; on the platform is a devil/human... more

The sick prince

Print shows the Prince of Wales on a deathbed with members of the opposition on one side, Thurlow among them with raised dagger, wishing him a speedy death, and supporters on the other side wishing him a speedy... more

A convention of the not-ables

Print shows Lord North, Edmund Burke, Charles Fox, the Prince of Wales, and others attempting to break into the royal treasury.

The return of poor Sam Stern and his supporter to the T--y

Print shows a man sitting upon and facing the rear of a donkey on which is a blanket with crest and the motto "honi soit que mal y pense" and a key hanging from its neck. The man says, "In April 82 I was all as... more

Il faut rendre à César ce qui est à César et a la nation ce qui est à la nation

Print shows a man sitting at a table rendering accounts, standing before the table is a cleric holding a bag of money which he apparently refuses to add to the bags on the table, standing behind the table with ... more

Thunder, lightning and smoke, or, the wind shifted from the north to the east

Print shows Sir Philip Francis(?) standing, facing right, with dagger in left hand, on the far right, Warren Hastings, wearing a turban, is standing amid bags of money beneath a flag "India Preserved" and again... more

Constitutional Club

Print of satire on the Westminster by-election of 1788 shows five men carving a fox on a table as William Pitt carries a coin-filled gravy boat inscribed "Mint sauce, Constitutional restorative" and King George... more

Pal sangué Mr. l'Prieur v'la l'coup

Print with two scenes, one labeled "Le jeu de hazard" shows a meeting between the clergy, nobility, and the working class; the other labeled "Le goute patriotique" shows members of the three estates dining toge... more

The eclipse at an end - and political tilting discovered

Print shows Edward Thurlow and a woman, possibly Queen Charlotte, on a donkey labeled "WP" (William Pitt?) wearing a lion skin, a partially eclipsed sun (George III) above them; on the right two men are seated ... more

Reforme de différents droits feodaux et de la dime - le 11 aoust 1789

Print shows, in a rural setting, a man from the working class or third estate, handing a bag of money to a member of the clergy, who refuses with his right hand, but reaches behind his back with his left hand t... more

--Affairs. The sweet prospect behind us, or The outs in office

Print shows rear views of the Prince of Wales, Maria Fitzherbert, Charles James Fox, Lord North, Edmund Burke, a prospective Lord Chancellor, and Richard B. Sheridan, with buttocks exposed, defecating. On the w... more

Trois tetes sous l'meme bonnet

Print shows a neatly dressed man sitting on a bundle surrounded by implements of the Third Estate and holding a large triangle topped with a liberty cap, within the triangle are images of a cleric, an aristocra... more

A faut esperer q'eu se jeu la finira bentot

Print shows the nobility and the clergy, representing the estates general, riding on the back of a man representing the working class, or third estate; the man is bent under their weight and supports himself by... more


Print shows a meeting between the clergy, nobility, and the working class, members of the three estates, dining together and drinking a toast to "la santé d'not bon Roi" in a rural setting.

Nouvelle place de la Bastille

Cartoon shows Louis XVI standing on a pedestal with one foot on the hydra of despotism(?) from which five of seven heads have been severed; on the left, a clergyman offers him a gold coin, and on the right, a S... more

Il faut faire 3 choses

Print shows figures of the estates general; a member of the clergy and a nobleman each place a hand on short pillar labeled "Je tien mon pied de bœuf"; a peasant, representing the third estate, places both of h... more

Allegorie dèdiè au tiers etat

Print shows an allegorical scene with a member of the nobility and a member of the clergy, representing the estates general, helping to hold aloft a large heart-shaped frame, which rests on the back of a man re... more

Le jeu de quilles

Print shows a member of the nobility complaining to a member of the clergy, representing the estates general, while a member of the working class, or third estate, bowling in the background, appears to be monop... more

The sour prospect before us, or The ins throwing up State --.

"Ministers, seven isolated figures, vomit copiously at the prospect of being turned out...." (Source: George)

The paddy's at dinner with Puddinghead [the Regent]

Print shows George, Prince of Wales, seated at a table eating and drinking with several bulls, the "Paddys", a reference to the Prince's Irish supporters, of whom two wear crowns. The illness of George III (178... more

The monstrous hydra, or virtue invulnerable

Print shows William Pitt holding a paper labeled "Regency limitations & restrictions" encircled by a hydra labeled "Private Views" with eleven heads, among them Charles James Fox, Edmund Burke, and one blindfol... more

House-breaking, before sun-set

British caricature showing man with musket "constitution" shooting bullets "resolve" from Treasury at man "truth" with hatchet and staff "loyality", man with axe "presumptive rights", man with crowbar "begum so... more

Il faut donc mourir puis qu'il n'i a plus de son

Print shows a pig sitting upright on the ground, dressed in ecclesiastical vestiments, on the right is a member of the Third Estate holding a long staff and a bell-like device on a string which he holds up befo... more

The Tories and the Whigs pulling for a crown

Print shows George, Prince of Wales, seated on a throne in the background waiting the results of a tug-of-war over the crown (and regency for the Prince) between the Tories represented by Edward Thurlow and Wil... more


Print shows a man, holding a large club labeled "Procrastination" over his head, saying "I hate delay"; he is about to strike Father Time who cries "Murder, Murder." Father Time's hourglass and scythe are alrea... more

Noah's Ark improved, or an attempt to land in the teeth of the wind

A British satire on Charles Stanhope's Toleration Bill of 1789 which was an attempt to remove the yoke of religious obligations on persons seeking public office (cf. Test and Corporation Acts). Despite the fact... more

Excise inquisition erecting by English slaves under the scourge of their task-masters the excise officers

A British satire on an attempt by William Pitt and George Rose to transfer to excise law certain import duties; standing in opposition is Edward Thurlow. The central image shows Britannia, wrapped in a blanket ... more

A word of comfort

A British satire on the efforts of Charles James Fox to get the Test and Corporation Acts repealed. Joseph Priestley, preaching, speaks for the concerns of the clergy, stating their opposition to "Reynard and A... more

John Bull, baited by the dogs of excise

A British satire on efforts by William Pitt, George Rose, and some members of Parliament to impose new "Excise" duties on tobacco (cf. Tobacco Excise Bill). The additional tax burden on British citizens is impl... more

Taking physick, or, The news of shooting the King of Sweden

British caricature showing the King and Queen sitting in latrine, above which is part of the royal arms, the lion looking down and excreting. They look in horror at Pitt, who tells them of the shooting of Gusta... more

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