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Topic: us work projects administration federal writers project folklore project life histories 1936 39

19,057 media by topicpage 1 of 191
[Keyapaha County Mob]
[Ann Riley]
[Indian Story]
[Rufas Mowery Miller]
[Mrs. Trygvi Oliverson]
[Christ Riesen]
[Mary Jungman]
[Mrs. Rachel Hood]
[Mrs. A. E. Winckler]
[Elsa Klieforth]
[Carletta Vedel]
[Eva Birk]
[Amanda Sveum Klingelhofer]
[Soren Nortvig]
[Dave Runyan]
[W. McKenzie]
[Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson]
[S. G. Ruegg]
[Zachariah Ramsdale]
[Rev. Ezra Young]
[Mrs. Dunfrey]
[William Kaether]
[Ira H. Fisher]
[Grace D. Meyers]
[Dena Barsness]
[Mrs. J. E. Allen]
[Wm. Grove]
[Chillun Home]
[Mr. M. P. Kapec]
Interview with Rev. Holt Hughes D.D.
R.G. Jones
[Herman Banstorff]
[Andrew Hoff]
[Hannah Field]
[Reka Hinricks Gebhardt]
Mr. Edgar Dyer
[Julia Reque]
[Mrs. Theodore C. Dohr]
[Mrs. Guy Campbell]
[Mrs. August Hein]
[When you dream]
[Mrs. H. H. Davis]
[Mrs. Rachel Hood]
[Cecilia Mazursky Rosenberg]
[Anna Voss]
[Mrs. Wm. Triggs]
[Mrs. W. J. Devine]
[Norman N. Kandl]
[Mrs. Hugh R. Jones]
[Mrs. Joseph Abel]
[Anna Paulson Rortvedt]
[Margaret Dinneen]
[John Roberts]
[Mr. T. E. Harrington]
[Minnie Waterman]
[Nancy Kehoe O'Keefe]
[Mrs. Heleck Rolfson]
[Georges Szpinalski]
[Margaret Whitelaw]
[Rev. Antonio Parroni]
[Margaret Whitelaw]
[Mrs. John S. Selvaag]
[Anton Thomas, Sr.]
[Adventures of a Dynamiter]
[Red Fiah Dress]
[Emma Richmond]
A. Stumph
[Anne Christianson Hansen]
[Wilhelmina Engel]
[Mrs. Gustav Hamre]
[William Wengel]
[Frank C. Blied]
[Robert Snaddou]
[Gussie Wein]
[Blodwen Roberts]
[Harry Simon]
[Mrs. Fred Rank]
[Mrs. Joseph Gentry]
[Mrs. W. Williamson]
[Mr. F. P. Splett]
[Karl Fishl]
Carl Vincent Seifert
[Mrs. Fred Schaub]
[H. M. Pyle]
[Mrs. J. P. Church]
[I called upon Carrie Merker]
[Reversed Saddle]
[State Editorial Identification Form]
[Ostrander Ranch]
Only de Troot
[The McMurrays]
[Progress Report]
[Gildersleeve Mine, Inc.]
[Botkin letter]
[Superior Mines]
[Connecticut Clockmaker--Botsford]

[Connecticut Clockmaker--Botsford]

One page note on interviews of Arthur "Art" Botsford. The interviewer is most likely Francis Donovan.

[Mr. Vandegriff]

[Mr. Vandegriff]

Report regarding Mr. Vandegriff

[Pontiac Chief Placer]
[Gold Mountain Mines, Inc.]

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