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Topic: road

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View upon the road from New-Windsor, towards, Morris Town, Jersey

Print shows a tree stump in the foreground, a man tending a cow on the roadway, and a farm in the background, along the road from New Windsor, New York, to Morristown, New Jersey.

On the Rockfort Road

Drawing shows two people carrying large bundles on their heads and walking on a road alongside the sea.

Plan and profile of the Danville and Pottsville Rail Road.

Detailed map of part of Pennsylvania between Sharp Mountain and the Susquehanna River showing roads, drainage, and relief by hachures along the survey route. Shows the east and west branches of the Mount Carbon... more

Map of the country embracing the various routes surveyed for the Balt. & Ohio Rail Road by order of the Board of Engineers.

Map of Baltimore, Ann Arundel, Montgomery, Frederick, and Washington counties, Md, showing drainage, roads, and important place names. [From published bibliography]

A map, of the principal canal and rail road improvments [sic], which will connect with the Balt. & Susqa. Rail Road at York; drawn by G. F. de la Roche. C. Engr.

Outline map covering New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio; shows drainage, canals, important cities, and railroad connections, chartered in 1828, opened to York in 1838.

A map of the Georgia Rail Road and the several lines of railroad connecting with it, Febr. 1839.

Map of the southeastern United States indicating drainage, relief by hachures, place names, roads, canals in blue, Georgia Railroad in red, "R.R. completed & in progress" in yellow. "R.R. chartered & proposed" ... more

Map and profile of the Gettysburg Rail Road as surveyed by order of the legislature of Pennsylvania, 1839.

Survey map and profile of part of Pennsylvania and Maryland from Gettysburg to the Potomac River. Shows relief by hachures along the line, creeks, roads, cities and towns. Chartered on January 9, 1838; construc... more

A hard road to hoe! Or, the White House Turnpike, macadamized by the north benders

A crude satire on the obstacles facing Van Buren's reelection effort in 1840. Weighed down by a large bundle labeled "Sub Treasury," Van Buren follows the lead of Andrew Jackson toward the White House. His wa... more

Plan showing the proposed entrance into Boston of the Fitchburg Rail Road.

Street map of part of Boston showing the railroad yards and the passenger depot. Chartered on March 3, 1842.

Map exhibiting that portion of the State of Pennsylvania traversed by the surveys for a continuous rail road from Harrisburg to Pittsburg made under the direction of Charles L. Schlatter, c.e. in the year 1839 and 1840.

Map shows drainage, county boundaries, cities, roads, and canals. Lines of surveys and railroads in operation are indicated by different colors. [From published bibliography]

Colored individuals along the road side

Drawing shows an African American slave woman leaning against a split rail fence along with three children. She says, "Oh I so glad you come, 'massa says he wish you were in da bottom of the sea--but you ain't ... more

Map of rail road surveys from Worcester to Baldwinville & N.H. line.

Map of northern half of Worcester County, Mass., showing drainage, cities, and townships. Shows beginning of survey north of Worcester and the survey for part of the Winchendon branch of the Fitchburg Railroad.

Map of the proposed Great Western and Lake Erie Rail Road of Pennsylvania projected for the Sunbury Erie and Pittsburg [sic] Rail Road Convention by James Herron Civil Engineer.

Physical map of Pennsylvania and parts of adjacent states showing drainage, relief by hachures, spot heights in feet, state boundaries, canals, cities and towns. Finished and proposed railroads with names of li... more

Map and profile of the proposed Paterson and Dover Rail Road and Paterson and Ramapo Rail Road.

Map of northern New Jersey from Jersey City to Andover. Shows drainage, relief by hachures, cities & towns, roads, iron works, forges, mines and mills. The Paterson and Ramapo was chartered March 10, 1841.

Map of rail road routes from Rouse's Point to Portsmouth and Boston; compiled for the Cocheco Railroad Co. November, 1848.

Map shows Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Includes a table of distances and indicates "constructed & completed" and "contemplated & chartered" railroads. The Cocheco line was chartered on July 2, 1847.

Map of Terre Haute and Richmond Rail Road and connecting lines.

Outline map of the north-central and northeastern United States showing the rail network. Chartered in 1847. In 1865 name changed to the Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad.

Emigrant party on the road to California

Wagon train of women, men, and children, moving through the mountains.

Map & profile of the location of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road from Cumberland to Wheeling showing also the various routes surveyed from the 1836 to the final establishment in 1850 of the line upon which the road is being constructed; Benj. H. Latrobe, Chief Engineer; drawn by Albert Fink, Baltimore 1850.

Topographical map of part of the middle Atlantic region showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, counties, roads, turnpikes, railroads in operation, final location of lines, surveyed lines, and r... more

Skeleton map, showing the position and connections of the Michigan Southern Rail Road (from Toledo to Chicago) with the several great rail road routes to the Atlantic seaboard and New York City via the south shore of Lake Erie.

Outline map of the northeastern United States showing railroads in operation, under construction, and under proposal. Chartered in 1846 and consolidated April 1855 with the Northern Indiana Railroad under the n... more

Map of the Reading & Columbia Rail Road connecting New York via the Jersey Central, Reading and Columbia, with Baltimore and Washington, together with Western R.R. connections to Wheeling and Pittsburg [sic]; compiled by S. P. Kase.

