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Topic: avenue

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Footrace, Pennsylvania Avenue. Stakes $25,000

The race for a $25,000 prize (the president's salary) is a metaphor for the 1844 campaign. The favored contender here is Henry Clay. The other runners are James K. Polk and John Tyler, while commentaries are of... more

Séboûah - temple - colosse et sphinx de la partie gauche de l'avenue / FT [monogram] Félix Teynard phot.

General view of colossus and sphinx on the left side of the avenue approaching the temple at Es-Sebua, Egypt.

Karnak (Thèbes) - avenue de sphinx - vue générale prise du point G / Félix Teynard.

Ruins along the avenue of Sphinxes as seen from "point G" showing palms and temple ruins in the distance (see map, pl. 42 bis).

Grand torch-light parade of the New York firemen in honor of the Prince of Wales, passing the Fifth Avenue Hotel, October 13, 1860

Illustration showing firemen marching with torches and lights by hotel balcony where Prince of Wales watches with his retinue.

The officers of the C.S. Army & Navy / photographed and published by C.F. May, 519 8th Avenue, New York.

Photomontage shows portraits of 49 Confederate Army and Navy officers.

Ox team with cannon, 15th & Penn. Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.

Photograph shows a team of oxen hauling a 15 inch Rodman at the intersection of 15th St. and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Scene, Fifth Avenue

Man telling woman "Ah! Dearest Addie! I've succeeded. I've got a substitute!" She replies "Have you? What a curious coincidence! And I have found one for YOU!"

Scene, Fifth Avenue

Cartoon: well-dressed man greets woman, saying, "Ah! Dearest Addie! I've succeeded. I've got a substitue!" Woman replies: "Have you? What a curious coincidence! And I have found one for YOU!"

Maryland Avenue Depot, Washington, D.C., June, 1863

Photograph shows three men standing on the platform of the Maryland Avenue railroad station while two men stand in the street. The Capitol buildings under construction are in the distance.

Robert Wood's ornamental iron works, Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia / Hinckley ; printed by Henry B. Ashmead.

Print shows an advertisement for Robert Wood's Ornamental Iron Works on "Ridge Avenue below Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia" showing cast iron statues and fountains, the "Clay Monument, at Pottsville, Pa.", ... more

D. H. Bates / Photographed by Philp & Solomons' Metropolitan Gallery, 332 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.

Photograph shows portrait of David Homer Bates, an original operator of the United States Military Telegraph Corps.

Scene at the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance to the Capitol grounds at Washington on the daily adjournment of Congress

Illustration showing a crowd of people crossing the street between a railroad locomotive and a street railroad, with the U.S. Capitol in the background.

Caire - Avenue de Koubr-el-Aâma / Bonfils.

Unpaved road, tree lined on both sides, canal to the left.

Karnak. Avenue des Béliers / Bonfils.

Propylon (triumphal arch) and pylon in the Valley of the Rams, part of the Temple of Ramses IV in Thebes.

Ascension captive. 42, avenue de Suffren tous les jours de 1 à 5 h. Exposition de l'aérostat et des machines ... / / Cosson Smeeton.

Broadside announcing a captive balloon ascension during the Paris Exposition of 1867. Includes pictures of the balloon being inflated ("Le Gonflement") and spectators watching the captive balloon ascend in the ... more

In Marion's Avenue

Photograph shows interior view of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.

Pa. Avenue from U.S. Treasury, Washington, D.C.

Horses and carriages; streetcars on Pennsylvania Avenue; U.S. Capitol in background, ca. 1880.

The President's vacation - on Bellevue Avenue, Newport / drawn by W.P. Snyder.

President Chester Arthur in horse-drawn carriage, on crowded road.

The dead cardinal - scene in front of the cathedral on Fifth Avenue / drawn by Charles Graham.

Large crowd in front of catheral, Fifth Avenue, New York City, where the body of Cardinal McCloskey lay.

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