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Topic: park

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The encampment in Hyde Park MDCCLXXX / P. Sandby fecit.

Print shows tents beneath large trees on the right and in the background, with soldiers and citizens clustered in small groups; at the far right is a drinking establishment with a sign that states "Pooles Inti... more

The encampment in St. James's Park MDCCLXXX

Print shows soldiers relaxing in tents and talking on horseback, with women and children and dogs in the foreground, and a view of Westminster Abbey in the background.

A high wind in the park! / J. Baker fect.

Print shows a strong wind blowing down men, women, and children, catching up dresses, hats, and umbrellas, and tearing limbs from trees.

The fancy fair, Prince's Park, Liverpool, August, 1849 / John R. Isaac, draughtsman, lithographer & c.

Print shows a festival and balloon ascension during the campaign to raise funds in support of the Northern and Southern Hospitals in Liverpool, England, August 1849.

Japanese women, Simoda / dag. by E. Brown, Jr. ; T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

Print shows two Japanese women, full-length, seated on a bench or raised sleeping area.

Lemon Hill, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Photograph shows the house on the estate of Lemon Hill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Algeria. Biskra. Garden of Allah

Man seated on bench on the side of a dirt road in a lush garden of palm trees and shrubbery.

Homburg. Kursaal from park

Rear view of spa building from gardens.

Vienna. The Stadt Park

View of the Kursalon, a building housing several restaurants located on the edge of the Stadtpark.

The drive in the Central Pa[rk,] New York, September, 1860 / W. Homer.

Illustration showing many people out for a day of leisure, riding in carriages or on horseback in Central Park in New York City.

Central Park, the lake

Print shows people riding in carriages, on horseback, and strolling along paths at the lake in New York's Central Park.

The meeting of the friends, City Hall Park

New York governor Horatio Seymour's famous "My Friends" speech, delivered from the steps of New York's City Hall during the draft riots, was widely misrepresented in the press. On the basis of reports such as t... more

Wagon park, Brandy Station, Virginia / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

Photograph showing an assembly of wagons belonging to the Quartermaster's Department, which handled field repairs for the Army of the Potomac at Brandy Station, Virginia.

Recruiting for the war--scene at the recruiting tents in the park, New York

Group of soldiers, other men and cannon outside recruiting building.

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Tashkend. Vidy iz sada nakhodiashchagosia pri domie glavnago nachal'nika kraia

Photograph shows a gazebo on a dirt man-made hill and benches in a garden in Tashkent.

Park of captured guns at Rocketts, Richmond, Va.

Stereograph showing a large group of seized Confederate cannons and caissons on the wharf at Rocketts in Richmond. Two men stand in the foreground.

Arrested rag-pickers in City Hall Park, New York / sketched by C.G. Bush.

Poorly dressed woman and her dog carts surrounded by onlookers.

The Central Park. A delightful resort for the toil-worn New Yorkers

Cartoon showing two children in park full of signs; e.g., "Keep off the grass."

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Stereograph showing a couple seated on a shady hillside by a path.

American Tablet, Jerome Park Pearl

Advertising label for paper showing Indian on pedestal.

[William Shakespeare monument, Central Park, New York City. Rendering] / R. M. Hunt architect, J. Q. A. Ward sculptor.

Original architectural drawing showing Hunt's unrealized design for the pedestal of Ward's sculpture.

Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, Md.

Front view of a mansion.

Statue of Morse, Central Park

Stereograph showing a statue of Samuel F.B. Morse in Central Park, New York City, N.Y.

Views of Fair Mount Park Philadelphia

Print shows title page to souvenir booklet of views of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, part 1st, 1870.

Drinking fountain, Prospect Park

Woman drinking at fountain in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Long's Peak, from Estes Park / W.H. Jackson photo.

Field with stream and trees (Estes Park) in foreground, Longs Peak in the background.

Cooley's Park, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Photograph showing a meadow surrounded by trees and mountains.

Whirligig in Shützen Park, Philadelphia, Pa., Sep. 1873

Stereograph showing a carousel at Shützen Park, Philadelphia.

Park near head of Conejos Cañ̃on, Col. / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Photograph showing a grassy field with trees and mountains.

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