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Topic: route

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Map of the route of the proposed New York & Erie Railroad, as surveyed in 1834, reduced from the plans as returned by Benjn. Wright, Civil Engineer, D. R. Harrison, sc.

Shows New York state from Westchester County to Lake Erie, and part of northern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The line was chartered on April 24, 1832. See entry 404.

Plan and geological section of a rail-road route from Old Ferry Wharf, Chelsea to Beverly.

Topographical strip map of part of Massachusetts showing relief by hachures, drainage, property owners names, roads, and the lines of survey. Includes geological cross-section profile. [From published bibliography]

Map exhibiting the route of communication between Philadelphia & Charleston /

Three rail and canal route distances are tabulated and one steamboat route. The legend indicates "Rail Road route," "Canal route," and "Steamboat route." Shows coastal area between Philadelphia, Pa., and Charle... more

Leaving French Town, head of Chesapeak Bay, route to Baltimore, July 26, 1846. Elk River

Drawing shows view of the Elk River; in the distance, a sailboat.

Map without title showing the railroad route to Santa Fe and San Diego; the central route through South Pass and on to San Francisco and "Puget's Sound," and connecting railroads east of the Mississippi.

Outline map of North America showing proposed railroad routes within the present limits of the United States. This is one of the earliest promotional maps for a transcontinental railroad to come before the Uni... more

A map illustrative of the route of the proposed railroad : from St. Louis to the Bay of San Francisco /

"The red line indicates the route of the Railroad. The green line is the route followed by Col. Fremont from the South Pass to Humboldt River."

Map of the Rabun Gap Rail Road route showing its connection with other roads finished, in progress & contemplated.

Outline map of the southern United States showing the railroad network. The Rabun Gap system is shown in red.

Sherman & Smith's railroad, steam boat & stage route map of New England, New-York and Canada.

Detailed township and county map showing place names and some indication of drainage and relief.

Route of the Pacific and Atlantic Rail Road between San Francisco, & San Jose, as located by Wm. J. Lewis, Chief Engineer, in Sept. Oct. & Nov. 1851.

Map of the coast between San Francisco and San Jose showing roads, property owners, streams, and relief by hachures.

Map representing the route of the Philada. & Erie Rail Road its connections and the mineral lands in its vicinity.

Detailed map of Pennsylvania and parts of adjacent states indicating major drainage, relief by hachures, state boundaries, county boundaries in Pennsylvania, and major cities. Canals and railroads are annotated... more

Map of a railroad route from Phoenixville to Pinegrove.

Map of Pennsylvania between Philadelphia and Harrisburg showing drainage, cities, towns, completed railroads, and the proposed Pinegrove Lancaster R.R. and the Phoenixville Cornwall R.R.

Map of a part of the State of Louisiana exhibiting the route of the New-Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western Rail Road.

Mississippi delta area shows drainage, sugar crop, parishes, major cities and towns, canals, and railroads with lines named and distances on the main line. This railroad was opened for first 50 miles on March 6... more

Through route west to Pittsburg [sic]

Outline map of the middle Atlantic states showing existing routes and, in red, the advantages of the proposed Metropolitan Railroad connections. The state of Maryland authorized extension of this line to Cumber... more

Proposed route for a rail road from Copper Harbor, to Fond Du Lac, Winnebego.

Outline map centered on Green Bay showing the area between Detroit, Mich. and Fond du Lac, Wis. Contemplated and proposed railroad routes are shown.

Map of the proposed Northern Route for a railroad to the Pacific.

Outline map of the United States showing drainage, state boundaries, major cities, and names of states, with state population figures. Western states show topography by hachures. Some major rail lines are shown... more

Map of the Philadelphia & Baltimore Rail Road as located by W. Strickland & B. H. Latrobe, Esqrs., civ. engineers. Showing also the present route by steamboat & the N. Castle R. Road, & that proposed to be constructed by way of Oxford & Port-Deposit.

Map of an area between Philadelphia and Baltimore showing drainage, cities and towns, post roads, and boundaries. Chartered in Maryland in May, 1852. [From published bibliography].

Rail road map accompanying the report an[d] exhibit of the Logansport & Northern Indiana Railroad showing its connections and the through route from St. Louis to New York of which this road forms a part; Logansport, Indiana May 1st 1854; L. S. Nash, Chief Engineer.

Map of the north-central and northeastern United States showing drainage, relief by hachures, place names, and state boundaries. Chartered as the Auburn and Eel River Valley Rail Road on March 8, 1853. Name cha... more

A correct map of the Pennsylvania Central Rail Road with its branches & connections, the shortest & quickest route between the east & west.

