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Topic: houses

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A machine for delivering persons from burning houses / R. Aitken sculp.

Print shows two men manipulating a large wooden device with pulleys and a large basket attached for the rescue of persons from burning buildings.

[House with enclosed entrance yard. Elevation, rendered]

Watercolor rendering, possibly American, showing elevation of house, with entrance yard in plan, well and gate also rendered in elevation.

The Brasilians & their houses / Maguire sculp.

Brazilian family in foreground with dwellings in background.

[Preliminary sketch, with grid, of the driveway in front of Mount Vernon]

Drawing shows a preliminary sketch, set on a grid, of the circular drive in front of the manor house at Mount Vernon, including outbuildings on the left and tall trees in the background.

An unfinished house, in Chesnut Street Philadelphia. Built for the late Robert Morris Esqr. / designed & published by W. Birch enamel painter, 1800 ; republished by Desilver 1841.

Print shows a street view of a large house under construction beyond two trees in the foreground; also shows pedestrians and, arriving on the left, a workman carrying a ladder.

Houses of Parliament / Pearson sc.

Print shows Palace of Westminster, meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, on the banks of the Thames River.

Arch of Hadrian--Olympieum--Mt. Hymettus

View from residential section toward Mt. Hymettos, showing houses, Arch of Hadrian, and the Olympieum (Temple of Olympian Zeus).

Old houses near Bruges

Stream in foreground.

Syout - habitations Arabes sur le bord du Nil / Félix Teynard.

Exterior view of Arab dwellings along the edge of the Nile in Asyūṭ, Egypt.

Deîr - vue extérieur de l'habitation du kâchef / Félix Teynard.

Exterior view of house of the Kachef at Deir.

Deîr - carrefour et habitation particulière / Félix Teynard.

General view of dwelling at crossroad at Deir.

Sketch of a house in the streets at Boston Mass: being raised from its foundations for the purpsoe of permanent elevation

Drawing shows a three-story house in Boston, raised off its foundations on stones and logs to increase its elevation. Wallis was a British Commissioner from the Foreign Office to the United States in 1853.

Public market houses in Boston / Kilburn, del ; Tarbell, sc.

Print shows South Market, Williams Market, Gerrish Market, Boylston Market and Faneuil Hall Market.

Washingtons Head Quarters - Brandywine / / Fr'ric Stevenson '56

Landscape drawing shows the house that served as Washington's headquarters at Brandywine, Pennsylvania during the American Revolution. On the eve of the Battle of Brandywine in 1777 Washington established his h... more

[Washington, D.C., view with Smithsonian in the distance]

Cityscape photograph shows 14th Street and E Street, NW, vicinity in foreground with houses and industrial buildings including A. J. Joyce's Coach Factory at 412-416 14th Street, NW; workyard with building supp... more

Bartlemy's house, Esquimalt Harbor

Photograph shows an exterior view of a house with two people standing near the entrance, near the harbor, Esquimalt, British Columbia.

Thos. Livezey's mill, Wissahickon

Photograph shows mill with Livezey house, Glen Fern, alongside Wissahickon Creek in Pennsylvania.

Shinobazu no ike

Print shows a comical scene with a group of people walking along the bank of the Shinobazu Pond, with cherry blossoms and dwellings in the background.

Brunnen. The Mythen

Village of Brunnen; in background, the Mythen.

Alger. Galerie d'une maison Mauresque / ND. Phot.

Woman standing in gallery overlooking courtyard, Algiers, Algeria.

Lemon Hill, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Photograph shows the house on the estate of Lemon Hill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wengern Alp

Swiss house with Wetterhorn in background.

Bernina Pass--ascent from Italian side

House and covered road on Bernina Pass.


Earth and rock dwellings in semi-arid area, possibly Palestine.

Julier Pass

View of Julier Pass with two houses on right.


View of castle and houses, Landeck, Austria.

Teacher's home

Stereograph shows people standing on the porch of a house.

Wetterhorn and Grindelwald Glacier

View of Wetterhorn and glacier from valley; house in foreground.

Wetterhorn from Grindelwald

View of Wetterhorn; in foreground, two men near house(?).

Nuremburg. House of Caspar Hauser

Doorway to house of Caspar Hauser.

Mostaganem. La maison du Caı̈d / ND Phot.

House of an Arab judge or chief (caı̈d), Mostaganem, Algeria.

Valley of Engelberg

Two houses surrounded by fence, mountains in background.

View at City Point headquarters, hospital, with old school houses, barns &c

Photograph shows supply wagons passing General Patrick's headquarters in City Point, now known as Hopewell, Virginia.

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