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Topic: railroad

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Map of the route of the proposed New York & Erie Railroad, as surveyed in 1834, reduced from the plans as returned by Benjn. Wright, Civil Engineer, D. R. Harrison, sc.

Shows New York state from Westchester County to Lake Erie, and part of northern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The line was chartered on April 24, 1832. See entry 404.

A map of the Georgia Rail Road and the several lines of railroad connecting with it, Febr. 1839.

Map of the southeastern United States indicating drainage, relief by hachures, place names, roads, canals in blue, Georgia Railroad in red, "R.R. completed & in progress" in yellow. "R.R. chartered & proposed" ... more

Map of the Portsmouth and Concord Railroad, shewing its connection with other railroads.

Map showing parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine indicating county lines, cities, towns, and the railroad network. [From published bibliography]

Map of the Boston, Concord and Montreal Railroad from Concord to Haverhill, N.H.

Map covers parts of Belknap, Carroll, Grafton, and Merrimac counties, N.H. [From published bibliography]

Map of the Seaboard & Roanoke Railroad from Portsmouth, Va. to Weldon, N.C. showing its connection with railroad & steamboat routes,

Outline map showing area from Pottsville, Pa., to Macon, Ga. [From published bibliography]

Map of rail road routes from Rouse's Point to Portsmouth and Boston; compiled for the Cocheco Railroad Co. November, 1848.

Map shows Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Includes a table of distances and indicates "constructed & completed" and "contemplated & chartered" railroads. The Cocheco line was chartered on July 2, 1847.

Map without title showing the railroad route to Santa Fe and San Diego; the central route through South Pass and on to San Francisco and "Puget's Sound," and connecting railroads east of the Mississippi.

Outline map of North America showing proposed railroad routes within the present limits of the United States. This is one of the earliest promotional maps for a transcontinental railroad to come before the Uni... more

Railroad map of New England & eastern New York complied from the most authentic sources.

Shows county and township boundaries, and "Railroads completed, located and in progress."

Map of the Williamsport and Elmira Railroad with its connections.

The map covers parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Indicates counties and major cities. Chartered on June 9, 1832. Opened to traffic in 1854. Name changed in 1860 to Elmira and Williamsport Railroad.

Map of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad and connecting lines, Solomon W. Roberts, Chief Engineer.

Outline map of the northeastern and north-central states showing major drainage, relief by hachures in Ohio, place names, canals, and the railroad network. Chartered in 1848. Consolidated to form the Pittsburgh... more

Railroad map of Indiana, by Col. Thomas A. Morris, Civil Engineer,

Shows counties and county seats. A projected railroad is shown between Crawfordville and Bedford. Similar to 1852 edition but does not indicate the Whitewater Canal.

A map illustrative of the route of the proposed railroad : from St. Louis to the Bay of San Francisco /

"The red line indicates the route of the Railroad. The green line is the route followed by Col. Fremont from the South Pass to Humboldt River."

Sherman & Smith's railroad, steam boat & stage route map of New England, New-York and Canada.

Detailed township and county map showing place names and some indication of drainage and relief.

Map of the Philadelphia, Wilmington, & Baltimore Railroad shewing [sic] its connections.

Sketch map showing the area between Philadelphia and Baltimore indicating drainage, cities and towns, roads, and railroads. Consolidated February 5, 1838.

The book for the traveler! Illustrated guide over the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore railroad

Print shows the Southern and Western Railroad Station, at Broad and Prime Streets, Phila.

Map of Pennsylvania Railroad with its connections, showing the different routes, projected or constructed between the seaboard & the western states.

Map of the northeastern and north-central States showing the existing and projected railroad network. Chartered April 13, 1846.

Railroad map of Indiana.

Shows counties and county seats. A projected railroad is shown between Crawfordville and Gosport, and from Bloomington to Bedford. The "Easter Line of Coal Formation" is shown.

Map of a railroad route from Phoenixville to Pinegrove.

Map of Pennsylvania between Philadelphia and Harrisburg showing drainage, cities, towns, completed railroads, and the proposed Pinegrove Lancaster R.R. and the Phoenixville Cornwall R.R.

Map of the Bellefontaine and Indiana Railroad and connecting lines.

Outline map of part of the north-central United States showing drainage, state boundaries, and important place names. Main lines indicate mileage between stations, chartered in 1848.

Colton's railroad & township map, western states compiled from the United States surveys.

Detailed map of the north-central states framed in decorative borders indicating drainage, state, county, and township boundaries, cities and towns, canals, roads, railroads, and proposed railroads. [From publi... more

Map of the proposed Northern Route for a railroad to the Pacific.

Outline map of the United States showing drainage, state boundaries, major cities, and names of states, with state population figures. Western states show topography by hachures. Some major rail lines are shown... more

Hillsborough & Cincinnati Railroad map extending from Jackson, Jackson Co. Ohio to Parkersburg, Va., as located in 1853 under the direction of Ellwood Morris, Chief Eng. N. E. Jones, S. Linton, Princ. Assist. Engrs.

