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President of Socony-Vacuum Co. attacks bill to separate production, refining, and transportation of oil products. Washington, D.C., June 21. John A. Brown, President [...] Socony-Vacuum Co. Inc., told a House Judiciary subcommittee today that a bill by Rep. Vincent [...] to 'divorce' production, refining, and transportation of petroleum products from the marketing of them was 'senseless.' The bill aimed at possible monopolies resulting from all units of distribution of petroleum products by one company. 'From the standpoint of the consumer and retailer, this proposal is a harmful and uneconomic infringement on the freedom of buying,' he said
Senate Committee hears noted woman columnist and author on president's court reform plan. Washington, D.C., March 31. Dorothy Thompson, noted newspaperwoman and author, told the Senate Judiciary Committee today that as "a researcher into the mortality of republics" she feared that under President Roosevelt's Judiciary program America would go the way of European Democracies fallen under Dictatorship. "You say it couldn't happen here, but it has happened here," added the writer as she cited past infringement on the rights of minorities which have been frustrated by the Supreme Court, 3/31/1937