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Le Preston. V / A. Canal. f.

Print shows pedestrians on the walkway of the waterfront with the canal on the right and buildings and a bridge on the left.

Veduta del Ponte e del mausoleo, ...

Illustration shows a view from the river of the Castel Sant'Angelo with the bridge, Ponte Sant'Angelo, on the right, Rome, Italy. Prominent features identified by letter with corresponding key printed below image.

Ukie naniwa tenmatenjin yomatsuri no zu

Print shows a festival in honor of Sugawara Michizane taking place at night at the Tenman Tenjin shrine in Osaka; many people crossing a high wooden bridge lined with lanterns over a river filled with boats of ... more

Ryōgokubashi no sekisho

Print shows two women on the Ryōgoku Bridge at sunset.

Jūgo ōshō

Print shows Wang Xiang as a child outdoors with two fish on a frozen river in a snow covered landscape.

Kameido taikobashi

Print shows a man, woman, and a child standing on a bridge looking at fish in the stream below.

Sr. George Bridges Rodney - [...] admiral of the Blue & [... Maje]sty's ships sent to protect our trad[...] West Indies

Print shows Sir George Brydges Rodney, half-length portrait, standing, facing left, wearing ornate uniform.

View of the bridge over Charles River

Print shows view from Atkins Wharf of the bridge across the Charles River, two couples sightseeing in the foreground, and buildings in the background.

View of the bridge over Mystic River & the contry adjacent from Bunker's Hill / engraved by S. Hill.

Print shows bird's-eye view from Bunker Hill of the "Malden Bridge" across the Mystic River, with Medford in the background.

Tōto ryōgokubashi yūsuzumi no zu

Print shows crowded waterfront scene with pedestrians on the promenade, on the Rogoku Bridge, and waiting in stalls, possibly for boats.

Sumidagawa funaasobi

Print showing a bridge crowded with pedestrians over a river jammed with boats.

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - headed for the shrine]

Drawing shows a few men confronting by the 47 rōnin on the Ryogoku Bridge over the Sumida River during the night on their return after attacking Kira Yoshinaka's home and beheading him.

[Old Bennings Bridge about 1880]

Print showing horse drawn buggy crossing a bridge with utility poles over a river as a man sits in a rowboat on shore.


Print shows a procession of warlords across a bridge after a winter snowfall at the Okazaki station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Enpo no kihan

Print shows a cluster of thatch-roofed and more substantial buildings in a coastal village, sailboats laden with cargo approaching shore, and a bridge over an inlet.

Seta no sekisho

Print shows clusters of thatched-roof buildings, bridges spanning an inlet, boats in the harbor, during evening in Seta.


Print shows a bird's-eye view of the Ryōgoku section of Edo (Tokyo) with harbor, boats, and bridge.

Schuylkill Bridge, High Street, Philadelphia

Print shows view of the Schuylkill Bridge with an inset showing the bridge covered.

Schuylkill Bridge High Street Philadelphia / [drawn by W. Birch ; engraved by S. Seymour].

Print shows a view of the Schuylkill Bridge at High Street, Philadelphia, with exposed frame structure prior to being enclosed; insert at bottom center shows a view of the bridge as covered. On the left, a man ... more

Spa[nish] Town bridge

Drawing shows road leading to bridge.

Nihonbashi yori fuji o miru zu

Print shows pedestrians on a high-arched bridge over the Nihonbashi River with a view of Mount Fuji in the background.

Ponts naturels d'Icononzo / dessiné d'après une esquisse de Mr. de Humboldt ; et gravé par Gmelin à Rome.

Illustration showing a natural bridge spanning a deep river gorge in Icononzo, Colombia.

Architectural drawing for a wooden truss bridge. Bridge plan and elevation

Preliminary drawing showing bridge as plan and elevation; engineering drawing.

Kameido tenjin

Print shows a woman sitting on the floor looking at a wall hanging of the bridge at the Kameido Tenjin shrine.

Ryōgokubashi no nōryō

Print shows a throng of men and women standing on or crossing the Ryōgoku Bridge during a festival or celebration.

Draw bridge over Potomac at George Town, D.C. / J.R.S.

Drawing shows the Chain Bridge spanning the Potomac River at Georgetown, Washington, D.C., with a covered wagon on the bridge; also shows men loading a boat with barrels from a loading dock at left center, with... more

The junction of the Sacandaga and Hudson Rivers / painted by W.G. Wall ; finished by I. Hill.

Print shows the confluence of the Sacandaga and Hudson rivers with some rapids at the junction; also shows a broad view of the landscape with pasture lands, rolling hills, and buildings near a bridge, with carr... more

Washington's reception on the bridge at Trenton in 1789 on his way to be inaugurated 1st pres[iden]t of the U.S. / Engraved by T. Kelley.

Print shows Washington and soldiers passing through a garlanded canopy labeled "The hero who defended the mothers will protect the daughters" as girls and young women toss flowers in their path.