Topographic strip map indicating drainage, relief by hachures, roads, houses, property owners names, and county names. This line was chartered in Ohio, March 2, 1846. It was purchased by the Baltimore and Ohio ... more

Map of the Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad showing the connections, 1853, J. B. Westbrook, Chief Engineer.

Outline map of the middle Atlantic and midwestern states showing the railroad network in operation and under construction. Chartered in 1852 and opened to traffic in 1857.

Colton's railroad & township map of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Detailed map indicating drainage, relief by hachures, county and township boundaries, and roads. [From published bibliography]

[Outline map of the United States showing proposed railroad routes to the Pacific].

For a similar map see Carl I. Wheat's Mapping the Transmississippi West, v. 3 (San Francisco, Institute of Historical Cartography, 1957-63.) p. 193.

Railroad & township map of Ohio.

Detailed township map showing drainage, cities and towns, county and township boundaries, roads, and railroads.

Colton's railroad & township map of Arkansas complied from the U.S. Surveys and other authentic sources.

Detailed general map showing drainage, cities and towns, roads, railroads, and canals.

Colton's railroad & township map of the state of Ohio, drawn by George W. Colton, engraved by J M. Atwood.

Detailed map showing drainage, railroads under construction and completed, canals, post roads, towns, townships, villages, post offices, and county boundaries.

Rail road map accompanying the report an[d] exhibit of the Logansport & Northern Indiana Railroad showing its connections and the through route from St. Louis to New York of which this road forms a part; Logansport, Indiana May 1st 1854; L. S. Nash, Chief Engineer.

Map of the north-central and northeastern United States showing drainage, relief by hachures, place names, and state boundaries. Chartered as the Auburn and Eel River Valley Rail Road on March 8, 1853. Name cha... more

Map showing the location of Sacramento Valley Railroad, Cal. Sacramento, Septr., 1854; T.D. Judah, Chief Engineer.

Sketch map of the first railroad in California, with projected extensions to San Francisco, Sonora, and Tehama, made by the engineer who built the Sacramento Valley Railroad.

Colton's railroad & township map of Arkansas compiled from the U.S. Surveys and other authentic sources.

Detailed general map showing drainage, cities and towns, roads, railroads, and canals.

General map of a survey in California : in connection with examinations for railroad routes to the Pacific Ocean /

Map shows "practicable railway routes" between Ft. Yuma on the Colorado River and the San Francisco Bay region.

Map of the Manassas Gap Railroad and its extensions; September, 1855.

Topographical map of part of northern Virginia showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, counties, roads, and railroads with distances. Includes profiles. Chartered March 11, 1850. Opened in 1854 ... more

Map of the Chicago, St. Paul & Fond du Lac Railroad.

Outline map of Wisconsin and parts of adjoining states showing major drainage, important cities, and the present and proposed railroad network.

Map of routes for a Pacific railroad, compiled to accompany the report of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, sec. of war.

Outline sketch map of the United States west of the Mississippi River designed to show the relationship of the proposed railroad routes. First edition of the map appears in U.S. War Department, Report of the Se... more

Route of a proposed railroad from Powelton, West Philada. to the Philada; gas works and thence to the river Delaware; surveyed by the engineer of the Pennsylva Rail Road Co.

Outline map of Philadelphia and vicinity showing different railroad lines and depots. Below "Line E" on the map is the following statement. "Surveyed by Edw. H. Saunders, Nov. 1856."

Railroad map, showing the fact that about 65 miles of railroad to be constructed would form one of the principal railroad connections on this continent.

Outline map covering New England states and showing the major rail connections with Montreal and Quebec, Canada. [From published bibliography]

A new and complete railroad map of the United States compiled from reliable sources.

Map of the eastern half of the United States showing cities, state boundaries, finished railroads, and railroads in progress.

Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean; ordered by Jeff' Davis, Secretary of War to accompany the reports of the explorations for a railroad route.

Very detailed map of the United States west of the Mississippi River indicating drainage, relief by hachures, cities and towns, forts, trails, wagon roads, and routes of exploration. An important map of western... more

Johnson's new railroad and township copper-plate map of Illinois, Iowa, & Missouri, from the latest and best authorities.

Detailed general map which includes drainage place names, roads, railroad, counties, and townships.

Railroad map of the eastern, western and northern states, and Canada, showing conspicuously the lines of communication between the ports of the Atlantic and the great west and north west.

General map covering the northeastern and north-central United States and part of eastern Canada. Shows drainage, cities, roads, canals, and "railroads completed" and "in progress."

Lloyd's American railroad map of the United States, showing the three proposed roads and the overland mail route to the Pacific,

Outline map of the continental United States showing drainage, state boundaries, major cities, forts, finished and proposed railroads. [From published bibliography]

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