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Topic: cartoons commentary

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The OP spectacles / Cruikshank del.

Satire showing head of Clifford with two circles representing huge spectacles, "Old house old prices & no private boxes" and "Old house old prices & no pigeon holes," over his eyes. Each circle contains a symme... more

The fumbler's clubb

Print shows a group of men, a nursemaid and a housemaid admiring a "baby" which is actually a cat wrapped in swaddling. Text under image is satire of man, unable to father children, who thinks a cat is his child.

1588. Deo trin-vni Britanniae bis ultori, In memoriam ...

The destruction of the Spanish Armada, 1588, and the detection of the gunpowder plot, 1605. Print contains the irradiated name of Jehovah, under which is a tent with the Devil as president, holding a sealed pap... more

Op't vernietegen van't genaemde Engels Parlement door Olivier Cromwel hun Generael

Dutch cartoon protesting Oliver Cromwell's reign by showing him as Hercules clad in a lionskin shattering the royal money barrel, symbolically ending the rule of the Long Parliament.

A contented cuckold in the new fashion

Print shows a half-length portrait of a cuckold counting his wealth in the form of jewelry that his unfaithful wife receives as gifts from her suitors; through a window in the upper right corner can be seen the... more

The drunkard's coat of arms

Print shows a coat of arms devised for a drunkard. A poem, entitled "The Drunkard - display'd" is printed below the image.

[Robert Powel the Puppet Show man]

"This engraving, which formed the frontispiece to "A Second Tale of a Tub : or, the History of Robert Powel the Puppet-Show-Man..." (Source: Stephens)

Missisippi of 't wydbefaamde Goudland door de inbeelding der Windnegotie

"Five distinct designs. This engraved Dutch satire on the share mania of 1720 and few preceding years is No. 5 in vol. ii. of "Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid", a collection of similar satires on the Mississi... more

De eklips der zuider zon doet veele in't duister zitten veroorzaakt door de onpolitike maan der brn...

"This engraving is a Dutch satire on the failure of the South Sea Company, Mississippi Company, and bubble schemes of Jonn Law and others, 1720..." (Source: Stephens)

De inventeur der windnegotie, op zyn zegekar

"This engraved satire on the Mississippi Company and other financial bubbles of 1720 is No. 55 in vol. i. of "Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid", a collection of Dutch satires on these schemes..." (Source: Stephens)

A touch of the times

Print shows a woman playing cards with a monkey dressed as a man, two figures in masquerade attend to them, above and in the background are a musician, a man and a woman, and a cuckold, also seated is an owl sm... more

De verslagen actionist in de stoel met rinkels, overreeden geweest van't geLauwerd Paard van Troje

"This engraved satire on the South Sea Company and other bubble schemes of 1720, and shortly before, is No. 38 in vol. i. of "Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid", a collection of Dutch satires on the schemes in ... more

Mr. Alexander Pope

Medley print shows pictures lying as if carelessly placed one over the other. All images relate to Alexander Pope. The center image is a portrait of Pope. Underneath the images is "An Encomium on Mr. Pope and... more

Enthusiasm display'd: or, the Moor Fields congregation

The print shows evangelical Methodist minister Geroge Whitefield preaching at Moorsfield, London.. He is supported by two females, one holding a mask and labeled "Hypocrisy", the other a Janus-faced "Deceit". O... more

The Duke of N- - -tle and his cook

"The scene of this engraving is laid in the Duke of Newcastle's kitchen, where his cook, Chloe, is pointing to the "Proclamation against Papists", and remonstrating with the Duke, "Bégar, me can no rélish dis d... more

The Covt. Garden morning frolick. Gaillardise du Commun Jardin / invented & engraved by L.P. Boitard.

"An engraving showing Covent Garden, the church in the background, with its clock at 4:55; the sun-dial on the pillar, as in "He and his drunken Companions", No. 2186, which see for references to other illustra... more

An apology to the town, for himself and the bottle, by J.* Nick-all, Bedford Coffee-House, Covent Garden, Feb. the 6th

"An engraving with three columns of verse in letterpress below it. The former shows a table placed in the middle of a stage-scene for a room; on the table is a quart bottle, in the neck of which is a large funn... more

Whipping John of Islington

Print shows an interior view of a room in which a man holds a bare-bottomed woman with a pained look on her face on his back as another woman holds up the woman's dress and points to her naked backside; a man, ... more

Don Jumpedo in the character of Harlequin jumping down his own throat / T. F.