Sketch map of the eastern United States showing the railroad network and emphasizing the routes between St. Louis and Chicago, and Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York.

Map of New York & Erie Rail Road and its connections; the most direct route from New York to all western cities and towns.

Outline map of the northeastern and north-central United States with the railroad network overprinted in red. A red border is printed around the map simulating a wooden frame. See entry 404. [From published bibliography]

International rail road guide of the Great Central Route.

Shows railroad lines in the north-central and northeastern United States connecting with the Michigan Central and New York Central Railroads.

Route of a proposed railroad from Powelton, West Philada. to the Philada; gas works and thence to the river Delaware; surveyed by the engineer of the Pennsylva Rail Road Co.

Outline map of Philadelphia and vicinity showing different railroad lines and depots. Below "Line E" on the map is the following statement. "Surveyed by Edw. H. Saunders, Nov. 1856."

Map of the Great Central Route and its connections, the most central, attractive, direct and reliable thoroughfare between the eastern and western states.

Outline map of the north-central and northeastern states indicating larger cities, county boundaries, and railroad network emphasizing the Michigan Central Railroad and the Great Western Railway.

Map showing route of Norfolk & Petersburg Rail Road and its connections with Ohio & Mississippi Rivers, William Mahone, Chief Engineer, F. Bourquin & Co., Philada.

Map of the eastern United States between the Chesapeake Bay and the Mississippi River. Shows drainage, place names and the railroad network. Chartered March 17, 1851. Line completed in 1858. consolidated in Apr... more

Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean; ordered by Jeff' Davis, Secretary of War to accompany the reports of the explorations for a railroad route.

Very detailed map of the United States west of the Mississippi River indicating drainage, relief by hachures, cities and towns, forts, trails, wagon roads, and routes of exploration. An important map of western... more

Road road route from Boston, Massachusetts to Chicago, Illinois.

Outline map of a strip between Boston and Chicago showing one schematic rail line with many railroad stations named along the line. Mileage table indicating five railroads is at lower right of map.

En route for Harper's Ferry

John Brown, 1800-1859.

Lloyd's American railroad map of the United States, showing the three proposed roads and the overland mail route to the Pacific,

Outline map of the continental United States showing drainage, state boundaries, major cities, forts, finished and proposed railroads. [From published bibliography]

The seventh regiment New York State militia in the cars en route for Washington / from a sketch by our own artist.

Print shows men of the 7th Regiment of New York militia inside a railroad car.

Alassio. Corniche Route

View of Alassio, Italy in distance with beach in foreground and mountains in back.

Finale Marina. Carniche route

Beach scene with town and mountains in background, Finale Ligure, Italy.

Route to Old Baths, Pfäffers. The "Peirced Rock"

Road along hot springs showing cliff which has been cut through for road.

Map of the Shore Line Rail Road route between New York and Boston, showing its rail road and steamboat connection with New York, New Haven, New London, Stonington, Providence, Newport, and Boston.

Detailed map of lower New England states and part of New York indicating drainage, cities and towns, state boundaries, township lines, and the railroad network.

The sixth regiment of the Massachusetts volunteers firing into the people in Pratt Street, while attempting to pass through Baltimore en route for Washington, April 19, 1861

Print shows troops from the 6th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment firing into an unruly mob of southern sympathizers who are blocking the street.

Route from Manassas to Centreville, August 28th to 31st.

Depicts the path General Samuel Heintzelman took during August 23rd to 31st from Manassas Junction in Prince William County, Va., traveling toward Centreville in Fairfax County, Va., directly before and during ... more

Route of troops and wagon trains from Warrenton Jnct. to Kettle Run

Shows the area of Fauquier County, Va., between Greenwich and Bristoe to the north and Warrenton Junction to the south on the eve of 2nd Bull Run. The location of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad is also indicated.

Map of the Peninsula of Virginia : showing route of McClellan's Army toward Richmond [illegible].

On what appears to be a portion of a published travel map showing steamship and railroad routes out of Baltimore, Md., Sheden has indicated the route of the Union Army as it moved up the Virginia Peninsula towa... more

The March from Hampton to before Yorktown, Va., April 1862. Map showing route of 3rd Army Corps. A.P. from Howard's Bridge to the sawmill, April 5 and 6th, 1862.

Illustrates a portion of Isle of Wight County, Va., showing headquarters camps of the various generals of the U.S. Army of the Potomac in the Peninsula Campaign, March-July 1862.

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