Sketch map of eastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland indicating the railroad network and the connections with the coal fields. Shows major drainage, cities and towns, and four main coal field areas.

Map of the Portland and Ogdensburg Rail Road line, and connections.

Map of parts of New England and New York showing the railroad network and the progress of track construction along the Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad line. A reference table in the upper left of the map provi... more

Map of the Evansville and Crawfordsville Rail Road with its connections.

Map of northeastern and north-central United States showing drainage, county boundaries, larger cities, and the completed and proposed railroad network.

Map of the Sunbury and Erie Rail Road and its connections.

Outline map of the northeastern and north-central United States overprinted in red to show the railroad network. Chartered April 3, 1837. See entry 573.

Map of the Old Colony Rail Road with its branches & connecting roads, prepared under the direction of the Committee of Investigation, Jany. 1850, S. Dwight Eaton, Engr.

Map of eastern Massachusetts covering the area from Boston to Wood's Hole and west to Providence, R.I. Shows drainage, place names and counties, and indicates mileage between stations. The Old Colony Railroad i... more

Map showing the coal & timber lands of the Allegheny Rail Road & Coal Company with the avenues to market.

Outline map of eastern Pennsylvania and part of New Jersey showing relief by hachures, drainage, coal, timber, major cities, and railroads.

Map of the Rabun Gap Rail Road route showing its connection with other roads finished, in progress & contemplated.

Outline map of the southern United States showing the railroad network. The Rabun Gap system is shown in red.

Map of Peru and Indianapolis Rail Road with connections.

Outline map with colored state boundaries of the northeastern and north-central United States indicating larger cities. Shows "finished," "in progress of construction," and "contemplated" railroads. Chartered i... more

General map of the Orange & Alexandria Rail Road and its connections north, south, and west.

Outline map of the southeastern United States showing major drainage and important cities. "Directions and route to New Orleans and Memphis" are listed below the map title. Chartered March 22, 1848. Opened to G... more

Map of the Western Vermont Rail Road and connecting lines, Wm. B. Gilbert, Chief Engineer.

Map of western New England showing drainage, relief by hachures, state and county boundaries, and cities and towns. Chartered in 1845.

Map of the rail road surveys between Hillsborough & Chillicothe. Executed in February, March & April 1851 under the direction of B. H. Latrobe, civil engineer,

Map of part of Ohio indicating the located and explored railroad lines along the Milford and Chillicothe Turnpike. Shows "Air Lines computed by C. D. Jaques Esqr. C. E. from Hillsborough to Chillicothe." [From ... more

Route of the Pacific and Atlantic Rail Road between San Francisco, & San Jose, as located by Wm. J. Lewis, Chief Engineer, in Sept. Oct. & Nov. 1851.

Map of the coast between San Francisco and San Jose showing roads, property owners, streams, and relief by hachures.

A map showing the rail road connection between Pottsville & Sunbury through the Schuylkill Mahanoy and Shamokin coal fields, July 9th 1852.

Detailed map of the area between Schuylkill Haven and Northumberland, Pa., showing drainage, relief by hachures, cities and towns, coal fields, canals, and railroads.

Map representing the route of the Philada. & Erie Rail Road its connections and the mineral lands in its vicinity.

Detailed map of Pennsylvania and parts of adjacent states indicating major drainage, relief by hachures, state boundaries, county boundaries in Pennsylvania, and major cities. Canals and railroads are annotated... more

Map of the Philadelphia, Easton & Water Gap Rail Road.

Outline map of the northeastern United States showing drainage, cities and towns, and the railroad network. Chartered April 8, 1852. Name changed to North Pennsylvania Rail Road. See entry 496. [From published ... more

Map of a part of the State of Louisiana exhibiting the route of the New-Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western Rail Road.

Mississippi delta area shows drainage, sugar crop, parishes, major cities and towns, canals, and railroads with lines named and distances on the main line. This railroad was opened for first 50 miles on March 6... more

Experimental survey for the Eastern Shore Rail Road, Maryland, drawn by W. H. Emory & J. McClelland Asst. Civ. Engs., made under the direction of James Kearney.

Survey map along route of line covering strip of land in Maryland from Elk Landing to Tangier Sound. Shows streams, fields, land owners, roads, and the "lines run with compass & level, Lines run with compass." ... more

Proposed route for a rail road from Copper Harbor, to Fond Du Lac, Winnebego.

Outline map centered on Green Bay showing the area between Detroit, Mich. and Fond du Lac, Wis. Contemplated and proposed railroad routes are shown.

Map of the Cleveland and Mahoning Rail Road and its connections, Edward Warner Chief Engineer, 1853.

Sketch map of the north-central and middle Atlantic states showing the railroad network, major cities, rivers, and state boundaries. Tables of distances appear on both sides of title. Chartered on February 22, 1848.

Map of the Philadelphia & Baltimore Rail Road as located by W. Strickland & B. H. Latrobe, Esqrs., civ. engineers. Showing also the present route by steamboat & the N. Castle R. Road, & that proposed to be constructed by way of Oxford & Port-Deposit.

Map of an area between Philadelphia and Baltimore showing drainage, cities and towns, post roads, and boundaries. Chartered in Maryland in May, 1852. [From published bibliography].

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