"An engraving, showing Harlequin, the lower half of his body placed within a sort of pedestal, gradually disappearing down his own throat, his mask appearing above; his legs and much of his body and head are go... more


Cartoon showing two men, a nobody and a somebody.

The prodigals nurse, or modern heir / M. Iackson, invt. ; Boitard sculpt.

Print shows an interior view of a room in which a dapperly dressed young man, "Booby Squander, Esq.", turns over the deed to the family estate, his inheritance, to a money lender, the usurer "Solomon Thrifty", ... more

The harlots nurse, or modern procuress / Boitard sculpt.

Print shows an interior view of a room in which a tightly corsetted courtesan admires herself in a mirror as her maid, or procuress, views her from behind. This scene is mirrored by a cat toying with a mouse un... more

To the tune of a cobler there was

Caricature of a man, seated, three-quarter length, squinting, and poem starting, "A colonel there was, tho' he is not for now, if you want to know why, I'll soon tell you how ..."

The American moose-deer, or Away to the River Ohio

"An engraving showing an American moose-deer surrounded by kings, and standing on the banks of the "Ohio"..." (Source: Stephens)

A new Dunciad done with a view of ye fluctuating ideas of taste, without preface or introduction

Engraving shows the interior of a room, where Hogarth, "no.1", leans against a table while holding an artist's pallette and a Pantin, or child's scaramouch. Around Hogarth are arrayed, no. 2, "his Genius", no. ... more

A club of artist's

Etching shows four persons seated at a table, a waiter drawing a cork from a jug, and William Hogarth, "A", standing, saying, "Give me some waste paper Jack." Two artists at the table offer him their work to be... more

A reply, for the present, to the unknown authors of Villany detected, &c., 1754

Print shows Dr. Robert James, inventor of a patent "fever powder," giving his medicine to a sick man as a quack doctor steals the medicine from the doctor's pocket and a ghost denounces the thief.

A sceene of sceenes. Elizabeth Cannings dream for ye good of her native country, which she dreamt soon after her arrival in America / J. June, sculp.

Print shows Elizabeth Canning, transported to America, seated in a room. She looks alarmingly at an old crone pointing to a soldier's uniform. Through the open window can be seen British soldiers marching up a ... more

Britain's Rights maintained; or French ambitions dismantled. Addrest to the Laudable Societys... / L. Boitard, invt..

"Britannia, standing upright, holding the staff and Cap of Liberty, addresses "Mars" and "Neptune" as the representatives of Britons..." (Source: Stephens)

British resentment, or The French fairly coopt at Louisbourg / L. Boitard, invt. et delin. ; J. June, sculp.

"Britannia, seated on a throne inscribed,---"Nemo me impune lacessit", attends to the complaints of injured Americans, and affords them protection..." (Source: Stephens)


"A view of a street where an effigy of an unpopular Minister on horseback is conducted to be burned by a cheering mob, with a gallows and a bundle of faggots..." (Source: Stephens)

The comparison French Folly opposed to British wisdom / June, sc. ; J. June, sculp.

"An engraving in two divisions; in that on our left a French officer, "1," with a closed letter in his hand and his finger on his lips, walks away from another, "2," who asks for news from him... In the divisio... more

The merry accident, or a print in the morning a chair, a chair, for the lady.

Print shows the well-known courtesan Catherine Maria "Kitty" Fisher sprawled on the ground after falling off her horse; several men quickly gather at the scene of her misfortune as another on horseback leaps a ... more

The Cato: of 1757. (No. 1) / L da Vinci, invt. et sculp.

"Mr. Fox, seated at his desk, meditates on a halter and a deed of "Revrsion--I--d of 2000£. pr An. for me & Mine"..." (Source: Stephens)

We are all a comeing or Scotch coal for ever / Sawney McAdam, invt. et fect.

"This etching exhibits the road "From Edinbr. to Londo[n]" and many coaches, carts, and other carriages, going southwards..." (Source: Stephens)

Wilkes, and Liberty--A New Song

A broadside comprising an engraving printed above two columns of verse in letterpress. The former represents two groups; in one the Earl of Bute, armed with a dagger, tears away the robe of the fainting Britann... more

The glorius minority in 1763, with the Head of the Majority Blason'd

"An engraving representing a curtain, or "Tappeserie Du Roy", on which are worked pictures and emblems of various subjects, including, on our left, the British Lion furiously storming a breach in the wall of a ... more

Jonathan's Coffee House or An analysis of change alley with a group of characters from the Life- - -Inscrib'd to Jacob Henriques / H. O. Neal, delin. et fecit.