Fukagawa mannenbashi shita

Print shows pedestrians crossing a high-arched bridge spanning a river with a fisherman and a boat in the foreground, view of Mount Fuji in the background.

Fujigawa jōryū secchū

Print shows two boats on the Fuji River in a steep canyon, with bridge spanning the river, in a snow-covered landscape during winter.


Print shows porters carrying bundles across the Nihon Bridge on the Tōkaidō Road.

Kōyō saruhashi no zu

Print shows steep cliffs with a bridge spanning the chasm above an inlet, with view of full moon between the cliffs.

The new London bridge, as it appeared on Monday, August 1st, 1831, at the ceremony of opening by their Majesties

Print shows balloon possibly piloted by British balloonist Charles Green ascending over New London Bridge on the occasion of its opening, August 31, 1831, witnessed by William IV, King of Great Britain. (Source... more

Nihonbashi no hakuu

Print shows pedestrians crossing the Nihon bridge over the Nihonbashi River during a rain storm; view of Mount Fuji in the distance.

Eitaibashi tsukuda oki isaribune

Print shows pedestrians with palanquin crossing bridge with large boats moored in the background.


Print shows porters and retainers carrying bundles and a sedan chair across the bridge at the Okazaki station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Ryōgokubashi nōryō

Print shows many pedestrians on the Ryōgoku Bridge and several boats in the water beneath the bridge, at evening.


Print shows travelers on a bridge across a river with buildings in the background at the Okazaki station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows scaffolding around a temple building on the right and on the left people walking across a bridge spanning a river at the Yoshida station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows pedestrians and porters walking across the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge spanning a river at the Kyoto station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows elderly people walking across the bridge at the Kakegawa station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Sesshū ajigawaguchi tenpōsan

Print shows a coastal community with shrine, bridges over inlets, seawalls, and many pilgrims or travelers on the roadways, also boats moored offshore among pilings.

Nihonbashi [2nd edition]

Print shows travelers and porters crossing the bridge at the Nihonbashi station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows travelers crossing a bridge on a windy day, a kite flies overhead, and workers in a rice paddy in the background.

Fujisawa zu

Print shows a woman standing on a cloud, watching pilgrims near a bridge and a torii at the 7th station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Nihonbashi yukibare

Print shows pedestrians crossing bridge over river, boats on the river, during winter, after a snowfall, with view of Mount Fuji in the distance.

Eitaibashi no zu

Print shows boats in the foreground and pedestrians crossing the Eitai Bridge spanning the river in the background.

Shinobazu no ike

Print shows pedestrians on a tree-lined promenade that bisects the Shinobazu Pond, with buidings on stilts along the shoreline.

Shinobazu no ike benten no hokora

Print shows pedestrians on a bridge across Shinobazu Pond leading to the Benten shrine; pine trees along the bridge, buildings on pilings extending into the pond, and buildings of the town in the background.

Ryōgoku hanabi no zu

Print shows pedestrians and onlookers crossing wooden bridge spanning a river and standing on side of roadway, watching fireworks burst overhead, in the night sky; also, many boats on the river.

Eitai bashi Fukagawa shinchi

Print shows pedestrians crossing large wooden bridge spanning a river or inlet at Fukagawa; also shows large ships in the background.

Nihonbashi yukibare

Print shows pedestrians crossing bridge over river, boats on the river, after a snowfall, with view of Mount Fuji in the distance.


Print shows travelers crossing a bridge, with village and temple buildings in the background, at the Yoshida station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Koganeibashi no sekishō

Print shows a bridge across a canal with flowering cherry trees along the banks, a small cluster of low buildings, and a view of Mount Fuji in the background.

Ikegami no banshō

Print shows low buildings in the foreground that may be shops related to the temple, largely obscured by trees, across the bridge and in the background.

[View of Hozu River and Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan]

Ukiyo-e drawing illustration showing a boatman poling his raft past blooming cherry trees as people walk across the Togetsu Bridge.

High Bridge and high service works and reservoir

Print shows the High Bridge and aqueduct spanning the Harlem River to the pumping station and reservoir.

Vue prise du Pont Neuf à Paris / daguérreotype, Lerebours ; Martens, sc.

View near the Pont Neuf, including equestrian statue of Henri IV, Paris, France.

Sumida gawa no tsuki

Print shows a full moon shining on pedestrians crossing a bridge over inlet with boats and buildings nearby, and the Sumida River and mountains in the background.

Ryōgokubashi no sekisho

Print shows many people on city streets and crossing bridges over bodies of water, with boats, wooden buildings, and the setting sun or full moon in the background.

The two bridges

As in "Texas Coming In" (no. 1844-28), a bridge over Salt River is the central motif, making the difference between the Whigs' successful crossing to the "Presidential Chair" and the disastrous route taken by t... more


Print shows a wooden bridge from below spanning a river at the Okazaki station on the Tōkaidō Road; man on horseback crossing the bridge, boats on the river, and buildings in the near background, mountains in t... more


Etching showing view of bridge in Georgetown.

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