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Discuss stock market situation. Washington, D.C., Oct. 19. The Board of governors of the Federal Reserve System met today to discuss the current slump in the stock market. The board, with its control of margin requirements, and the Securities Exchange Cimmission, with its power over trading practices, now are the focal points of possible federal action. In the photograph, left to right: M.S. Szymczak, John McKee, Ronald Ransom, Vice Chairman; Marriner Eccles, Chairman; and Chester C. Davis. 10/19/37
Capital and Labor leaders at White House. Washington, D.C., Jan. 14. Shown leaving the White House after a conference with President Roosevelt, where they presented some recommendations for pulling the country out of the present business slump, were left to right; A.A. Berle, former Brain truster of the New Deal, Philip Murray, C.I.O. leader, John L. Lewis, C.I.O. chief, Owen D. Young, head of the General Electric Co. and Thomas W. Lamont, partner of J.P. Morgan, 1/14/38
Capital and Labor at White House conference. Washington, D.C., Jan. 14. A group comprising representatives of Capital, Labor and the Erstwhile Brain Trust of the New Deal converged upon the White House today to put before the President some recommendations for pulling business out of present slump. Left to right; John L. Lewis C.I.O. leader, Charles Taussig, former Brain truster, Owen D. Young, head of the General Electric Co. A.A. Berle, former Brain truster, Thomas W. Lamont, partner of J.P. Morgan, and Philip Murray, C.I.O. leader, 1/14/38