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Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Cardinal Wolsey's - from the original painting in the collection of Mr. John Wolfe, New York / C.T. von Piloty, pinx. ; gravure Goupil & Co.

Print shows King Henry VIII seated with Anne Boleyn in the left foreground and Cardinal Wolsey with other members of the court at a gathering in the background.

A collection of ball-dances perform'd at court: viz. the Richmond, the roundeau, the rigadoon, the favourite, the Spanheim, and the Britannia.

Dancer, teacher, and theoretician John Weaver (1673-1760) compiled this important collection of choreographies by Mr. Isaac. With melodies composed by James Paisible, the collection contains six ballroom dances... more

An essay for the further improvement of dancing; being a collection of figure dances, of several numbers, compos'd by the most eminent masters; describ'd in characters after the newest manner of Monsieur Feuillet.

This is a collection of dances with music in Feuillet notation by numerous eighteenth-century dancing masters including Thomas Caverley, Anthony l'Abbee, Louis-Guillaume Pecour, and Josiah Priest. Designed for ... more

Drawing, plate 8 from an original drawing by Gaspar Poussin in the collection of Benjamin West Esqr. P.R.A. / Wm. Charles fecit.

Print shows a man sitting on rocks of a cliff with waterfalls in a wilderness landscape.

Drawing, plate 9 from an original drawing by Gaspar Poussin in the collection of Benjamin West Esqr. P.R.A. / Wm. Charles fecit.

Print shows three men conversing in a landscape with trees, buildings, and mountains in the background.

The treasures of Terpsichore; or, A companion for the ball-room. Being a collection of all the most popular English country dances, arrange alphabetically, with proper figures to each dance.

One of several treatises devoted to English country dancing by Thomas Wilson, dancing master to the King's Theatre, this manual consists of an alphabetical listing of country dances and their figures. Lamenting... more

William Pitt from the original by Hoppner in the collection of The Rt Hon'ble Lord Carrington / engraved by P. Lightfoot.

William Pitt, three-quarter length portrait, standing by desk, facing slightly left.

D'Alembert / engraved by W. Hopwood, from the original picture by De la Tour in the collection of the Institute of France.

Portrait print showing Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, half length, facing slightly right.

Bowl in my collection

Drawing shows a porcelain bowl with floral designs painted on it.

Melle. de Montgolfier (Collection de M.A. Goupil) / Ingres, del ; héliogre. Dujardin.

Full-length portrait of Adélaide Montgolfier, seated on a wall with balloons in the background.

American collection / Geo. H. Walker & Co. lith., Boston.

Proof with registration marks for sheet music cover for the "American Collection" showing the Statue of Liberty, Indepencence Hall in Philadelphia, the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., a bust portrait of Georg... more

[Hendricks Collection. Police entering patrol wagon--unidentified works].

Police are seen mounting a horse-drawn police wagon.

Collection of "votes for women" buttons made by Mrs. Alice Park of Palo Alto, Calif.

Photograph shows "votes for women" buttons in various sizes, colors, and shapes attached to a canvas.

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