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Topic: east

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New York, with the entrance of the North and East rivers

Print shows distant view of New York City at the confluence of the North and East rivers.

East view of Hell Gate, in the province of New York / W.A. Williams del. 1775.

Print shows an artist in the foreground sketching scene of the Hell Gate section of the East River; includes numbered legend identifying features of the straits.

Shipwreck of the DEGRAVE, East Indiaman

Ship breaking up in heavy surf; natives watching from beach.

East front of the Capitol / W.I Stone aquat.

Print shows an exterior view of the east front of the U.S. Capitol, with view of the north facade.

North west [i.e., east] view from 3rd story of Mrs. Davis boarding house

Drawing shows a bird's-eye view of the eastern façade of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., from the north-east, showing the plaza in front of the building, the Senate wing, the north end terrace, and dome; ... more

[East front of the United States Capitol]

View of the east front of the U.S. Capitol.

East front

U.S. Capitol (drawing).

Approach to New York East River [distant view]

Drawing shows a view of the New York skyline from the East River, with buildings looming over trees and along the waterfront. Wallis was a British Commissioner from the Foreign Office to the United States in 1853.

Approach to New York East River [nearer view]

Drawing shows a view of the New York skyline from the East River, with buildings looming over trees. Wallis was a British Commissioner from the Foreign Office to the United States in 1853.

H. V. Poor's rail road map showing particularly the location and connections of the North East & South West Alabama Rail Road, by E. D. Sanford, Civil Engineer.

Covers the United States from the Mississippi River east, and from Maine to northern Florida. Includes drainage, relief by hachures, place names, state boundaries, canals, and the railroad network.

View of Hong Kong from East Point / from nature by Heine, figures by Brown ; lith. of Sarony & Co., New York.

People working in foregrd., harbor in mid-ground and mountains in backgrd.

East portico - looking south

Photograph shows east front of the U.S. Capitol including Horatio Greenough's sculpture "The Rescue" and Luigi Persico's sculptures "Discovery of America" and "War."

East front looking north. Progressive views of dome iv

Photograph showing east front of the Capitol with peristyle in progress. Men, including Montgomery C. Meigs, stand in driveway.

[Detail of "Justice and History" to be placed above Senate bronze doors, East Portico, U.S. Capitol]

Photograph of maquette showing allegorical Justice and History figures by Thomas Crawford.

East front from grounds. Progressive views of dome, no. iii. Columns of peristyle in position

Photograph showing beginning stages of adding the dome to the Capitol.

[East Capitol Street as it was] / by W.M. Chase.

Bird's-eye view of the east Capitol grounds, including the Greenough statue of George Washington, and East Capitol Street taken from the dome of the U.S. Capitol.

A map of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and its principal connecting lines uniting all parts of the East & West.

Outline map of the eastern half of the United States to about the 95th Meridian. [From published bibliography]

Broad St., Charleston, S.C., looking East, with the ruins of the Roman Catholic Cathedral and St. Michael's church in the distance

Stereograph showing a view of Broad street alongside the ruins of the Cathedral of St. John and St. Finbar. A man sits on a low wall.

Rich'd M. Ross, East Smithfield, Bradford Co., Penna.

Photograph shows Richard M. Ross, three-quarter length portrait, sitting, leaning on back of chair, facing front.

Sacramento City, K Street, looking East from the Masonic Hall

Shows Golden eagle Hotel, Toll's Stable, church or City Hall and other buildings.

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