"An engraving by the hand which produced "Dr. Squintum's Exaltation", No. 4005, showing the interior of "Jonathan's Coffee House", Change Alley, Cornhill, London, a place frequented by dealers in stocks, public... more

The queen's arms, a night's amusement / Maucourt invt. et fecit.

Four men gathered for an evening of amusement, one appears to be forcing another to drink from a bowl.

The tomb-stone

Print shows several men, George Grenville, Lord Bute, the Duke of Bedford, and, as a small dog wearing clerical robes, Dr. W. Scott, labeled "AntiSejanus", dancing on a sarcophagus with bas-reliefs of "Britanni... more

Antisejanus Drink deep, or taste not the Porterian Spring.

Cartoon shows a full-length portrait of a man (possibly Dr. W. Scott) reading from a book, "The Perils of Poetry." In the background a winged donkey flies over a stream spilling from a barrel, labeled "Trin : C... more

The great financier, or British economy for the years 1763, 1764, 1765

Print shows George Grenville holding a balance with scales "Debts" and "Savings", the debt far outweighs savings; among those in line to contribute their savings is a Native American woman representing America,... more

The statue, or the adoration of the wise-men of the west

Print shows Dr. W. Scott on a pedestal, he is wearing clerical robes, a crown fashioned from tobacco leaves, and holding a branch from an apple tree in his right hand and a picture of the tax stamp; around the ... more

Common-wealth - the colossus

Print shows William Pitt walking on stilts; the right stilt, labeled "Sedition", points to New York, the left, labeled "Popularity", is firmly planted in London. He uses one crutch, labeled "Pension", for suppo... more

The new country dance, as danced at C****, July the 30th 1766

Print shows a number of prominent figures in a line dancing, above the dancers is John Wilkes riding behind a witch on a broom, he is defecating on Lord Bute; other dancers include the Prince of Wales, William ... more

The triumph of America

Print shows William Pitt, the first Earl of Chatham, driving a triumphal carriage in which rides a Native American representing America. The carriage is drawn by a team of six horses, "Royal Oak, Crafty, Weathe... more

[The repeal or the funeral of Miss Ame=Stamp]

Print shows a funeral procession on the banks of the Thames, with warehouses in a line in the background, one of which is inscribed "The Sheffield and Birmingham Warehouse Goods now ship'd for America." George ... more

A political, anatomical, satirical, lecture on heads and no heads; as exhibited at St. J--ms's 1766

Print shows the Earl of Bute holding up a bust of William Pitt as the starting point of his lecture on "Heads and No Heads"; on a table before him and on a shelf to the left are several busts identified by numb... more

The north star

Print shows Lord Bute seated on clouds from behind which project rays of the sun, he holds a cat-o'-nine-tails in one hand, a purse in the other, his feet rest on an open volume of "the Laws of England". To his... more

The Scots triumph, or a peep behind the curtain

Cartoon shows the entrance to a large building furnished with columns, from which heavy curtains are suspended. In the distance is the dome of St. Paul's to signify that the scene is in London. A coach, which i... more

High life at midnight

Print shows a street scene: five upper class men and women returning home after an evening of entertainment are attacked by a group of lower class men armed with staffs intent on robbery. One of the well dresse... more

Frontispiece to the Middlesex Petition

Broadside showing, above three columns of text (comprising the petition), George III seated on his throne receiving several men, one, kneeling before him, presents the petition, on May 24th 1769.

High life at noon

Print shows an interior view of a room in which two men and two women are taking tea; on the left, a man with an extremely long ponytail attempts to prevent the entrance of a messenger carrying a bill from "Lor... more

High life at five in the morning

Print shows an interior view of a room; a duke has arrived home drunk at 5 a.m. to find his bedchamber occupied by another man. Through the open curtains around the bed can be seen a bare-breasted duchess. On t... more

Brentford Sweepstakes. All coursers the first heat with Vigour Run. But 'tis with whip & spur the race is won

"An etching showing four horses running towards "St. Stepn's Chapel", a building with open sides, and containing a party of men seated at a long table..." (Source: Stephens)

The ever-memorable peace-makers settling their accounts

Print shows the Duke of Bedford, the Earl of Bute, and Lord Holland portrayed as a fox, with the Devil behind him, seated at a table. Lord Holland writes in a ledger labeled "Unacd Millions".

