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Topic: sports

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[Exercises of the youths]

Native youths shooting arrows, throwing balls at target placed atop tall pole, and running races.

[The widows approach the chief]

Native youths shooting arrows, throwing balls at target placed atop tall pole, and running races.

A Race from Preston Pans to Berwick

Print shows General Sir John Cope and two other British officers riding to the gates of Berwick and announcing the defeat of British forces at Prestonpans by the Scots under the leadership of Charles Edward Stu... more


Print shows a woman and a child catching crickets.

Engawa no mushikiki

Print shows a woman sitting on a veranda listening to a cricket in a cage.

Hanetsuki no danjo

Print shows a young man lifting a young woman who is holding aloft a badminton paddle.


Print shows three women amusing themselves shooting arrows.

Yatsushi takajō

Print shows two men walking, one with a falcon on his left arm.

Vorderseite des Marsfeldes, am 1 Vendemiaire des Jahres VII. Wettrennen. Verbrennen einer hölzernen Burg, durch Aerostaten.

German print shows an imaginary view of the festivities at the Champ de Mars in Paris, France, on September 22, 1798. Includes a chariot race, captive balloon, and burning wooden castle, with spectators watchi... more

Grand review of the Windsor camp

Print shows a woman from "the Windsor camp" turned out of a cart as a dog startles the horse, several men on horseback and one leading a horse, among them possibly George III and the Duke of York, race up behin... more

Ayō shinji kuba no zu

Print shows a temple on the left and, on the right, two men on horses racing beneath a large section of text.

Serment du jeu de paume, à Versailles / Prieur inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Print shows a large group of people taking an oath at the tennis court, Versailles, during the French Revolution.

Fête de la fondation de la République, 1er Vendémiaire An 5 / Girardet inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Print shows a festival on the occasion of the founding of the Republic, with many spectators on the right watching simultaneous chariot races, horse races, and foot races; the Hôtel des Invalides dominates the ... more

Mammalia, order 1, primates ...

Classification by Linnaeus of man as an animal of genus Homo and species sapiens, with descriptions of known races of man.

[The chase after a hog] / Williamson & Howitt ; J. Clark etched.

Print shows men on horseback, carrying spears, chasing a wild hog through tall grasses. In the background, Natives are harvesting the grasses which they pile on a wagon or "hackerie". Also shown is a female hog... more

[The hog at bay] / Williamson & Howitt ; J. Clark etched.

Print shows men on horseback, carrying spears, and two dogs, chasing a wild hog through tall grasses. One of the dogs has caught the hog by the hind legs or rump. One horse has fallen, its rider on the ground, ... more

[The dead hog] / Williamson & Howitt ; J. Clark etched.

Print shows a dead wild hog at center, with two dogs nearby, lying on the ground, panting, and two men, one extracting the spear from the hog; an attendant holds the horse of one of the hunters, as porters arri... more

[Beating sugar-canes for a hog] / Williamson & Howitt ; J. Clark etched.

Print shows three men on horseback, carrying spears, waiting, as Natives systematically beat sugarcane with bamboo staffs and, with the aid of two dogs, drive a wild hog from cover past the waiting hunters. Als... more

[Hog-hunters meeting by surprise a tigress and her cubs] / Williamson & Howitt del. ; J. Clark, etched.

Print shows four men on horseback, carrying spears, chasing a wild hog and suddenly coming upon a tigress and her cubs in tall grass; in the background, a caravan with camels and elephants passes to the right.


Print shows a man, standing, holding a large bow and an arrow.

[Horseracing at steeplechase, spectators in background]

Sketch shows horses and riders racing across a field, one horse has fallen and the rider is standing next to it; spectators stand among trees in the background on the upper right.

Family amalgamation among the men-stealers

African American children serving food to a white family.

Long tail blue / Willig's lith.

Music cover showing man wearing top hat and coat with tails, holding monocle and walking stick.

Ginger blue, a popular Negro melody, composed & sung by Mr. R.W. Pelham / Fleetwood lith.

Music cover showing boy dancing in dilapidated room, with kettle in fireplace.

A sawney in Ireland trying to pass for an American gentleman

The "sawney" (i.e., fool or simpleton) is New York "Herald" editor James Gordon Bennett. The artist gives a comic portrayal of Bennett's celebrated public rebuff by O'Connell in the Corn Exchange in Dublin in A... more

Plantation melodies / J.H. Bufford's lith., Boston.

Music cover showing two boys seated on bench, with one of them playing a flute, and the other holding book of music.

Acropolis from Stadium Bridge

View toward the Acropolis showing Temple of Jupiter and Arch of Hadrian, and Ilissus River.

Bankoku keihin denbun mosha shu harimaze

Japanese print shows three scenes, top left: ships sailing around a South American island; top right: an orchid from Borneo; and bottom: three Frenchmen on horseback racing in a steeplechase.

[Details from the Circensian games] / G. Heck, dirt. ; Henry Winkles sculp.

Includes men on horseback in arena and chariot and horse race.

"Sure Catch" sticky fly paper

Advertisement for fly paper shows flies playing baseball with insets illustrating a variety of plays.

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