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Topic: boat and ship industry

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Docks at Sebastopol with ruins of Fort St. Paul / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

View of the ship building docks at Sevastopolʹ with Fort St. Paul on the high ground to the left.

[A hoist for ship building]

Steamship in background.

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Kazalinsk. Pristan aral'skoi flotilii

Photograph shows a steam-powered paddle wheel boat with Russian naval personnel on board. In the background, a boat along the shore and two others under construction.

T.E.M. White, stereograph photographer, New Bedford, Mass.

Business card for Thomas E.M. White showing view of shipyard in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Ship-building, Gloucester Harbor / drawn by Winslow Homer ; W.H.

Print shows children building model ships in the foreground at a shipyard while men build a ship in the background.

[The ship Mudanya at the İzmit port]

The ship Mudanya on scaffolding, while under construction.

The new political pilgrim's progress - passing the ogre / Gillam.

Print shows members of the 47th Congress carrying on their shoulders large money bags labeled "Surplus $150,000,000" and "Appropriations", and a sign that states "No large appropriations for the Navy whilst Rob... more

The old partners in the new navy job / Gillam.

Illustration shows John Roach and George M. Robeson dressed as 16th century soldiers, doing a song and dance routine on a stage; Roach is holding a paper that states "Contract for new U.S. Cruisers $2,440,000 a... more

Building the ark / Gillam.

Illustration shows Republican revelers in the foreground making music as they pass a reform ark being constructed in the background. Depicted are John Sherman playing pipes labeled "Southern Outrages", John Log... more

John Roach's little miscalculation / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Secretary of the Navy, William C. Whitney, handing a boat labeled "Dolphin" to James G. Blaine who shies away, refusing to accept it; in the background, John Roach, a contractor, who built th... more

There's a new policeman on the beat / Gillam.

Illustration shows two crooks labeled "Robeson" and "Roach" walking down a sidewalk, whistling; they are being trailed by William C. Whitney, Secretary of the Navy, as a policeman.

The three buddensieks of the American navy / F. Opper.

Illustration shows George M. Robeson, William E. Chandler, and John Roach sitting on the hull of a ship resting on its side with patches labeled "Repairs" partially covering holes.

The cruel secretary and the patriotic contractor / Zimmerman.

Illustration shows William C. Whitney, Secretary of the Navy, insisting that John Roach, a contractor, accompany him on a test cruise before the Navy can sign off on the contract and accept delivery of the ship... more

"Ship-building for repairs" / Gillam.

Illustration shows Secretary of the Navy, William C. Whitney, carrying a large book labeled "Navy Yard Investigations", confronting George M. Robeson, William E. Chandler, and John Roach, who are cowering at hi... more

Building the John G. Christopher [at Wilmington, Del. 1892. Steamship was re-named Winyah]

Photograph shows men working on interior wood beams of unfinished ship.

A rival who has come to stay / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam standing with his arms spread on a solid dock labeled "U.S." next to a sign that states "Uncle Sam - The ship builder re-established with great success in 1893. American ships for American... more

The sphinx of the period / Keppler.

Print shows Puck standing on wooden scaffolding in front of the bow of a huge new battleship in drydock with a large sphinx on the deck between the big guns.

Newport News dry docks

Three men working in blacksmith shop.

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