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Medicine / engraved by G. Stodart from the statue by Ernst Hähnel.

Statue of a seated female figure in classical robes, holding a lamp in one hand and a scroll in the other.

R. S. Bernard's diarrhoea medicine

With engraved oval bust portrait of inventor, Robert S. Bernard.

[The Waltham Bank fifty dollar private bank note proof]

Print shows vignettes of women symbolizing knowledge and medicine in front of a factory; a Native American man; and a man filing metal.

Scenes and incidents of the Great Indian Council, at Medicine Lodge Creek, Kansas / from sketches by our special artist, Jas. E. Taylor.

Seven illustrations depicting events during peace negotiations between Native Americans and representatives of the U.S. government.

Comanche Indians on the way to the Great Council on Medicine Lodge Creek, Monday, Oct. 16

Indians on horseback with Comanche supply wagon in rear of the train, followed by Colonel Smoot's outfit.

Snow and timber line - Medicine Bow Mountain

Photograph shows the snow and timberline in the Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming, and snowcapped mountains in the background.


Drawing shows two surgical instruments.


Drawing shows each half of obstetrical(?) forceps separately and then fitted together.

[Obstetrical hook and crochet]

Drawing shows two obstetrical instruments, one shown inside and outside its case has a hook on one end and a point at the other; the second instrument has blunt hooks at both ends.

F.E.G. kidney remedy. The newly discovered herb medicine. Sold everywhere / Van.

Patent medicine poster showing "Paul and Virginia," caricatures of an African American couple on a swing.

He has one medicine for all ills / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows President McKinley as a physician dispensing strong "Tariff" medicine in the men's ward of a sanatorium where beds line the walls and are occupied by a "Business Man", a "Populist", a "Jingoist", a ... more

[Runs Medicine, Arapahoe]

Half-length portrait of Indian in native dress, facing left, holding shield.

Grinding medicine--Zuni

Zuni man lying on blanket grinding medicine.

Taking his medicine / J.S. Pughe.

Illustration shows President Theodore Roosevelt giving the Republican elephant labeled "G.O.P." a spoonful of "Trust Legislation Tonic"; on the elephant's abdomen is a "Reciprocity Plaster".

Medicine Crow

Medicine Crow, half-length portrait, seated, facing right.

Walvia ("Medicine Root")--Taos

Head-and-shoulders portrait of young woman facing front with shawl on head.

Walvia ("Medicine Root")--Taos

Half-length portrait of young woman facing front wearing flowered shawl.

Sioux Indian rider making good medicine before the race

Several indians looking up at sky - one with hand raised, and holding a horse.

Meditation (Cheyenne River Medicine Rock)

Indian smoking pipe on flat rock.

Time for medicine

Woman in nurse's uniform holding spoon and bottle.

The Medicine Man (Slow Bull)

Slow Bull, full-length portrait, facing front, holding pipe, buffalo skull at his feet.

Night medicine men

Photo shows Arikara medicine ceremony with four night men dancing.

Making medicine / Will Crawford.

Illustration shows William H. Taft and William Jennings Bryan as Native Americans sitting by their tipis, Taft heating his full dinner pail over a small fire, and Bryan beating on a drum labeled "Discontent". J... more

Arikara medicine fraternity--The prayer

Photo shows Arikara shamans, without shirts, backs to camera, seated in a semi-circle around a sacred cedar tree, tipis in background.

Medicine Crow [A]

Head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front.

Incense over a medicine bundle

Hidatsa Indian (Yellow Owl?) kneeling and holding bowl over bundle.

[Medicine Crow--Apsaroke]

Medicine Crow, Crow Indian, Montana, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, hawk hide headdress, two earrings in right ear, disc ornaments, shell beads, beaded scalp shirt.

[Arikara medicine ceremony--the Bears]

Photo shows six men standing in line in front of cedar tree, holding rattles and singing.

The indian medicine show / L.M. Glackens.

Illustration shows Theodore Roosevelt as an Indian medicine man beating a drum labeled "The New Nationalism" while standing in a cart with "Publisher Howland" and "Editor Abbott" who are selling bottles of "Out... more

Medicine bags

Four Piegan fringed leather containers hung on tripod.

A medicine pipe--Piegan

Piegan man, full-length portrait, kneeling on right knee, facing front, holding medicine pipe.

Medicine lodge in winter

Photograph shows two Siksika (Blackfoot) men seated on blanket.

The Medicine man

Navajo Indian, half-length portrait, facing front.

Mother giving medicine to child

Photograph shows a woman spoon feeding medicine to a young girl; various medicines on display on shelves next to woman and child.

Grinding medicine--Zuni

Zuni man lying on blanket grinding medicine.

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