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Topic: california

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Dance of the Indians of the Mission of St. Joseph in New California / engraved by Letitia & Elizh. Byrne.

Six Native Americans with elaborate body markings and hairstyles, dancing.

Jeu des habitans de Californie

Native women watching men play game, possibly related to gambling, at a mission near San Francisco, California.

Veduta di Ross stabilimento Russo vicino alla Bodega

Fort Ross, Calif., a Russian fur-trading post est. 1812.

Ultimatum on the Oregon question

In his typically jingoist view of Polk's handling of the Oregon question, the artist Edward Williams Clay belittles the self-interested attitudes of Europe toward the dispute. The issue of whether to settle the... more

California guard / Kellogs & Thayer ; E.B. & E.C. Kellog ; D. Needham.

Print showing men in dress uniform. Identified as associated with the Mexican War, 1846-48, in Picturing Victorian America: Prints by the Kellogg Brothers of Hartford, by Nancy Finlay (2010), p. 83.

Charge of Captain Reid, at Sacramento

Capt. John Wm. Reid. Battle of Sacramento, 28 Feb. 1847,

[El Dorado, California. View of scattered log cabins]

Photograph shows four log cabins scattered along the hillside; prospectors stand near or atop piles of large rocks; a flume can be seen on the far left.

Monterey - Capitol of California

Bird's-eye view, with ships in harbor.

Mr. Golightly, bound to California

Caricature of man riding on rocket with items to sell to gold miners.

Iron Store-House for California - sent to San Francisco

Built by John Walker, son of Richard Walker, orig. mfr. and patentee; of corrugated iron.

Map without title showing the railroad route to Santa Fe and San Diego; the central route through South Pass and on to San Francisco and "Puget's Sound," and connecting railroads east of the Mississippi.

Outline map of North America showing proposed railroad routes within the present limits of the United States. This is one of the earliest promotional maps for a transcontinental railroad to come before the Uni... more

[View near San Francisco, Upper California]

Two Spanish cowboys roping a bull.

Sunday morning ; Log cabin / / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, San Francisco, Cal.

Pictorial lettersheet with two images on one page shows (top) miners in camp eating and reading; and (bottom) miners standing in front of log cabin; with attached blank leaf.

Defense of the California Bank

A mildly jingoistic satire voicing American suspicions of foreign designs on California after the discovery of gold there in 1848. The bay and coastline of San Francisco are shown, menaced by foreign invaders ... more

Flume ; Elevating water wheel / / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, San Francisco, Cal.

Pictorial lettersheet with two images on one page shows (top) miners working next to flume; and (bottom) miners working next to river with water wheel leading to sluice; with attached blank leaf.

The place we hear about

Another grim portrayal of violent goldfield life in California, similar to "Things as They Are" (no. 1849-3) and equally critical of the outgoing Polk administration. Here again mayhem erupts, as prospectors an... more

A prospecting party / Lith. & Pubd. by Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

Pictorial lettersheet shows progression of optimistic to disappointed prospectors.

Things as they are

Perkins's grim picture of conditions in the goldfields of California during the 1849 Gold Rush contains a backhanded swipe at the outgoing Polk administration. In the foreground, violence breaks out against a ... more

Emigrant party on the road to California

Wagon train of women, men, and children, moving through the mountains.

Sundry amusements in the mines ; A Sundays amusements ; A daily pleasure ; Occupation for rainy days ; A pleasant surprise / / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, cornr. Montgomery & California Sts., S. Francisco.

Pictorial lettersheet shows four images of camp activities while not mining: washing clothes, cooking, mending clothes and boots, and discovering a bear warming its paws by the fire inside a tent; attached blank leaf.

Mission Dolores / Lith. & publ. by Quirot & Co., corner California and Montgomery Sts., S. Francisco.

Pictorial lettersheet shows view of mission; with attached blank leaf.

Een waterplaats in Neder Californie

Mexican mestizo women washing clothes and carrying water jars on their heads, by a watering hole, as man stands next to them, California.

Mariposa City / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, corner of California & Montgomery Sts., S. Francisco.

Pictorial lettersheet shows view of gold mining town; with attached blank leaf.

City hall, San-Francisco, Cal. / Lith. & publ. by Quirot & Co., corner California and Montgomery Sts., S. Francisco.

Pictorial lettersheet shows early San Francisco city hall, formerly Jenny Lind Theatre, between El Dorado Hotel and The Union; with attached blank leaf.

James Marshall, discoverer of gold, at Sutter's Mill

Photomechanical reproduction of the 1850(?) daguerreotype by R. H. Vance shows James Marshall standing in front of Sutter's sawmill, Coloma, California, where he discovered gold.

Een serenade in Uppen Californie

Mexican mestizo women and men listening to man play a stringed instrument next to door of a house, California.

[P. J. Espenscheid store, Nevada City, California]

Daguerreotype shows: P. J. Espenscheid's shoe store with an array of men in jackets with white shirts and ties, probably local merchants, standing in front of the store, a pile of litter beside the store, legib... more

A map illustrative of the route of the proposed railroad : from St. Louis to the Bay of San Francisco /

"The red line indicates the route of the Railroad. The green line is the route followed by Col. Fremont from the South Pass to Humboldt River."

Post office, San Francisco, California / H.F. Cox del. ; lith. of Wm. Endicott & Co., N. York.

Print shows long lines at each of four entrances to the post office at Pike and Clay streets in San Francisco, California; a comment on postal service, impatience, and human nature.

San Francisco, upper California / Lith., Britton & Rey.

Pictorial lettersheet shows view of city and harbor.

The sad parting between two old friends

Senators Thomas Hart Benton and Henry S. Foote are paired here in a facetious farewell scene, as Benton departs the "Shop of the Senate." In reality Benton lost his Senate seat in a January 1851 election, large... more

Route of the Pacific and Atlantic Rail Road between San Francisco, & San Jose, as located by Wm. J. Lewis, Chief Engineer, in Sept. Oct. & Nov. 1851.

Map of the coast between San Francisco and San Jose showing roads, property owners, streams, and relief by hachures.

Gold in California - "El Dorado," in Sacramento

Interior of crowded gambling house.

Sonora Jany. 1853 / / George H. Goddard, del. ; Lith. by Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

Pictorial lettersheet shows view of gold mining town; with attached blank leaf.

The Greenhorn

Eager, young prospective gold miner laden with equipment talking with grizzled old miner. Calif.

Springfield, Tuolumne County / G. H. Goddard, del., lith. Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

Pictorial lettersheet shows town square and scattered dwellings in California Gold Rush town.

[Outline map of the United States showing proposed railroad routes to the Pacific].

For a similar map see Carl I. Wheat's Mapping the Transmississippi West, v. 3 (San Francisco, Institute of Historical Cartography, 1957-63.) p. 193.

Sonora from the north / G. H. Goddard, del. Lith. Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

Pictorial lettersheet shows business district, houses, barns, and church in California Gold Rush town.

Map showing the location of Sacramento Valley Railroad, Cal. Sacramento, Septr., 1854; T.D. Judah, Chief Engineer.

Sketch map of the first railroad in California, with projected extensions to San Francisco, Sonora, and Tehama, made by the engineer who built the Sacramento Valley Railroad.

General map of a survey in California : in connection with examinations for railroad routes to the Pacific Ocean /

Map shows "practicable railway routes" between Ft. Yuma on the Colorado River and the San Francisco Bay region.

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