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Andrew Jackson, with the Tennessee forces, on the Hickory Grounds (Ala.) A.D. 1814

Print shows Andrew Jackson, full-length portrait, sitting on a horse, facing right, with military troops in the background on the lower right. Includes quotes by and about Jackson.

New edition of MacBeth. Bank-oh's! Ghost

Another satire on the Panic of 1837, again condemning Van Buren's continuation of predecessor Andrew Jackson's hard-money policies as the source of the crisis. Clay shows the president haunted by the ghost of C... more

Expansion & contraction

A ludicrous contrast of two influential Democrats, the obese Alabama Representative Dixon Hall Lewis and gaunt "Globe" editor Francis Preston Blair. The artist comments upon the unlikely alliance established in... more

Clar de kitchen

Another Whig campaign satire, picturing incumbent Martin Van Buren and his Democratic advisers or "Kitchen Cabinet" routed by Whig candidate William Henry Harrison. In a domestic kitchen Harrison, dressed as a ... more

Jackson quelling the mutiny

Print shows Andrew Jackson, on horseback, raising a rifle to take aim at mutinous soldiers.

[Jeremiah Clemens, half-length portrait, facing front]

Democratic Senator from Alabama, 1849-1853.

Funeral obsequies of free-trade

A gloomy view of the effects of the Polk administration's Tariff of 1846. The artist echoes Whig condemnation of the measure as adverse to American trade. A funeral cortege, composed of administration supporter... more

Map showing the N.E. & S.W. Alabama R.R. with its connections also the principal routes between New York and New Orleans.

Outline map of the eastern United states including Cuba and the Gulf of Mexico. Shows the railroad network and steamship routes. Indicates the railroad land grant and the coal and iron deposits in Alabama. Dist... more

Auburn College, Ala. / T.B.

Print shows a front view of the main building; includes list of members of the "Executive Committee", "Agents", and "Building Committee", with "Revd. A. A. Lipscomb D.D. Chairman, Montgomery, Ala." as chairman ... more

The gladiators of the Senate! The bulley's of the House

The artist parodies recent outbreaks of violence in Congress, and offers a pointed comparison between the elevated rhetorical sparring in the Senate and a more physical brand of combat in the House of Represent... more

H. V. Poor's rail road map showing particularly the location and connections of the North East & South West Alabama Rail Road, by E. D. Sanford, Civil Engineer.

Covers the United States from the Mississippi River east, and from Maine to northern Florida. Includes drainage, relief by hachures, place names, state boundaries, canals, and the railroad network.

The Alabama State Fair - the Amphitheatre

Horses and carriages parading around track; judges and band in center gazebo.

De Soto crossing the Tombigbee River / J.W. Orr, N.Y.

De Soto and men crossing the Tombigbee River on rafts, probably in Marengo County, Alabama.

El Alabama fabrica de tabacos de las mejores vegas de la vuelta abajo

Tobacco label showing bales of tobacco carried by several laborers from tobacco plantation to a sailboat moored below the plantation.

Union / painted by T.H. Matteson ; engraved by H.S. Sadd.

Print showing original image from 1852 with Henry Clay, sitting to the left of center, John Calhoun, and Daniel Webster standing at center, except that the plate has been reworked so that Abraham Lincoln (with ... more

Strong's dime caricatures. No. 4, "The schoolmaster abroad" at last

The fourth in Strong's series of antisecessionist satires. Here the artist is optimistic about newly elected Abraham Lincoln's ability to end the secession movement among the Southern states. (The Library's imp... more

Capture of Mobile, Alabama

A regional view of Mobile and environs, encompassing Mobile, Blakely, Spanish Fort, Alabama City, Williamsburg, Fort Morgan, Fort Gaines, and Fort Orwell. Also shows defenses of Mobile Bay, including use of tor... more

The fox without a tail

A satire on South Carolina's role as instigator of secessionism in the South. The artist may be lampooning the convention of seceded states which assembled at Montgomery, Alabama, on February 4, 1861. The promi... more

[Private Parris P. Casey of Company I, "Cherokee Rangers," 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, with bayoneted musket]

Photograph shows identified soldier, Parris Pace Casey (1839-1863). (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2012 and 1860 U.S. Federal Census,

Secession exploded

This strongly anti-Confederate satire is a fantastical vision of the Union defeat of the secessionist movement. A hideous monster representing secession emerges from the water at left. He is hit by a charge fro... more

The cabinet of the Confederate States at Montgomery / from photographs by Whitehurst, of Washington, and Hinton, of Montgomery, Alabama.

Group portrait of the Confederate cabinet including President Jefferson Davis, Vice President Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Attorney General Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of the Navy Stephen M. Mallory, Secretary... more

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