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Paper mill at Hodgskintown near New Haven

Landscape drawing showing small paper mill beside stream with cliffs in the background, near New Haven, Connecticut.

Young's Mill on the Brandywine Creek / J.R. Smith.

One of a series of 4 views of Young's Mill Rockland on the Brandywine Creek about 2 miles above Duponts Powder Mills.

Hickok's patent cider mill

Advertisement by W.O. Hickok addressed to farmers; text is in English and German.

James Marshall, discoverer of gold, at Sutter's Mill

Photomechanical reproduction of the 1850(?) daguerreotype by R. H. Vance shows James Marshall standing in front of Sutter's sawmill, Coloma, California, where he discovered gold.

Garside's Mill, Wissahickon

Photograph shows stone buildings and two men sitting on a fence or gate.

Thos. Livezey's mill, Wissahickon

Photograph shows mill with Livezey house, Glen Fern, alongside Wissahickon Creek in Pennsylvania.

Falls on the Colville (Mill River), 1860

Photograph shows waterfalls on the Colville River in Washington.

Falls on the Colville (Mill) River with the H. B. Co's. [i.e., Hudson's Bay Company's] mill, October 1860

Photograph shows waterfalls on the Colville River in Washington, with a Hudson's Bay Company mill above the falls in the background; also shows in the foreground, Ponderosa pine and alder trees.

Johnson's mill, Appomattox River, near Petersburg, Va.

Soldiers standing on rocks near river.

The Union assault on the Rebel works Lee's Mill Va.

Shows the fortifications of the Union and Confederate forces on opposite sides of the Warwick River in Warwick County [now city of Newport News], Va., at the time of the engagement Lee's Mill, also known as Bur... more

The Union assault on the Rebel works at Lee's Mill, Yorktown, Va.

Shows fortifications on opposite sides of the Warwick River, with the Confederate forces concentrated to the north of the river and the Union forces to the south around Lee's Mill.

Plan of the Battle of Gaines' Mill, Virginia, fought June 26th 1862.

While dated June 26th, the Battle of Gaines' Mill was actually fought on the 27th, the third day of the Seven Days' Battles. This map shows Hanover County, Va., with the Chickahominy River to the south, the to... more

Plan of the battle of Gaine's Mill, Virginia fought June 27th, 1862.

Concerns the Battle of Gaines Mill, Hanover County, Va., one of the Seven Days' Battles, 26 June-1 July 1862.

View on canal, near Crenshaw's Mill, Richmond, Virginia / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

Photograph showing a view of the canal on which supplies were brought to the Confederate capital. Crenshaw's flour mill is on the left.

Quarles' Mill, North Anna, Virginia / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

Photograph showing Quarles Mill on the North Anna River where soldiers in nearby camps caught fish.

Ruins of Gaines' Mill, Virginia / negative by J. Reekie, positive by A. Gardner.

Photograph showing the brick superstructure of Gaines' Mill where fire destroyed the rest of the building during a serious battle in 1862.

View from Pioneer Mill, looking up the wharf

Photograph shows cargo ships at the wharf in Alexandria, Virginia from Pioneer Mill, which was six stories high.

Johnson's Mill, Petersburg, Virginia / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

Photograph showing a group of military personnel standing on rocks in the Appomattox River opposite Johnson's Mill, which was built in 1773.

[Peru, Illinois; view of James Barton's polygon mill, patented Aug. 2, 1864]

Photograph shows four men standing at front entrance of mill shaped like a polygon; signage on building: Polygon Mill patented James Barton's Aug. 2, 1864.

[Unidentified building, possibly a mill]

Stereograph shows a large group of people posed outside a building.

Mill in Washington

Drawing shows a mill by a stream with a hill in the distance in or near Washington, DC.

The political mill - putting them into the hopper / A.B.F.

Political cartoon shows Republican National Chairman Edwin D. Morgan putting favored candidate James G. Blaine, the winning candidate Rutherford B. Hayes, and Oliver P. Morton, Roscoe Conkling, Benjamin H. Bris... more

The great mill disaster!

Washburn Mill as it appeared when the explosion occurred, Minneapolis, Minn., May 2, 1878.

Fanning mill

Drawing shows two people operating a fanning mill to winnow grain.

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