The conference

Print shows William Beckford rebuking Thomas Harley beneath which is printed a petition containing 14 points, "Instructions given to Sir Robert Ladbrooke, Knt. William Beckford, Esq; the Right Hon. Thomas Harle... more

The city carriers

Print shows Samuel Turner, Lord Mayor of London, at the head of a procession, alongside Liberty, to present the petition of the Livery of London to the king. Truth rides sidesaddle on a donkey followed by Willi... more

The Chevalier D'--n producing his evidence against certain persons

Print shows opposing groups of government officials; Chevalier D'Eon, portrayed as an ape, vomits on Lord Bute who stands before other members of the Duke of Grafton's ministry and astride the Earl of Hillsboro... more

The machine to go without asses

Print shows George III and Liberty riding in a carriage labeled "Magna Charta" as it passes over the Duke of Grafton, the Earl of Bute, Lord Holland, and Lord Mansfield.

The Female frizzler

British cartoon showing woman, seated on huge hairdo of another woman, as she works on the hairdo.

Political electricity; or, an historical & prophetical print in the year 1770 / Bute & Wilkes invent. ; Mercurius & Appeles fect.

Detail showing convicts consisting of lords, esquires, and attorneys, in chains, boarding ship, for transport from England to Georgia, under the reign of King George III.

Jefferies, in the character of Atropos, cutting the thread of English Liberty

Print shows King John seated at a small table outside his tent, signing Magna Carta, behind him stand by two bishops. Four men are pulling a rope, the "thread of English Liberty", which is attached to King John... more

A council

"An engraving showing the Privy Council, or that portion of it which was known to include "the King's Friends", seated round a table, on which lie rolls of paper, being petitions presented to the King from "Mid... more

The courtiers assembled, on hearing the news of the death of the Rt. Honble. Wm. Beckford

Print shows a group of ministers seated around a table commenting on the news of William Beckford's death. Depicted are Jeremiah Dyson, John Montagu Sandwich, William Murray Mansfield, Sir Fletcher Norton, Augu... more

The pleasures of the married state / W. Proud del. et sculp.

Print shows a family gathering around a table, the husband, seated, is instructing a son who stands next to him with an open book, and the wife, seated opposite, holds an infant daughter, the children mimic the... more

The fate of city Rem- - -ces

"An engraving showing George III. seated at a table approached by his son, the Prince of Wales, afterwards George IV., who, taking off his plumed coronet, says to his father:---"Papa, I want some Paper to make ... more

The convention makers

"The interior of a room; a picture called A Convention, depicting the Convention between England and Spain on the Falkland Islands, is falling from a broken cornice inscribed National Honour, onto four prostrat... more

The cub's frolic at Holland-House or The pig basted

"The interior of a kitchen. A pig is roasting on a spit (left) in front of a large open fire..." (Source: George)

Venison & Claret, or Sr. Humpy. Haunch, Bart. of Glutton Hall

"A W.L. figure standing towards the left looking over his left shoulder. He is stout with an enormously protruding stomach..." (Source: George)

A macaroni French cook

"A man dressed macaroni-fashion with an enormous looped club but wearing an apron and a conical cap approaches a cooking-stove holding a saucepan in his right hand; with his left he appears to be taking snuff.... more

[Hibernia in distress]

Print shows Hibernia, a woman representing Ireland, lying on the floor holding a broken harp, Lord Townshend is holding her down with his left foot; on the left, Lord North reaches into a money bag labeled with... more

Roast beef & port or Bully Bramble Esqr., Justice of Peace in Wasp Town

"Portrait, W.L., of a stout man facing T.Q. to right, looking to left over his right shoulder. His left hand is thrust under his buttoned coat; his right (gloved) rests on a cane..." (Source: George)

Shah Allum in distress

"A design in two compartments illustrating an article in Biblical phraseology, 'The First Chapter of the Book of Kings' and 'The Lamentations'. In the upper part is depicted a meeting of the General Court of th... more

To be sold to the best bidder / E. T., invt. [E. Topham].

