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Topic: transportation

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[How they build boats] / T.B.

Native men making dugout boats by burning and scraping with seashells.


Snowshoes and Natives wearing snowshoes while hunting deer.

Le transport du grand soleil

Native porters transporting the tribal leader whom they worshipped as the sun.

Fishing canoe

Illustration showing 16 men wearing top hats in fishing canoe rowing toward shore.

A Planter and his wife on a journey

Illustration showing two slaves carrying woman in sedan chair, slave woman with baggage on head, and planter riding horse on country road..

Crossing a river

Illustration showing two men standing on raft, one punting, the other holding rope tied to a horse swimming alongside.

Springing them up to meet the train

Sketch shows a horsedrawn stagecoach full of passengers moving left to right with a train in the background.

Map exhibiting the route of communication between Philadelphia & Charleston /

Three rail and canal route distances are tabulated and one steamboat route. The legend indicates "Rail Road route," "Canal route," and "Steamboat route." Shows coastal area between Philadelphia, Pa., and Charle... more

Dog sledges of the Mandan Indians / ch. Bodmer pinx. ad nat. ; René Rollet sc.

Mandan Indians using two dogs to drag a toboggan on the frozen Missouri River.

Bloomington, Iowa / painted and litho. by J.C. Wild.

Print shows five men with two horses in a flatboat, a man in a rowboat, small sailboats, and steamboats, one named "Iowa Falcon", on the Mississippi River passing Muscatine, Iowa, with a view of the city showin... more

Sherman & Smith's railroad, steam boat & stage route map of New England, New-York and Canada.

Detailed township and county map showing place names and some indication of drainage and relief.

Engine, J.H. Devereux, Alexandria

Photograph shows the ornately decorated locomotive J.H. Devereux, of the United States Military Railroad with two crew members on board outside the roundhouse at the Alexandria station.

Haneda no watashi benten no yashiro

Print shows a man at the helm on the Haneda ferry with the Benten Shrine in the distance.

Charlestown Navy Yard

Broadside view ship docked at navy yard and two images of sailboats.


Stern view of steamship with two waterwheels.

U.S. Transport "Gove[r]nor"

Broadside view sidewheel steamship.

Dirijo [sic], wrecker

Broadside view of steamship, sailor rowing longboat in foreground; detail of rigging left of image.

U.S. Transport "Coatzacoalcus"

Broadside view of sidewheel steamship.

[Ship's deck]

Sketch of the deck of a paddle wheel steamship.

Chesapeake & Patapsco

Four scenes of rivers, lighthouses, ships and boats.


Two broadside sketches of ships.

[Steamships and sailboats]

Broadside views of seven ships.

From city point, looking down

Riverscape with ships.

Catten[a?] and Jerome Napoleon

Broadside views of two steamships and a longboat.

Joseph Whitney

Three fragmentary drawings of steamboat Joseph Whitney.

Steamer S. R. Spalding. [Transport]

Broadside view of sidewheel steamship under waigh.

[Two sailing ships]

Broadside sketch of two ships side-by-side.

[Saint Dennis Post-office, Baltimore County, Maryland]

Figures and store fronts on town street.

Clarks Station nr. Pilkins. U.S.M.R.R

United States Military Railroad depot with buildings and covered wagon.

Geo Peabody

Broadside view of sidewheel steamship under waigh.


Oblique stern view of dismasted, covered frigate.

U.S. Gun Boat "Fanny"

Broadside view of steamship.

Long boat, U.S. Navy

Faint sketch of sailor standing before longboat towards stern.

Gunboat Union

Broadside view.

[A boat]

Oblique view of steamship. Faint inscription upper right, possibly ship's name.

Daylight [and] J.H. Spaulding

Broadside views of three ships, dome building in background.

U.S. Transport "Peerless"

Broadside view of sidewheel steamship.

[Two sketches: Stonemans battery opens. The gunboat porter?]

Artillery unit in battle and broadside view of steamship.


Broadside sketch of the steamship Susquehannah.


Two broadside sketches of ships and buildings at dock, warehouses beyond.

Train of prisoners

Train meeting steamboat Marion at dock.

U.S. Steamer

Broadside view of steamship.


Broadside view of steamship.

Bridge over Potomac Virginia side

Sketch of a covered railroad bridge.

The Newport News Steamer Express Capt. Wilson

Broadside view sidewheel steamship.

U.S. Gun Boat Montecello

Broadside view of steamship.


Broadside view of steamship.


Broadside view of steamship.

U.S. Transport "Star of the South"

Broadside view steamship.

U.S. Sloop of War Dale

Broadside view of frigate.


Broadside view of men rowing longboat.

The Pawnee

Broadside view of steamship.

U.S. Gun Boat "Seminole"

Broadside view of steamship.

Launch of Hartford, Sloop of War

Two broadside views, also men in longboat.

Baltic and Atlantic

Broadside view of sidewheel steamship.

Harriet Lane

Broadside view of steam frigate, sailboat and longboat.

Joseph Whitney

Image of stern of ship, with view above and below water, with longboat rowing out to meet it. Details of ship's exterior also on recto, but upside down.


Broadside view of steamship.

U.S. Frigate "Sabine"

Broadside view of frigate at anchor.


Two views of bows of ships, the frigate Sabine and a steamship.

U.S. Transport Marion

Broadside view of sidewheel steamship.

U.S. Transport "Philadelphia"

Broadside view of sidewheel steamship.

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