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Hesper appearing to Columbus in prison / drawn by Smirke : engraved by Anker Smith.

Columbus chained to prison wall, mythological figure with star above head appearing in doorway.

Columbus / painted by J.M.W. Turner R.A. ; engraved for the Eclectic Museum by John Sartain.

Print shows an anxious Christopher Columbus standing on the deck of his ship at night, under a crescent moon, searching the horizon for any sign of land. There appear to be two figures in the dark clouds direct... more

Genoa. Railway station. Statue of Columbus

Cityscape with railway station and statue in forefront.


Shows railroad lines emanating south and east of Atlanta going toward Macon and Columbus, Ga., with a notation "125 miles from Atlanta to Andersonville [Prison]."

[Columbus Doors, U.S. Capitol]

Photograph of maquette of bronze doors for the U.S. Capitol by Randolph Rogers depicting events in the life of Columbus.

[Columbus Doors, U.S. Capitol]

Photograph of bronze doors for the U.S. Capitol by Randolph Rogers depicting events in the life of Columbus.

Genl. Mitchell of Columbus, Ohio

Bust portrait of officer in uniform.

The pride of Columbus

Tobacco label showing Native American presenting Christopher Columbus with a sheaf of tobacco leaves; three monkeys, a dog, and a rabbit are smoking on a branch above.

Map showing the lines of the Columbus, Chicago, and Indiana Central Railway, and their connections.

Township and county map of the middle Atlantic and midwestern states showing drainage, cities and towns, railroad stations, railroads, and distances between stations.

Lima. Statue of Columbus

Photograph shows statue of Christopher Columbus with Indian woman sitting at his feet.

Columbus explaining his discovery to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella / drawn by John Gilbert.

Illustration shows Christopher Columbus pointing to a spot on a map while Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain look on.

William Sooy Smith--Chicago, Ill. / Baker's Art Gallery, Columbus, O[hio].

William Sooy Smith, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right.

The landing of Columbus at San Salvador, October 12, 1492

Columbus standing in bow of boat holding Spanish flag.

Root, hog, or die - Christopher Columbus Bennett has discovered the true Indian policy / Th. Nast.

Cartoon shows James Gordon Bennett, publisher of N.Y. Herald presenting armed Indians with farm implements labelled "Work or starve."

Columbus Cleveland and his mutinous crew - "This ship shall not turn back!" / Gillam.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland as Christopher Columbus holding a map labeled "Route to Reform", aboard ship surrounded by mutinous sailors labeled "Bayard, Whitney, Eustis, Sterling, Hedden, Pulitzer, Blac... more

Christopher Columbus. Discoverer of America

Christopher Columbus, head-and-shoulders portrait, and crossed flags, composed of 41,819 letters representing the biography of Columbus.

Ruins of Fort Santo Tomas, the first fort in the interior of San Domingo, built by Columbus

Composite of four views of the ruins of Fort Santo Tomas, San Domingo, and the ruins of a fortress and a church in Concepción de la Vega.

[Pinta, Columbus caravel]

Photo shows a replica of the Pinta at the Columbian Naval Review at either New York City or Hampton Roads, Virginia. (Source: Charley Seavey, 2012)

Two world's fair wonders. Hornung M'f'g Co., manufacturers of "Challenge" [and] "Columbus," revolving and reclining barbers' chairs

Advertisement featuring a perpetual calendar in the shape of a ferris wheel and a barber's chair.

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