"An auctioneer holding up his hammer in his left hand, stands in his rostrum, a box supported on four legs, and reached by a ladder (left)..." (Source: George)

A new method of macarony making, as practised at Boston

Print shows two men with a tarred and feathered customs officer, they are forcing him to drink from a large teapot. The man has a short piece of rope around his neck which may have been attached to the piece of... more

The Whitehall pump

Print shows Lord North pumping water from a water fountain topped with the head of George III onto the prostrate bodies of Britannia and a Native figure representing America. Several ministers and judges look o... more

The dissolution of P[arliamen]t

Print shows members of Parliament riding in a large carriage past a building commemorating "John Wilkes Esqr."

The Parlmt. dissolved, or, the Devil turn'd fortune teller / design'd & engrav'd by G. Terry, Paternoster Row.

Print shows Lord North and another minister with the Devil who has conjured a Native male figure, representing America, standing on a prostrate soldier and holding a building, representing Parliament, from whic... more

The mitred minuet

Print shows four Anglican bishops joining hands and dancing around a copy of the "Quebec Bill" which lies at their feet, on the left, Lord Bute, playing the bagpipes, and Lord North stand with another minister ... more

Mutual accusation / Mr. Bunbury, del. ; Js. Bretherton, f.

"Two quack doctors (left) are having a heated altercation in a street or square outside their respective houses..." (Source: George)

A political lesson / J. Dixon invenit et fecit.

Print shows a rearing black stallion (possibly representing America) which has thrown its rider (possibly representing England). The rider has struck his head on a mile marker "To Boston VI miles" behind which ... more

The congress or the necessary politicians

Print shows two men sitting in a privy, one uses pieces of the "Resolution[s] of the [C]ongress" to clean himself, while the other intently reads "P[amphlet En]titled Taxation [No] Tir[anny]", suggesting that w... more

Ecce homo / B-b-y.

Print shows an enraged, wild-eyed and possibly demented man, identified (in the British Museum CPPS) as William Austin, violently reviling "Damn your foolish caricatures" posted in the window of Matthew Darly's... more

Virtual representation, 1775

Print shows Lord Bute aiming a blunderbuss at a man representing colonial America; a member of Parliament, pointing at the American, tells Bute "I give you that man's money for my use", to which the American re... more

A certain cabinet junto / P. Revere, sc.

Print shows King George III, speechless (his caption balloon is empty), seated on the right in a high-backed chair at a table, with Lord North seated opposite presenting a paper to the King that states "for the... more

The Scotch Butchery, Boston, 1775

Print shows Lords Bute and Mansfield conferring, to their right stands Simon Fraser and Lord Wedderburn, "Deputies" to the aforenamed. On the far right are soldiers wearing Highland dress (of the 71st Regiment ... more

The thistle reel

Print shows Lords Bute, North, and Mansfield dancing around a large thistle entwined with a garter ribbon bearing the motto "Honi soit qui mal y pense"; Mansfield is holding the "Quebec Bill" in his left hand. ... more

The vis a vis bisected or The ladies coop / [M. Darly?].

"The interior of a closed carriage made visible by being bisected longitudinally. In it two young ladies of pleasing appearance sit face to face in profile..." (Source: George)

Miss shuttle-cock / R. S. [Monogram, i.e. 'Richard Sneer'].

"A game of shuttlecock between two men who face each other, standing at opposite sides of the design, each with a raised battledore..." (Source: George)

Take your choice

Print shows two designs topped with crowns, on the left, a pyramid, labeled "Natural and civil liberty", and on the right, the scaffolding which supports the pyramidal structure; from a pedestal labeled "Army",... more

A Scotch reel

"Two couples dancing a reel. The ladies wear the monstrous feathered coiffures then fashionable, see No. 5370, & c. ..." (Source: George)

The wise men of Gotham and their goose

Print shows Lord Bute, with sword raised, about to cut the head off the goose "who laid each day an egg of gold" representing British policies toward the American colonies. A corpulant bishop is sitting in the ... more

Bunkers Hill or America's head dress

Print shows a half-length portrait of a woman, right profile, with exaggerated coiffure supporting three redoubts with infantry and artillery firing at close range, tents, an artillery train, and a sea battle i... more

The blessed effects of venality

Print shows a man, possibly George III, chopping a leg "Commons" of a three-legged stool, "Lords" and "Privy Council" being the other two legs, which may represent the Parliament and its openness to corruption,... more

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