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[Exercises of the youths]

Native youths shooting arrows, throwing balls at target placed atop tall pole, and running races.

Yukidama o tsukuru musume

Print shows a young woman, wearing high geta and a kimono with hat designs, rolling a large snowball.


Print shows a woman and a child catching crickets.

The Jovial company / A. Brouner, pinxt. ; J. Williams, sculpt., pupil to W.W. Ryland.

Two men seated at small table, one holding glass of wine and decanter, and the other smoking pipe.

Manzai o miru josei[fujo?] to kodomo

Print shows four women and a child watching two men dancing with a fan and a drum.

Fuyu no yanebune

Print shows three women on a houseboat.


Print shows a woman working a peepshow box for two children.


Print shows three women walking in the surf at the edge of a beach at Futamigaura, with view of one of the Meotoiwa (wedded rocks) and the knotted ropes in the background.

Dōkanyama shinagawa oki ukie

Print shows view from shore of harbor with people sitting on a bluff in the foreground, others are seen walking along the beach, and ships moored in the distance.

Matsu no sita no tōkei

Print shows a woman and two young men or boys watching a cockfight beneath a pine tree.

A mountain ramble

Men and women walking along trail through wooded hills with waterfall to the right.

View of the Hudson River near Newburg [sic]

Print shows, on the right, a man and a woman standing on a portico of a building high above the Hudson River near Newburgh, New York; they are talking, a third person is sitting in a chair next to them; at cent... more

Shinobazu no ike

Print shows a comical scene with a group of people walking along the bank of the Shinobazu Pond, with cherry blossoms and dwellings in the background.

Delaware Water Gap / G. Perkins ; R. Hinshelwood.

Print shows groups of men and women in boats on the Delaware River, standing on the shore, and sitting near a tree, possibly having a picnic at the Delaware Water Gap.

The Catskills. Sunrise from South Mountain / Harry Fenn ; S.V. Hunt.

Print shows two people standing at the percipice of a cliff in the Catskill Mountains, high above rock formations and trees, with a distant view of the sunrise across a broad valley.

The shores of old England / painted by G.E. Hicks ; engraved by T.L. Sangar.

Print showing four young women standing in the water at a beach in England.

Always happy / Brett Lith. Co., N.Y.

Print shows a scene on a decorative plate with two young children playing badminton.

Mr. Wilson, Miss Grant and Miss Townsend, on Moosehead

A man and two women in a boat on Moosehead Lake, Maine.

Overland Monthly. May, 1895 / L. Maynard Dixon.

Poster showing a man leaning on a staff, with a dog at his feet.

The biggest people on the road! / Dalrymple.

Print shows a gigantic man and a gigantic woman riding on bicycles on a dirt road; they are road hogs, forcing other forms of transportation, mainly diminutive horse-drawn carriages, off the road.


Reproduction of a Mural in the Library of Congress showing woman playing reed instrument and girl playing tambourine.

The woes of the sabbatarian fanatic - they get greater every year / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows a vignette cartoon where a member of the clergy, a strict "Sabbatarian", observes people engaging in various Sunday activities; in the center vignette, Satan empathizes with the minister.

Puck Christmas 1899 / Frank A. Nankivell '99.

Print shows Puck pushing a fashionably dressed young woman on ice skates on a pond or river in a wooded area.

The Sunday-school picnic / O'Neill Latham..

Illustration shows a Sunday school picnic with adults and children resting and playing, and eating in a rural setting. Includes a poem by Joe Lincoln.

Bluff Island - one of the pretty sites in the St. Lawrence - Thousand Islands

Couple sits on rocky banks of the St. Lawrence River, another couple in boat.

Sunday in the plaza

Illustration shows families relaxing and children playing in San Jacinto Plaza, El Paso, Texas.

A jolly crowd, Atlantic City, N.J.

Stereograph showing group of young people, in bathing suits, lying in the sand on the beach posing for camera; two boys behind group making faces.

The tennis court, St. Xavier's Academy, Beatty, Pa.

Photograph shows four young ladies on tennis court as others watch.

Waiting for the locks to be opened - a characteristic scene on the Thames, London, England

Photograph shows a crowd of pleasure boaters in rowboats on the Thames River in London, England.

President Roosevelt's choicest recreation - amid nature's rugged grandeur on Glacier Point, Yosemite

Photograph shows Theodore Roosevelt, full-length portrait, standing on mountain top.

Henry Van Dyke [& family members]

Photograph shows Henry Van Dyke on lake in fishing boat with girl; a boy stands on landing next to them.

Puck's midsummer medley / Ehrhart.

Illustration shows a vignette cartoon with, at center, a young woman at seaside writing to her beau in the city, asking when he can come down (in verse by Edwin L. Sabin). Surrounding the main image are scenes ... more

The slaughter season / J.S. Pughe.

Illustration shows a vignette cartoon with, at top, a man being carried in a sedan chair, with many porters carrying furniture from a train on the right to his cabin in the wilderness on the left; at bottom, on... more

Automobiling in the hills of Southern Vermont, U.S.A.

Photograph shows an automobile with several passengers being driven along a dirt road in a scenic area in Vermont.

A mumble-peg game

Photograph shows several cowboys sitting on the ground playing mumbly peg during a break at the Turkey Track Ranch in Texas in 1906.


Illustration shows the face of President Theodore Roosevelt with many arms extending from behind engaged in various activities, such as playing tennis, chopping wood, boxing, rowing, and signing papers making a... more

Wreckreation / Harry Grant Dart.

Illustration shows a vignette cartoon where accidents take place in various forms of recreation; at center is an automobile accident involving a horse-drawn carriage, also scenes from golf and baseball, hunting... more

[Group disembarking from a rowboat along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal near the Abner Cloud House at Fletcher's Cove, Georgetown, D.C.]

Photograph shows a woman and man stepping out of a rowboat as a boy holds the boat on land.

The maid of the summer surf / Leon V. Solon.

Illustration shows a woman wearing a swimsuit, standing on a large fish that is splashing through waves.

A warm wave coming / Gordon Ross.

Illustration shows a beautiful young woman riding an ocean wave approaching the beach; also shows a lobster and a fish.

Sunday, the day of rest / Will Crawford.

Illustration shows the intersection of a busy city street and a street railroad on a Sunday with many activities taking place at an amusement park, a golf course, a real estate office, a club house, a baseball ... more

Fresh air outing

Children and adults seated on trolley for fresh air outing in June.

Arab leisure in a coffee house of Mosul

Men smoking water pipes in coffee house.

Love of winter / Geo. Bellows.

Winter scene with large group of ice skaters in rural setting.

Tapping a spar tree, Clear Lake Lumber Co., Clear Lake, Wash

Crowd along railroad tracks looking up at man on top of standing tree with branches cut off.

Recreation period, Pitcairn, Pa.

Children playing volley ball on roped off street in front of school.

[Yocum canoe house, Arlington Beach Park, Va.]

Four young women in canoe, and three men and canoes on shore.

No. 1 tee, Brown's Wells golf course, Hazlehurst, Miss.

Photograph shows a group of men and women golfers on golf course; man in center teeing off; three African American boys are caddies.

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